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Ceder Square Dance System (CSDS)
Ceder Square Dance System (CSDS)
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Getouts - For Current Position

The GETOUTs for current position window shows getouts available from a specific position.

  • Dancers (screen top left) indicate the starting setup for the getouts displayed on this page. The Perm # (displayed immediately above the dancers) is used by the program to uniquely identify the formation and dancer positions.
  • The 'last call was' field (displayed immediately below the dancers) shows the call just executed (i.e., the call within the current sequence that got the dancers into the current setup).
  • The list of getouts (large list box at screen bottom) shows the available getouts from the current setup. Since a C1-level sequence is being written, only getouts up through C1 are shown. Each getout within the list box shows the level of the getout, the number of times the getout was used, and the text of the getout. If more getouts are available than will fit in the list box, a scroll bar appears to allow scrolling through the list. The list box header also shows how many getouts are in the list, and the record number within the getout database of the currently highlighted getout.
  • The text of the current getout (screen top right) shows the entire text corresponding to the currently highlighted getout.
  • The Individual fields of the current getout (screen right) are displayed in a frame. These database fields correspond to the currently highlighted getout.
    • The Proofread status indicates whether or not the getout has been verified to correctly resolve the set.
    • The Level used at field shows the level of the sequence in which the getout was last used.
    • The Date field shows the date that the getout was last used. Or, if the getout has never been used, the Date field shows the creation date of the getout.
    • The Author field shows the name of the person who added the getout to the getout database. If this field contains 'CSDS', then the getout was automatically created by the CSDS program.
    • The Private checkbox indicates whether or not the getout is private. Private getouts are not given to other users when database records are exchanged.
    • The Quickie count field shows the number of times that the getout was used within short sequences (a.k.a. opening biggies).

  • The menu (screen top) consists of the following:
    • Edit allows you to add a new record for the displayed setup, edit the currently highlighted record, remove the current record from the list, delete the current record, undelete the current record, delete all records in the list, or undelete all records in the list.
    • Use and insert closes this window, and appends the currently highlighted getout to the current sequence being written. The dancers within the sequence are then updated to their final ending position.
    • View displays the currently highlighted record in a large window.
    • Other allows you to:
      1. Parse the text corresponding to the currently highlighted getout.
    • Exit closes the window.

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