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Artist Profile - Doug Davis
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Doug Davis
 Square Dance Caller
ID: 78
Profile in Caller and Cuer Database

Doug Davis

Doug Davis has been square dancing all his life. Mitchum's Barn was the Saturday night hangout for him and his classmates during high school. Doug joined the Navy in 1967 and started calling while stationed in Hawaii in 1974. He met Priscilla at a square dance in February 1975 and they married in November 1975. After his discharge, they moved back to Spokane, Washington where he continued to call throughout the Northwest.

In 1990 Priscilla was transferred to the VA Hospital in Livermore, California and Doug was able to enjoy a full schedule of calling in the San Francisco Bay area, calling for five clubs and many weekend dates for those 5 years. In 1995, Priscilla was transferred to Reno/Sparks, Nevada and Doug went back to work but continued calling/teaching the 11 years they lived there.

Both retired and moved back home to Green Bluff in 2006. Doug calls for two clubs in the Spokane area: the Valley Cross Trailers, a Mainstream club and the Wooden Nichols, an Advanced group. He also travels extensively on the weekends as the featured caller for special dances and regional, state, and national festivals, calling MS through A2. They have attended many Nationals and Doug has sounded Silver State in Reno for several years besides sounding other State Festivals.

Doug is a member of Callerlab and believes all callers should teach a new dancer class every year. As of April 2007 Doug is an Accredited Caller Coach and the only one in the state of Washington. He and Priscilla are part owners/producers of Chinook/Hoedowner Records ( Doug is on staff at the Silver State Callers College held in Nevada each November.

If you have any additional pertinent information about this artist, please contact Debbie.
Recordings by Doug Davis:
Abilene  (lyrics)  Singing Call, Chinook 233
According To My Heart  (lyrics)  Singing Call, Chinook 230
Along For The Ride  (comments) (cue sheet)  Singing Call, Chinook 211
Are You Washed In The Blood  (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Double M 236
Bluebirds Are Singing For Me  (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Chinook 214
Bob Wills Is Still The King  (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Double M 243
Born To Lose  (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Double M 242
Brandy  (comments) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Double M 207
CenterField  (lyrics)  Singing Call, Chinook 225
Daisy A Day  (sample clip) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Chinook 125
Even Cowboys Like A Little Bit Of Rock And Roll  (comments) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Double M 228
Farther Down The River  Singing Call, Chinook 226
First Taste Of Texas  (sample clip) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Bonanza 1
Honest Bowl Of Red  (cue sheet)  Singing Call, Chinook 213
Honeysuckle Rose  (lyrics)  Singing Call, Chinook 234
I Fought The Law  (comments) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Double M 216
I've Always Been Crazy  (comments) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Chinook 217
I've Always Been Crazy  (lyrics)  Singing Call, Chinook 231
Laura  (comments) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Chinook 202
Little Joe The Wrangler  (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Chinook 200
Lonesome For You  (sample clip) (cue sheet)  Singing Call, Hoedowner 126
Lovin' Her Was Easier  (comments) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Chinook 152
Lucille  (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Chinook 229
Me & Millie  (comments) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Chinook 203
My Next Broken Heart  (lyrics)  Singing Call, Chinook 227
New Cut Road  (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Double M 272
Once A Day  (lyrics)  Singing Call, Chinook 228
Open Up Your Heart  (comments) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Chinook 206
Play Me Some Rag  (comments) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Chinook 208
Pride  Singing Call, Chinook 236
Red White & Bluegrass  (comments) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Double M 225
Right Or Wrong  (lyrics)  Singing Call, Bonanza 4
San Fernando Valley  (comments) (cue sheet)  Singing Call, Double M 158
Sincerely  (comments) (cue sheet)  Singing Call, Double M 175
Sittin On Top Of The World  (comments) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Chinook 210
Sixteen Tons  (comments) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Double M 212
Slowly I'm Falling  (sample clip) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Hoedowner 120
Susan When She Tried  (lyrics)  Singing Call, Chinook 219
Swing Down Chariot  Singing Call, Chinook 215
The Last Blues Song  (comments) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Chinook 204
The Old Home Place  Singing Call, Chinook 223
The Old Lamp Lighter  (comments) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Chinook 209
The Same Old Way  Singing Call, Chinook 235
They Call Me The Breeze  (lyrics)  Singing Call, Chinook 220
This Time I'm In It For The Love  (comments) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Chinook 232
Time Changes Everything  (comments) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Chinook 205
Time Changes Everything  (sample clip) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Hoedowner 128
Twelfth Of Never  (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Double M 248
Uncloudy Day  (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Double M 235
Watch The Baby Elephants Go By  (comments) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Double M 214
When Will I Be Loved  (comments) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Double M 210
White FreightLiner Blues  Singing Call, Chinook 238
Winter Wonderland  (comments) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Double M 224
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