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210 records

Legend:  S = sound clip (1 or 2);  C = cue sheet;  L = lyrics;  W = on wish list. 
S = sound clip (1 or 2);  C = cue sheet;  L = lyrics;  W = on wish list.
TitleLabelNumberS C L WQtyArtist(s)TypeID
A Love That Just Won't DieChaparral7151 C 3Marshall FlippoSinging Call421
After The Lovin'Chaparral5202 C L 7Ken BowerSinging Call2713
Against The GrainChaparral8181 C L 1Scott SmithSinging Call3606
All AboardChaparral3141 C 10Gary ShoemakeSinging Call3578
All My Rowdy FriendsChaparral3262 C L 3Gary ShoemakeSinging Call2918
Ann's SongChaparral6011 1John & Wanda WinterRound3579
Another Square Dance CallerChaparral7102 C 5Marshall FlippoSinging Call280
Ashes Of LoveChaparral5342 C L 4Ken BowerSinging Call209
Banjo Breakup / Chap's HoedownChaparral125 W0Patter (two instrumentals)13009
Banjo Brigade / Chords AplentyChaparral1182 8Patter (two instrumentals)13005
Bar Room BuddiesChaparral35111 C L 2Ken Bower, Beryl Main, Jerry Haag, Gary ShoemakeSinging Call888
Believe MeChaparral720 W0Marshall FlippoSinging Call5204
Big Foot StompChaparral5322 C L 5Ken BowerSinging Call1399
Blue Eyes Crying In The RainChaparral2261 C L 2Jerry HaagSinging Call5201
Blue Ribbon BluesChaparral901 0Betty & Clancy MuellerRound15244
Blue Suede BluesChaparral5301 C L 4Ken BowerSinging Call914
BubblesChaparral604 0John & Wanda WinterRound15240
Cherokee FiddleChaparral5121 C L 11Ken BowerSinging Call3566
Cherokee MaidenChaparral8032 C L 12Scott SmithSinging Call519
Chinese Breakdown / Fancy SticksChaparral1122 12Patter (two instrumentals)251
Christmas MedleyChaparral5281 C 3Ken BowerSinging Call3594
Crazy ArmsChaparral26011 C L 1Jon Jones, Deborah Carroll-JonesSinging Call8456
Delta QueenChaparral8132 C 3Scott SmithSinging Call3537
Devil's DreamChaparral1071 8Beryl MainPatter53
Dim The LightsChaparral5242 C L 7Ken BowerSinging Call446
Dixie TrainChaparral3181 C L 9Gary ShoemakeSinging Call9
Down At The Twist And ShoutChaparral2221 C L 3Jerry HaagSinging Call3580
Every Street's A BoulevardChaparral21011 C L 1David MurraySinging Call2354
Every Street's A BoulvardChaparral35072 C L 9Ken Bower, Jerry Haag, Beryl Main, Gary ShoemakeSinging Call6964
Everyday PeopleChaparral8021 C 4Scott SmithSinging Call3601
Excelorator SpecialChaparral1031 13Gary ShoemakePatter223
FeverChaparral5192 C L 7Ken BowerSinging Call525
Five Foot TwoChaparral35032 C L 12Ken Bower, Beryl Main, Jerry Haag, Gary ShoemakeSinging Call1473
Five Foot TwoChaparral602 0John & Wanda WinterRound15238
Flash Of FireChaparral4022 C L 8Beryl MainSinging Call382
Folsom PrisonChaparral3132 C L 9Gary ShoemakeSinging Call336
Fond AffectionChaparral7091 C L 8Marshall FlippoSinging Call1714
For What I Been Thinkin' 'Bout YouChaparral3102 C L 10Gary ShoemakeSinging Call1713
Fox On The RunChaparral35121 C L 9Jerry Haag, Gary ShoemakeSinging Call7252
FreedomChaparral3221 C L 6Gary ShoemakeSinging Call2520
Friend In CaliforniaChaparral7181 C L 3Marshall FlippoSinging Call3600
Funky Town / Hava NagilaChaparral1262 2Patter (two instrumentals)13010
Get Me Back To DixieChaparral3231 C L 5Gary ShoemakeSinging Call65
Gimmie Back Those BluesChaparral4042 C L 15Beryl MainSinging Call357
Give Me A Chance To DanceChaparral3242 C 4Gary ShoemakeSinging Call3589
Golden Eagle Grand March / Raggedy AndyChaparral1102 4Patter (two instrumentals)770
Gone At LastChaparral3012 C L 15Gary ShoemakeSinging Call2218
Goody GoodyChaparral1101 0Wayne & Norma WylieRound15245
Gotta Quit Lookin At You BabyChaparral10202 C L 1Paul MarcumSinging Call21194
Great AfternoonChaparral3042 C L 14Gary ShoemakeSinging Call2521
