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Digital Music reference guide for Callers and Cuers.

Since digital music is a technological 'product', there are frequent changes to both the available hardware and software. As such, if you know of any information that should be updated or listed on this page, please Contact Vic.

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Alternative Music

Music Management Software

Music Editing Software
Software used by callers to manipulate digital music.

Non-Square-Dance-Specific Software


    • Cost: Free (download from the Winamp web site)
    • Winamp has many "skins" (personalized appearances), and many "plug-ins" (add-on software for special effects, changing pitch, tempo, visualizations, etc.)
    • How to use
      • Play music
      • Organize files into a playlist


    • Cost: $20.
    • AudioGrabber is a CD-Ripper program. It reads an audio CD in your computer's CD drive, and creates a WAV (or MP3) file for each selected track.
    • AudioGrabber is extremely easy to use.


    • PCDJ Red and PCDJ FX are professional DJ programs, and can store cue points. PCDJ FX can also do looping, and PCDJ FX can change the tempo without changing the pitch, or change pitch without changing the tempo.

  • Keith Rubow's web site has information on recording to MP3 files and using MP3 files at tape groups, links to software to do this, including a free Winamp add-on written by Keith called Wplayer. Items for sale include audio patch boxes for recording, and an RF remote control system to control a media player such as Winamp so a tape group can be run from the dance floor.
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