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Artist Profile - Darren Gallina
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Darren Gallina
 Square Dance Caller
ID: 253
Profile in Caller and Cuer Database

Darren Gallina

If you have any additional pertinent information about this artist, please contact Debbie.
Recordings by Darren Gallina:
Darren's Breakdown / Red Handkerchief  Patter (two instrumentals), Hi Hat 5318
Don't Keep Me Hanging Around  (sample clip) (cue sheet)  Singing Call, Sunny Hills 5007
Easy Does It  Patter, Hi Hat 5314
First Thing Every Morning  (comments) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Rawhide 1090
First Thing Every Morning / Darren's Breakdown  (sample clip) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call (instrumental) + Patter, Dance Ranch 1095
Four Leaf Clover  (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Blue Star Retro 1135
Four Leaf Clover  (comments) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Rawhide 1071
Hazel Eyes  (sample clip) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Big Mac 74
Independence Day  (comments) (sample clip) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Hi Hat 5299
Kind Of Hush  (lyrics)  Singing Call, Hi Hat 5324
Let's Do It Right  (sample clip) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Coyote 401
Move It On Over  (sample clip) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Rawhide 1194
Song Of Yasugi  (sample clip)  Patter, Hi Hat 5330
Stand Up / Silver Wings / She Thinks I Still Care / The Fireman  Sing-Along (two-sided), Stagecoach 101
Walking To Kansas City  (sample clip) (cue sheet)  Singing Call, Big Mac 80
Western Bay  Patter, Hi Hat 5316
22-January-2019 06:07:07
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