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Digital Music
Digital Music
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Connectors for use with Digital Music.

Types of Connectors 

Define and show pictures of

  • RCA male / female
  • 1/8" male / female (mono/stereo)
  • 1/4" male / female (mono/stereo)
  • Cinch Jones (P-302-CCT) male / female

Recommended Inventory 

A small bag with the following items should be part of your calling equipment:

1Electric Adaptor - USA 3-prong female to USA 2-prong maleNecessary if computer is 3-prong and wall plug is 2-prong. Removes AC hum when laptop is 3-prong and an older amplifier is used.
2Electric Adaptor - USA 2-prong female to European 2-prong maleFor power in Europe.
2Cable - shielded 3-foot, 1/8" male to 1/8" male, stereoThe most common cable you'll need. Get two of them.
1Cable - shielded 3-foot, Dual RCA male to Dual RCA maleOften two cables joined together, color-coded (one white, one red).
1Connector - 1/8" female to 1/8" female, stereoUseful for joining two 1/8" male to 1/8" male cables.
2Connector - 1/8" female to RCA male, mono 
1Connector - RCA female to 1/8" male, mono 
1Connector - Dual RCA female to 1/8" male, stereo 
1Connector - 1/8" male to dual 1/8" female, monoMicrophone volume splitter.
2Connector - RCA female to RCA femaleUseful for joining two RCA male to RCA male cables.
2Connector - RCA male to Dual RCA female 
1Connector - 1/4" female to 1/8" male, mono 
1Connector - 1/4" male to Dual 1/4" female, monoFor splitting speaker output or microphone input.
1Connector - 1/4" male to Cinch Jones female, monoOnly needed for connecting to old-style speaker cords.
2Connector - RCA female to 1/4" male, monoCommonly used for connecting to older amplifiers.
1Signal BoosterRequired to boost audio signal for older amplifiers.
1USB Sound CardHighly recommend. The headset output jack on my laptop broke, and a USB sound card was the only way I could get audio output.

  • Use shielded cables whenever possible, to minimize AC hum.
  • Qty=2 are for items that are often used or lended to other callers - you'll rarely get them back!
  • Identify your cables and connectors, perhaps by attaching colored tape or name tags to each component.
  • The above list should be sufficient. Occasionally, a connector not listed above might be required (for example, a 1/8" female to 1/4" male), but you'll be able to combine two of your connectors to get the desired result.

If you know of any other item that should be listed here, Contact Vic
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