Great Balls of FireChaparral2062 C L 6Jerry HaagSinging Call2527
Green GreenChaparral7142 C L 4Marshall FlippoSinging Call1712
Guitar ManChaparral3092 C L 12Gary ShoemakeSinging Call24
Gypsy Feet / YesterdayChaparral1152 L 7Patter (two instrumentals)704
Hand Picked / Ida RedChaparral1112 11Patter (two instrumentals)749
Hazel EyesChaparral35051 C L 5Ken Bower, Beryl Main, Jerry Haag, Gary ShoemakeSinging Call4119
He Loves Me All The WayChaparral6051 L 1John & Wanda WinterRound15525
Heart Of My HeartChaparral35042 C L 15Ken Bower, Jerry Haag, Beryl Main, Gary ShoemakeSinging Call1711
Hello Mary LouChaparral35132 C L 9Ken Bower, Gary ShoemakeSinging Call2524
HelpChaparral8091 C L 4Scott SmithSinging Call1471
Honky Tonk HeroesChaparral5021 C L 13Ken BowerSinging Call1472
I Can't Give You Anything But LoveChaparral7131 C L 2Marshall FlippoSinging Call3599
I Don't CareChaparral2122 C L 5Jerry HaagSinging Call2109
I Love You BecauseChaparral22011 C L 2Dan Sahlstrom, David MurraySinging Call2356
I Love You BecauseChaparral2112 C L 11Jerry HaagSinging Call2675
I Loved Them EveryoneChaparral5092 C L 13Ken BowerSinging Call3565
I Think I'm In LoveChaparral3201 C L 8Gary ShoemakeSinging Call1707
I Wanna SingChaparral23011 C L 3Tim CrawfordSinging Call13011
I Wanna Wanna Lotta Lotta Lovin'Chaparral8142 C L 6Scott SmithSinging Call707
I Will SurviveChaparral5061 C L 5Ken BowerSinging Call845
I Won't Go Huntin' With You JakeChaparral5292 C L 5Ken BowerSinging Call720
I Write The SongsChaparral5011 C L 7Ken BowerSinging Call2677
I'll Be DangedChaparral5081 C 37Ken BowerSinging Call719
I'll Be Gone, Gone, GoneChaparral5181 C 9Ken BowerSinging Call1710
I'm Gonna Climb That Mountain HighChaparral3252 C L 4Gary ShoemakeSinging Call1435
I'm Gonna Get YouChaparral8081 C 4Scott SmithSinging Call2702
I'm Gonna SingChaparral2171 C L 9Jerry HaagSinging Call3666
I'm Satisfied With YouChaparral3161 C L 6Gary ShoemakeSinging Call683
I'm So ExcitedChaparral2142 C 10Jerry HaagSinging Call1221
If I Had To Do It All Over AgainChaparral4011 C L 15Beryl MainSinging Call2525
If It Ain't LoveChaparral4071 C L 10Beryl MainSinging Call3564
If The Devil Danced In Empty PocketsChaparral8122 C L 5Scott SmithSinging Call1438
If You're Gonna Play In TexasChaparral7031 C L 4Marshall FlippoSinging Call3567
If You've Got The MoneyChaparral23021 C L 2Tim CrawfordSinging Call2355
If You've Got The MoneyChaparral2082 C L 6Jerry HaagSinging Call3583
In It For The LoveChaparral3151 C L 11Gary ShoemakeSinging Call378
In It For The LoveChaparral607 0John & Wanda WinterRound15241
JacksonChaparral2201 C L 8Jerry HaagSinging Call3584
Joy To The WorldChaparral5152 C L 6Ken BowerSinging Call387
JumbaylaChaparral4102 C L 9Beryl MainSinging Call1168
Keep On WalkingChaparral3271 C 5Gary ShoemakeSinging Call700
Kinda Keep It CountryChaparral5271 C 3Ken BowerSinging Call3593
King Of The RoadChaparral3031 C L 10Gary ShoemakeSinging Call3588
Let's Do It RightChaparral8151 C L 3Scott SmithSinging Call3604
Light Of Your LoveChaparral8171 C 3Scott SmithSinging Call3605
LindaChaparral2151 C L 2Jerry HaagSinging Call1709
Little Miss Honky TonkChaparral3302 C L 3Gary ShoemakeSinging Call3966
Livingston Saturday NightChaparral2401 C L 1Ken BurkeSinging Call6449
Lonesome MeChaparral611 0Jack & Ann von der HeideRound15242
Loose TalkChaparral7191 C 1Marshall FlippoSinging Call423
Louisiana Saturday NightChaparral3112 C L 10Gary ShoemakeSinging Call2359
Love Is StrangeChaparral8111 C L 4Scott SmithSinging Call1235
Love Me Honey DoChaparral5252 C L 5Ken BowerSinging Call3592
Love Takes TwoChaparral4081 C L 16Beryl MainSinging Call1708
