Special Events
Special Events
International Plus, Advanced and Challenge Convention (iPAC)
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The International Plus, Advanced and Challenge Convention (iPAC) is the largest European Square Dance Convention for Advanced and Challenge dancers.

The iPAC Convention

  • Hosted by The Percolators Square Dance Club  www.percolators.de of Hamburg, Germany.
  • Held in July every other year.
  • Full-time Plus, A1, A2, C1, C2, C3A, and C3B halls. Part-time C4 hall.
  • Callers from all over the world are on staff.

Location of Barmstedt, Germany  www.barmstedt.de

iPAC Website  ipac-barmstedt.de
Date and Location
  • iPAC 2017 has been cancelled

    Sporthallen Schulstrasse, Barmstedt, Germany

    For more information, contact Steffen Mauring

    phone & fax: (+49)(0)4101 - 4 32 70
    mobile: (+49)(0)172 - 532 18 03

Staff Callers for 2015

Anders Blom (Sweden)
Anne Uebelacker (Canada)
Ben Rubright (USA)
Bjørn Andersson (Denmark)
Bronc Wise (USA)
James Wyatt (United Kingdom)
John Marshall (USA)
Johnny Preston (USA)
Joerg Biewald (Germany)
Kiyoshi Kikuchi (Japan)
Ralf Reinhard (Germany)
Ross Howell (USA)
Sönke Wilts (Germany)
Takako Suzuki (Japan)
Vic Ceder (USA)

Anders BlomAnne UebelackerBen Rubright

Bjørn AnderssonBronc WiseJames Wyatt

John MarshallJohnny PrestonJoerg Biewald

Kiyoshi KikuchiRalf ReinhardRoss Howell

Sönke WiltsTakako SuzukiVic Ceder

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