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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
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 Cross Cycle -- [C3B]crosscycle.php  

From an applicable 2 x 2 (e.g., Facing Couples or Mini-Wave Box): EN: 50
起始队形为可适用的 2 x 2 时 (例如, Facing Couples 或 Mini-Wave Box): update CH: 50

 Lock 'Em Up -- [C3B]lockemup.php  

Centers Lockit as Outsides Roll. EN: 14
Centers Lockit, 同时 Outsides Roll. update CH: 14

 Mirror Concept -- [C3B]mirror.php  

When doing the Mirror version of a call in which two dancers end on the same spot (such as an odd Tally-Ho) step to Left hands instead of Right hands! The Mirror CONCEPT is more binding than the Right-hand same-spot rule. EN: 80
当做一个口令的 Mirror 形式时, 若结束时两个舞者处在同一个点(抢位, 比如在一个不常见的 Tally-Ho 时), 两人要接左手, 而不是接右手! Mirror 概念 的约束力大于右手抢位规则. update CH: 80
Note: The words Left and Reverse have traditionally been used to indicate Mirror (e.g., Left Swing Thru, Reverse Flutter Wheel) but their usage is inconsistent. Dancers may not know what is intended when something like 'Left Circle By' is called. Should one Circle Left the first given fraction then Left Touch the next given fraction? Or, since you are normally moving to the Left on a Circle By, should one Circle Right the first fraction? Reverse can also mean 'In Reverse Order', 'Rewind', or have other meanings ('Reverse Stack The Line': original Trailers instead of Leaders go across to right hands!). If we only had the choice of using Left or Reverse, what would the Mirror version of Shake & Rattle be called? The Mirror version of Shakedown is called Left Shakedown and the Mirror version of Reverse Split Swap is called Split Swap! The Mirror CONCEPT resolves these ambiguities. EN: 90
注意: 传统上都是用 Left 或 Reverse 来表示 Mirror (例如, Left Swing Thru, Reverse Flutter Wheel), 但这些词的用法不够一致. 舞者可能会不知道像 'Left Circle By' 这样的喊法究竟是要让做什么动作. 是应该按照第一个分数做 Circle Left, 然后 Left Touch 旋转由第二个分数给定的角度? 或是,由于正常情况下的 Circle By 是要先做 Circle Left 的, 现在是 Mirror 形式应该做 Circle Right? Reverse 还可以代表'In Reverse Order', 'Rewind', 或其他的意思('Reverse Stack The Line': 要走到对面接右手的是原来的 Trailers ,而不是Leaders!). 如果只能选择使用 Left 或 Reverse, Mirror 形式的 Shake & Rattle 该怎样喊? 因为 Mirror 形式的 Shakedown 是Left Shakedown, 而 Mirror 形式的 Reverse Split Swap 是 Split Swap! 用 Mirror 概念 就解决了这些含义模糊的问题. update CH: 90
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