Lovin' You BabyChaparral35022 C 19Ken Bower, Gary ShoemakeSinging Call484
Major BreakdownChaparral1131 5Marshall FlippoPatter9360
Major Breakdown / Excelorator SpecialChaparral1212 1Patter (two instrumentals)4073
MedleyChaparral35062 C 9Ken Bower, Jerry Haag, Beryl Main, Gary ShoemakeSinging Call7702
MercyChaparral5171 C L 11Ken BowerSinging Call1715
Millenium / DatabassChaparral1232 3Patter (two instrumentals)7070
Minor Breakdown / Penny DancerChaparral1142 7Patter (two instrumentals)172
Motorcycle CowboyChaparral331 C L 1Gary ShoemakeSinging Call2617
Mountain DewChaparral4091 C L 13Beryl MainSinging Call1009
Mountain DewChaparral1081 L 12Beryl MainPatter1073
Mountain PassChaparral5161 C L 13Ken BowerSinging Call42
Movin' OnChaparral3291 C L 3Gary ShoemakeSinging Call5203
Mrs. RightChaparral7171 C 1Marshall FlippoSinging Call654
Music In MeChaparral7011 2Johnna WinterLine15527
Music Is My WomanChaparral2042 C L 12Jerry HaagSinging Call1705
My Baby's Gone AwayChaparral5071 C L 13Ken BowerSinging Call381
Never Ending Song Of LoveChaparral2192 C L 7Jerry HaagSinging Call1706
Newtron DanceChaparral3212 C L 11Gary ShoemakeSinging Call429
Oklahoma BorderlineChaparral8041 C L 9Scott SmithSinging Call3602
Oklahoma HillsChaparral7161 C L 5Marshall FlippoSinging Call438
One More Last ChanceChaparral2251 C L 3Jerry HaagSinging Call3581
One Thin DimeChaparral7061 C L 6Marshall FlippoSinging Call2110
Only There For A Little WhileChaparral8191 C L 1Scott SmithSinging Call3607
Only YouChaparral2132 C L 10Jerry HaagSinging Call779
Oo-Wee BabyChaparral7112 C 7Marshall FlippoSinging Call1437
Ooh La LaChaparral5131 C 7Ken BowerSinging Call2523
Pecos PromenadeChaparral4061 C L 29Beryl MainSinging Call1436
Pennies From HeavenChaparral8162 C L 4Scott SmithSinging Call936
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm GoneChaparral7041 C L 15Marshall FlippoSinging Call212
Red River ValleyChaparral4152 C L 5Beryl MainSinging Call6963
Red RosesChaparral3192 C L 7Gary ShoemakeSinging Call51
RestlessChaparral2211 C 6Jerry HaagSinging Call1704
Restless Romp / Strings GaloreChaparral1172 6Patter (two instrumentals)11245
Rhythm Of The RoadChaparral35011 C L 14Ken Bower, Gary ShoemakeSinging Call418
Rise And ShineChaparral8101 C 3Scott SmithSinging Call2703
Roadrunner RompChaparral1021 19Jerry HaagPatter273
Robin HoodChaparral4051 C L 7Beryl MainSinging Call340
Rockin' In Rosalee's BoatChaparral2022 C L 21Jerry HaagSinging Call386
Rockin' Pneumonia And Boogie Woogie FluChaparral5032 C L 13Ken BowerSinging Call1212
Rocking In Rosalie's BoatChaparral1001 C L W0Dee Dee DoughertySinging Call6499
Saturday NightChaparral1051 6Ken BowerPatter12002
Saturday Night / Sunday MorningChaparral1222 1Patter (two instrumentals)13007
Sentimental JourneyChaparral3172 C L 10Gary ShoemakeSinging Call3563
ShineChaparral7082 C L 3Marshall FlippoSinging Call3285
Small WorldChaparral5212 C L 5Ken BowerSinging Call934
Small WorldChaparral10051 C L 2Dee Dee DoughertySinging Call6500
Smooth and EasyChaparral1041 11Ken BowerPatter634
So In Love With YouChaparral5101 C L 10Ken BowerSinging Call1703
Soft Pedaling / Burn DownChaparral1192 2Patter (two instrumentals)858
Somebody Loves YouChaparral3022 C L 16Gary ShoemakeSinging Call3562
Somebody SpecialChaparral7121 C 2Marshall FlippoSinging Call3598
Someone Must Feel Like A Fool TonightChaparral5331 C L 13Ken BowerSinging Call3596
Something About You Baby I LikeChaparral2012 C L 25Jerry HaagSinging Call281
Somewhere My LoveChaparral35142 C L 7Ken Bower, Gary Shoemake, Scott SmithSinging Call622
Somewhere Over The RainbowChaparral2072 C L 9Jerry HaagSinging Call3582
