Record Database
Record Database
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Welcome to the Record Database
  • The Record Database is an informational resource for square dance music. Records can be searched for by abbreviation, artist, label, title, cue sheet, lyrics, and/or type of music. The corresponding cue sheet, choreography, and lyrics may then be viewed. Comments may be added if desired.
  • The Record Database currently contains

    • 18334 records, representing 387 record labels.
    • 16718 sound clips.
    • 13830 cue sheets.
    • 4208 lyrics.
  • Please note:

    • We do not sell records. See Record Dealers.
    • We do not have any downloadable music.
    • We might trade records from our Excess Records list for records on our Wish List.
    • In most cases, sound clips have been recorded from our own vinyl collection.
      As such, sound clips may contain hiss, clicks, and pops.
  • We accept record 'donations' from retiring callers, or 'complimentary copies' from recording labels.
  • Please send us comments or suggestions for the Record Database via Feedback.
  • The goals of the Record Database are to:
    • list all our square dance music (33s, 45s, 78s, MP3s, CDs).
    • list the cue sheets (words and figures) from singing calls.
    • allow visitors to add comments about specific records.
    • have links to Record Label Web Sites.
    • have more information on Recording Artists.
    • List as many records from as many square dance labels as possible.
  • The Record Database project started in February 2000.
  • The project is implemented with a MySQL database using the PHP scripting language.
  • Author: Vic Ceder

We would like to thank Keith Ackerson, Pat Coster, David Cox, Charlie Fagan, Arnold Gladson, Guido Hass, Frank Meyers, Ralph Scheider Gerhard Nanninga and Uwe Themann for their assistance in providing many cue sheets that have been included in the Record Database.

We are also much indebted to Kip Garvey and Bruce Johnson for donating their record collections to us upon their retirement from calling.
25-August-2019 17:58:09
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