Alternative Music  by Vic Ceder


Alternative Music can be used as a great:

  1. Pick Me Up
  2. Mood Changer


  1. As with any piece of music, you need to know it, work with it, and use it to your advantage. Don't make it just background noise.
  2. If the alternative music has a driving beat, your choreography needs to be molded to it. Don't make the dancers think; let them dance.
  3. Alternative music can be relaxing, but make sure it has a good solid dance beat that dancers can easily pick up. Music with a weak or ambiguous beat will cause hesitant dancing.


Vocals can add to or detract from the dance experience.

  1. Continuous vocals can be distracting to many dancers. Look for pieces of music that have long instrumental sections or frequent breaks from the vocals.
  2. Foreign language vocals tend to be less distracting as they act more like part of the music.
  3. Familiar vocals can be used in clever ways as the dancers will sing along to the tune, adding to the dance experience.


Don't assume that using alternative music is easy and will greatly improve your calling. I've heard well-known callers use it poorly. Beware of these pitfalls:

Selecting Alternative Music

Good alternative music has these characteristics:

Modify Original Music to Fit Your Needs

Use a computer to:

  1. Reduce vocals (via an equalizer)
  2. Change tempo
  3. Change pitch
  4. Remove inappropriate sections

Where to Get Alternative Music

For variety, don't overlook oldies, or newer music from square dance labels.

Music I Often Use

Music I Occasionally Use

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