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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Index of Subcalls
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"O" Formation   ***empty text***
(Two) Ladies Chain   ***empty text***
1/2 Tag (The Line)   ***empty text***
1/4 (or 3/4) The Deucey   ***empty text***
12-Matrix Concept   ***empty text***
2/3 Recycle   ***empty text***
3 By 1 Triangle Formation   ***empty text***
3/4 Tag (The Line)   ***empty text***
any Tagging call The Top   ***empty text***
anyone Cross Fold   ***empty text***
anyone Cross Run   ***empty text***
anyone Fold   ***empty text***
anyone Hop   ***empty text***
anyone Kick Off   ***empty text***
anyone Like A Ripple Concept   ***empty text***
anyone Shove Off   ***empty text***
anyone Start (A) anything   ***empty text***
anyone Tox   ***empty text***
anything And Anything   ***empty text***
anything Reaction   ***empty text***
anything The "K"   ***empty text***
anything The Axle   ***empty text***
anything To A Wave   ***empty text***
direction Loop n   ***empty text***
n By 1 Diamond Concept   ***empty text***
Add A Concept   ***empty text***
Ah So   ***empty text***
All 4 Couples Concept   ***empty text***
All 8 Concept   ***empty text***
Allemande Left   ***empty text***
Alter & Circulate   ***empty text***
Alter The Wave   ***empty text***
An Anchor   ***empty text***
Any Hand Concept   ***empty text***
Bail Out   ***empty text***
Beau | Belle   ***empty text***
Bend The Line   ***empty text***
Bias Circulate   ***empty text***
Bingo   ***empty text***
Block Formation   ***empty text***
Boomerang   ***empty text***
Bounce anyone   ***empty text***
Box Circulate   ***empty text***
Box The Gnat   ***empty text***
Brace Thru   ***empty text***
Branch Off   ***empty text***
Breaker anything   ***empty text***
Busy anything   ***empty text***
Butterfly Formation   ***empty text***
California Twirl   ***empty text***
Cast Back, Cross Cast Back   ***empty text***
Catch n   ***empty text***
Chain The Square   ***empty text***
Chase Right | Left   ***empty text***
Checker Board | Box anything   ***empty text***
Circle Left | Right   ***empty text***
Concentric Concept   ***empty text***
Connect The Diamond   ***empty text***
Coordinate   ***empty text***
Couple Up   ***empty text***
Couples Circulate   ***empty text***
Courtesy Turn   ***empty text***
Cover Up   ***empty text***
Create A Column   ***empty text***
Cross & Wheel FAMILY   ***empty text***
Cross Chain & Roll   ***empty text***
Cross Chain Reaction   ***empty text***
Cross Chain Thru   ***empty text***
Cross Concentric Concept   ***empty text***
Cross Fire   ***empty text***
Cross Ramble   ***empty text***
Cross Walk & Dodge   ***empty text***
Curli-Wheel   ***empty text***
Cut | Flip The Galaxy   ***empty text***
Cut | Flip The Hourglass   ***empty text***
Cycle & Wheel   ***empty text***
Dancing and Studying Hints   ***empty text***
Delight | Dilemma   ***empty text***
Diagonal Box Concept   ***empty text***
Diamond anything Concept   ***empty text***
Diamond Formation | Circulate   ***empty text***
Disband   ***empty text***
Dixie Diamond   ***empty text***
Dixie Grand   ***empty text***
Dixie Sashay   ***empty text***
Dixie Spin   ***empty text***
Dixie Tag   ***empty text***
Dodge anything   ***empty text***
Dosado   ***empty text***
Drag Concept   ***empty text***
Drift Apart   ***empty text***
Ease Off   ***empty text***
Echo CONCEPT   ***empty text***
Ends Bend   ***empty text***
Erase   ***empty text***
Exchange The Diamond   ***empty text***
Expand The Column   ***empty text***
Extend   ***empty text***
Face Your Partner (or Corner)   ***empty text***
Fancy   ***empty text***
Fascinate   ***empty text***
File To A Line   ***empty text***
Finish (A) anything   ***empty text***
Flare Out To A Line   ***empty text***
Flip Your Lid   ***empty text***
Follow Thru   ***empty text***
Follow To A Diamond   ***empty text***
Follow Your Leader   ***empty text***
Forward And Back   ***empty text***
Four Ladies Chain   ***empty text***
Funny formation Circulate   ***empty text***
Funny Concept   ***empty text***
Funny Square Thru (n)   ***empty text***
Galaxy Formation | Circulate   ***empty text***
Gee Whiz   ***empty text***
Generous / Stingy CONCEPT   ***empty text***
Good Show   ***empty text***
Grand Chain Eight   ***empty text***
Grand Spin The Top   ***empty text***
Grand Square   ***empty text***
Grand Swing Thru   ***empty text***
Hinge The Lock, Lock The Hinge   ***empty text***
Ignore CONCEPT   ***empty text***
In Style   ***empty text***
Inlet   ***empty text***
Interlocked Diamond Formation   ***empty text***
