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Cross anyone Hop -- [C4]
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 Designated dancers Cross Walk (Split Trade Circulate) as others Dodge; all Hinge. This is a 2-part call.
 指示された人が Cross Walk (Split Trade Circulate) を, 他の人は Dodge をし, 全員で all Hinge をします. 2 パートのコールです.
 De utpekade dansarna Cross Walk (Split Trade Circulate) medan de andra Dodge; alla Hinge. Detta är ett 2-delars call.
 Označení tanečníci Cross Walk (Split Trade Circulate), ostatní Dodge; všichni Hinge. Tato figura má dvě části.
1369 Cross (anyone) Hop [C4]
19-October-2019 11:46:33
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