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Artist Profile - Donnie DeVore
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Donnie DeVore
 Square Dance Caller
ID: 1232
Donnie DeVore

Donnie and Martha began their square dancing adventures in 1989, which is the same year Donnie began calling. Donnie currently calls for two up-state South Carolina Square Dance Clubs, while Martha is a line dance instructor. Both are members of the South Carolina Callers Association. Donnie joined the South Carolina Callers Association in 1990. During his membership, he was secretary in 1994 and 1995, elected to Vice President in 1996 and served as President in 1997 and in 1998. Donnie and Martha both served as Treasurers for the South Carolina Square and Round Dance Convention Committee from 1995 through 1999. They served as Chairman of the Committee for many years. On February 2, 2002, at the South Carolina Square & Round Dance Convention in Charleston, South Carolina. Donnie & Martha DeVore were both inducted into the South Carolina Square Dance Hall of Fame. Also Donnie has recorded several records on the Tarheel Label. His latest release is "Walking The Dog" on the A&S Record Label.

If you have any additional pertinent information about this artist, please contact Debbie.
Recordings by Donnie DeVore:
Blue Ridge Mountain Blues  (lyrics)  Singing Call, Tarheel 142
Lord Have Mercy On A Country Boy  Singing Call, Tarheel 153
Peel Me A Nanner  Singing Call, A & S 122
Streets Of Baltimore  (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Tarheel 137
Timber I'm Falling  (sample clip) (cue sheet) (lyrics)  Singing Call, Tarheel 123
Walking The Dog  (sample clip) (cue sheet)  Singing Call, A & S 108
26-March-2019 16:04:59
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