Ceder Square Dance System (CSDS)
Program Upgrade
Csds2 2.34  (October 2019)  
is the latest version 
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Upgrade the Ceder Square Dance System (CSDS) Ceder Square Dance System (CSDS).

This page is for licensed CSDS users only

  • You must have purchased the CSDS program and received a User Key to activate the program.
  • If not, please see Ordering Information.
  • If you have purchased the program and do not yet have your 'User Key', Contact Vic

Program Upgrades

CSDS is no longer supported or maintained.
After upgrading to CSDS 1.500, please upgrade to CSDS2

Complete release (csds15000complete.exe)   27,580,416 bytes   1.50.00   2014 September

Important FAQs

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