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Jim Robar
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 DeceasedRest in PeaceDeceased 

Jim Robar
 St. Louis, Michigan, USA
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Calling Basic thru A2

Submitted kindly by Jim's son, Michael Robar: "Prior to the past few years, Mr. Robar was available for one nighters and his calling level was C2 and beyond. As his son, I had the pleasure of dancing to his calling for many, many years. I have danced to hundreds of callers in the US and in Europe,, mostly Germany. While my father was not a showman like the people who typically call the main level halls at jamborees and such, he was in the top 2 or 3 callers I have known with regard to technical ability and timing. Mind you, I have danced to callers such as Cal Golden, Ed Foote and a host of others. My father was one of very few on the short list of callers to have taught and called square dancing in VietNam. His skills as a caller as well as being a great person with whom to work were honored by being elected to the position of both ECTA (European Callers and Teachers Association) and EAASDC (European Association of American Square Dance Clubs) and he played no small part in the growth and popularity of square dancing in Germany, having promoted it at hundreds of demo's at various cultural events and such and having graduated at least 2 classes a year for over 20 years. He was the caller at various points for the Heidelberg Hoedowners, Nurenburg HoneyCakes, Wuerzburg Whirlers, Kitzengen Klodhoppers, Kaiserslautern K-Towners, Frankfurt Beaux and Belles, Wiesbaden Diamond Plus, a C2 club in Wuerzburg and another in the Wiesbaden area. He was also one of the teachers and later the "owner" of the annual Square Dance College held for many years at the US recreation facilities of Lake Chiemsee, Germany and which subsequently moved to Cham, Germany and continues to this day. Generally, he was one of those who taught aspiring callers at these gatherings and can be credited for the inspiration and training of no small number of the callers and leaders of square dancing in Europe today. It was actually at Chiemsee when I had my first square dancing lessons under the tutelage of Cal Golden, one of the earliest leaders of the event. This was way back in 1968 or 69." (Jim Robar passed away Nov. 18, 2011.)

Jim at Home
Address Jim Robar
114 N Pine street
St. Louis, Michigan
Phone (home) (989) 681-4936   
Phone (mobile) 517-404-4104   

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