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Along -- [C2]
 Lee Kopman 1975

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 From a Tidal Line. Center pairs of dancers Hinge and (Columns of 3) Circulate as the Very Ends Counter Rotate 1/4; Center pairs of dancers Grand Peel & Trail (#1 Peel Off, others Extend and Trade) as the others Extend. Usually ends in Parallel Waves, but can also end in Parallel Two-Faced Lines or a Parallelo
 Aus einer Tidal Line. Die Center Pairs of Dancers (die Center Paare, wenn man die Very End Tänzer nicht betrachtet) tanzen Hinge & (Columns of 3) Circulate, während die Very End Tänzer ein Counter Rotate 1/4 tanzen; die Center Pairs of Dancers tanzen Grand Peel & Trail (#1 Tänzer Peel Off, die Anderen Extend und Trade), während die Anderen Extend tanzen. Endet in der Regel in parallelen Waves, kann aber auch in Two-Faced Lines oder einem Parallelogramm enden.
 Från en Tidal Line. Center paren Hinge och (Columns om 3) Circulate medan Very Ends Counter Rotate 1/4; Center paren Grand Peel & Trail (#1 Peel Off, de andra Extend och Trade) medan de andra Extend. Slutar vanligen i Parallel Waves, men kan också sluta i Parallel Two-Faced Lines eller i en Parallelogram.
 Z formace Tidal Line. Prostředních šest tanečníků Hinge a (Columns of 3) Circulate, mezitím Very Ends Counter Rotate 1/4; Šest tanenčíků uprostřed Grand Peel & Trail (#1 Peel Off, ostatní Extend a Trade), koncoví Extend. Obvykle končí ve formaci Parallel Waves, ale může skončit i ve formaci Parallel Two-Faced Lines nebo Parallelogram.
136 Along [C2]
17-October-2019 20:05:47
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