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Label information

31 records

Legend:  S = sound clip;  C = cue sheet;  L = lyrics;  W = on wish list.
Title + Label Number S C L W Qty Artist(s) Bring Back Hi Hat Retro 527 L W 0 Buddy Weaver Colors Of The Wind Hi Hat Retro 532 L W 0 Buddy Weaver Come To Me Hi Hat Retro 518 W 0 Hideyuki Takahashi, Naom... Cowboy Hi Hat Retro 510 W 0 Tim Marriner Do I Ever Cross Your Mind Hi Hat Retro 515 L W 0 Elmer Sheffield, Jr. Do Wah Diddy Hi Hat Retro 525 C L W 0 Mike Hogan, Lanny Weaklend Engine #9 Hi Hat Retro 507 L W 0 Ken Bower I Don't Even Know His Name Hi Hat Retro 519 W 0 Lottie Ainsworth I Don't Know Why Hi Hat Retro 522 L W 0 Chuck Hall I Hear That Southland Calling Me Hi Hat Retro 523 L W 0 Buddy Weaver Just Another Polka Hi Hat Retro 514 L W 0 Ken Bower Lost In Love Hi Hat Retro 531 L W 0 Lanny Weaklend MTA Hi Hat Retro 524 L W 0 Masaru Wada My Girl Hi Hat Retro 513 L W 0 Dave Guille Neon Moon Hi Hat Retro 511 L W 0 Buddy Weaver One Of Those Wonderful Songs Hi Hat Retro 528 L W 0 Tac Ozaki Operator Hi Hat Retro 533 L W 0 Lottie Ainsworth Paul Jones Hi Hat Retro 117 W 0 Buddy Weaver Pictures Hi Hat Retro 516 W 0 Tom Roper Ring Around Your Neck Hi Hat Retro 526 L W 0 Hideyuki Takahashi, Naom... Rock Around The Clock Hi Hat Retro 534 L W 0 Stephen Cole Rolling In My Sweet Baby's Arms Hi Hat Retro 509 L W 0 Buddy Weaver Sea Of Heartbreak Hi Hat Retro 529 L W 0 Mike Hogan Silver Wings Hi Hat Retro 508 L W 0 Wade Driver Singing The Cowboy Blues Hi Hat Retro 535 C L W 0 Dave Guille The Big One Hi Hat Retro 536 L W 0 Lottie Ainsworth Then He Kissed Me Hi Hat Retro 530 L W 0 Lottie Ainsworth Waltz Across Texas Hi Hat Retro 520 C L W 0 Ken Bower What's Going On In Your World? Hi Hat Retro 512 L W 0 Buddy Weaver You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This Hi Hat Retro 521 C L W 0 Buddy Weaver Your Wildest Dream Hi Hat Retro 517 L W 0 Andy Allemao, Buddy Weaver

31 records
13-October-2019 20:55:41
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