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Artist Profile - Larry Faught
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Larry Faught
 Square Dance Caller
ID: 488
Larry Faught

Lawrence David "Larry" Faught was born Aug. 4, 1928, in Thornton, Wyo., to Jess and LuElla Faught. He was the sixth of seven children. Larry grew up in Lodge Grass, MT and moved to Billings, MT when he was 18. He married his high-school sweetheart, Louise Arbogast in 1947, and they had two children. After Louise's early passing, Larry raised his children as a single father. He married Bonnie Groshong in 1968, and they were married for thirteen years. Larry was a businessman and spent the last 25 years of his professional career as business manager and accountant for a large medical practice before retiring in 1995. In 1959, he developed an interest in square dancing. This led him to learn to be a caller. He started three square dance clubs and his dances were always popular. His reputation soon expanded beyond Billings and he was in demand across the county from New York to California. He called often for crowds of two to three hundred people. Larry called square dances for 53 years. Larry had many diverse hobbies including woodworking, photography, ceramics, recording and performing music. He was preceded in death by his parents, three brothers James, Jess and Lyle Faught and his sister Grace Neal. Survivors include his daughter Kyle (Gene) Colling, son Lon, his grand-children Ryan (Randa) Colling, Drew Colling, Taylor (Aaron) Pohle and Alex (Nathan) Wright, great-grandchildren Gabriel, Alayna and Jameson Colling, Brooklyn Pohle, and his siblings Martha Duckwitz and LuElla (Gene) Kiser and extended family.

If you have any additional pertinent information about this artist, please contact Debbie.

Recordings by Larry Faught:
Almost Persuaded  (sample clip) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Blue Star 1800
April Showers  (sample clip) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Blue Star 1604
Cocain Blues  (sample clip) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Blue Star 1629
I Wanta Go Home  (sample clip) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Blue Star 1704
Mamselle  (sample clip) (cue sheet)  Singing Call, Blue Star 1593
Money Marbles And Chalk  (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Blue Star 1568
No Tear Drops Tonight  (sample clip) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Blue Star 1594
Old Mother Nature  (sample clip) (cue sheet)  Singing Call, Blue Star 1635
Ramblin On  (sample clip) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Blue Star 1734
She's A Dancin' Swingin' Rose  (sample clip) (cue sheet)  Singing Call, Blue Star 1745
20-October-2019 21:23:02
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