Splish SplashChaparral2182 C L 3Jerry HaagSinging Call3587
Stand By Your WomanChaparral603 0John & Wanda WinterRound15239
Stay A Little LongerChaparral1091 13Ken BowerPatter498
Stay A Little Longer / Rhythm SticksChaparral124 2Patter (two instrumentals)13008
Streets Of BakersfieldChaparral24022 C L 1Ken BurkeSinging Call2357
Streets Of BakersfieldChaparral5222 C L 5Ken BowerSinging Call3286
Strolling Banjo / Hands DownChaparral1202 4Patter (two instrumentals)13006
Sugarfoot RagChaparral3071 C L 7Gary ShoemakeSinging Call372
Summertime DreamChaparral4032 C L 10Beryl MainSinging Call1702
Summertime DreamChaparral10101 C L 2Randy DoughertySinging Call3287
Sunday MorningChaparral1061 9Jerry HaagPatter724
SunnyChaparral5112 C L 13Ken BowerSinging Call326
Sunny Side Of The StreetChaparral35102 C L 8Ken Bower, Beryl Main, Jerry Haag, Gary ShoemakeSinging Call4120
Sweet Country MusicChaparral2101 C L 7Jerry HaagSinging Call3585
Take Me To The CountryChaparral4121 C L 6Beryl MainSinging Call3590
Take OneChaparral1011 12Beryl MainPatter598
Takes A Lot Of RiverChaparral4131 C L 4Beryl MainSinging Call3023
Texas Bound And FlyingChaparral3081 C L 8Gary ShoemakeSinging Call2522
That Old Black MagicChaparral8061 C L 5Scott SmithSinging Call3603
That Song Is Driving Me CrazyChaparral3122 C L 16Gary ShoemakeSinging Call2108
That's The Thing About LoveChaparral5141 C L 9Ken BowerSinging Call3591
The Best Things In Life Are FreeChaparral35082 C L 6Ken Bower, Beryl Main, Jerry Haag, Gary ShoemakeSinging Call2526
The Devil Went Down To GeorgiaChaparral3062 C L 22Gary ShoemakeSinging Call658
The GamblerChaparral2052 C L 14Jerry HaagSinging Call434
These Boots Are Made For WalkingChaparral20012 C L 2Dan SahlstromSinging Call2353
These Boots Are Made For WalkingChaparral5311 C L 1Ken BowerSinging Call3595
TimeChaparral7071 C L 5Marshall FlippoSinging Call2111
Trashy WomenChaparral3282 C L 5Gary ShoemakeSinging Call5202
Tulsa TimeChaparral3051 C L 14Gary ShoemakeSinging Call1434
Twelfth Street RagChaparral5052 C L 10Ken BowerSinging Call1060
Twelfth Street RagChaparral2202 C L W0Tom Dillander, David MurraySinging Call11893
Twilight TimeChaparral6101 L 1John & Wanda WinterRound15526
Two Good ReasonsChaparral8201 C 1Scott SmithSinging Call5205
VenusChaparral8072 C L 7Scott SmithSinging Call1240
Walking After MidnightChaparral2231 C L 6Jerry HaagSinging Call1701
Walking My Baby Back HomeChaparral5262 C L 8Ken BowerSinging Call442
We Got The MemoriesChaparral35152 C L 5Marshall Flippo, Gary Shoemake, Scott SmithSinging Call483
Welcome To (Lake Of The Ozarks)Chaparral7021 C L 6Marshall FlippoSinging Call3597
What You Do To MeChaparral5231 C 5Ken BowerSinging Call3051
When The Saints Go Marching InChaparral35091 C L 11Jerry Haag, Ken Bower, Gary Shoemake, Beryl MainSinging Call886
Who's Gonna Play This Old PianoChaparral2162 C L 8Jerry HaagSinging Call3586
Why Are You Pickin' On MeChaparral7052 C 6Marshall FlippoSinging Call1700
Why Haven't I Heard From YouChaparral2241 C L 6Jerry HaagSinging Call175
Wild About HoneyChaparral2032 C L 20Jerry HaagSinging Call691
You Been Gone So LongChaparral8051 C 8Scott SmithSinging Call416
You Can Have Her "Playmate"Chaparral801 0Ray & Bea DowdyRound15243
You Were Always On My MindChaparral2091 C L 15Jerry HaagSinging Call3561
You're The One That I WantChaparral5042 C L 16Ken BowerSinging Call231
Your Sweet LoveChaparral4111 C 8Beryl MainSinging Call1199
Zinger / TodayChaparral1162 5Patter (two instrumentals)9361
Zippity Do DahChaparral4141 C L 5Beryl MainSinging Call1506
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