Interlocked Scoot (Back)   ***empty text***
Interlocked Triangle Formation   ***empty text***
Interrupt CONCEPT   ***empty text***
Invert The Column (fraction)   ***empty text***
Jaywalk   ***empty text***
Ladies Center, Men Sashay   ***empty text***
Lateral Substitute   ***empty text***
Line To Line   ***empty text***
Lines anything Thru   ***empty text***
Link Up   ***empty text***
Little More   ***empty text***
Load The Boat   ***empty text***
Lockit   ***empty text***
Magic Column Concept   ***empty text***
Make Magic   ***empty text***
Mini-Chase   ***empty text***
Mix   ***empty text***
Motivate   ***empty text***
Once Removed Concept   ***empty text***
Once Removed Diamond Concept   ***empty text***
Orbit Circulate   ***empty text***
Outback   ***empty text***
Outlet   ***empty text***
Outpost   ***empty text***
Pair Off   ***empty text***
Parallelogram Formation   ***empty text***
Pass In | Out   ***empty text***
Pass The Axle   ***empty text***
Pass The Sea   ***empty text***
Pass Thru   ***empty text***
Patch (The) anyone   ***empty text***
Peel Chain Thru   ***empty text***
Percolate   ***empty text***
Perk Up   ***empty text***
Phantom Concept   ***empty text***
Ping Pong Circulate   ***empty text***
Plan Ahead   ***empty text***
Polly Wally   ***empty text***
Prefer CONCEPT   ***empty text***
Press direction   ***empty text***
Promenade   ***empty text***
Quick Step | anything   ***empty text***
Rally   ***empty text***
Reach Out   ***empty text***
Recoil   ***empty text***
Reflected Concept   ***empty text***
Regroup   ***empty text***
Relay The Deucey   ***empty text***
Relay The Top   ***empty text***
Release anything   ***empty text***
Relocate The Diamond   ***empty text***
Replace CONCEPT   ***empty text***
Reshape (The Triangle)   ***empty text***
Reverse Cut | Flip The Diamond   ***empty text***
Reverse Cut | Flip The Galaxy   ***empty text***
Revert (The) any Tagging call   ***empty text***
Right And Left Grand   ***empty text***
Right And Left Thru   ***empty text***
Right | Left Roll The   ***empty text***
Right | Left Wing Concept   ***empty text***
Roll   ***empty text***
Rotary Spin | anything   ***empty text***
Rotate   ***empty text***
Round Off   ***empty text***
Scatter Circulate   ***empty text***
Scoot & Dodge   ***empty text***
Scoot & Weave   ***empty text***
Scoot The Diamond   ***empty text***
Select A(n) anything   ***empty text***
Sets In Motion   ***empty text***
Shape Changing   ***empty text***
Shazam   ***empty text***
Short | Tall Six Formation   ***empty text***
Shorter / Longer Concept   ***empty text***
Single Circle To A Wave   ***empty text***
Single File Promenade   ***empty text***
Single File Recycle | Recoil   ***empty text***
Single Wheel   ***empty text***
Slant anything (By anything)   ***empty text***
Slice Concept   ***empty text***
Slip | Slide | Swing | Slither   ***empty text***
Snap The Lock   ***empty text***
Something New   ***empty text***
Spin Chain The Line   ***empty text***
Spin The Pulley   ***empty text***
Split Trade Circulate   ***empty text***
Split | Box Transfer   ***empty text***
Spread   ***empty text***
Square The Bases   ***empty text***
Squeeze   ***empty text***
Stable Concept   ***empty text***
Stack The Line   ***empty text***
Stampede   ***empty text***
Star Promenade   ***empty text***
Stars   ***empty text***
Stretch Concept   ***empty text***
Swing   ***empty text***
Swing & Circle (fraction)   ***empty text***
Swing Along   ***empty text***
Swing Chain Thru   ***empty text***
T-Bone Concept   ***empty text***
Tally-Ho   ***empty text***
Teacup Chain   ***empty text***
Team Up   ***empty text***
The Crossfire Controversy   ***empty text***
The Gamut   ***empty text***
Trade The Wave   ***empty text***
Travel Thru   ***empty text***
Triangular Box Formation   ***empty text***
Trip The Set   ***empty text***
Triple Box Formation   ***empty text***
Triple Scoot   ***empty text***
Triple Trade   ***empty text***
Trixie (Spin)   ***empty text***
Truck   ***empty text***
Turn Thru   ***empty text***
Twist And anything   ***empty text***
Twist The Line   ***empty text***
Twisted Concept   ***empty text***
Twosome Concept   ***empty text***
Types of Distortions   ***empty text***
U-Turn Back   ***empty text***
Unwrap The formation   ***empty text***
Vertical anything   ***empty text***
Walk Out To A Wave   ***empty text***
Weave The Ring   ***empty text***
Wheel The Ocean | Sea   ***empty text***
Wind The Bobbin   ***empty text***
Zig-Zag, Zag-Zig   ***empty text***
Zip Code n   ***empty text***
Zippered Formation   ***empty text***

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