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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
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1/4 In | Out  A1
1/4 (or 3/4) Mix  C3A
1/4 (or 3/4) The Deucey  C3A
1/4 | 1/2 | 3/4 Top  A1
1/4 (or 3/4) Thru  A1
1/4 (or 3/4) Wheel The Ocean | Sea  C3A
12-Matrix Concept  C4
2/3 Recycle  C1
3/4 Tag (The Line)  PLUS
3 By 1 Triangle Formation  C2
3 By 2 Acey Deucey  C1
6 By 2 Acey Deucey  A1
any Tagging call & Scatter  C3B
any Tagging call Back (To A Wave)  C1
any Tagging call Chain Thru  C3A
any Tagging call The Top  C3B
any Tagging Call Your Neighbor  C2
anything And Anything  C4
anything & Circle (fraction)  C2
anything & Cross  A1
anything Chain Thru  C1
anything Coordinate | Motivate | Percolate | Perk Up  C2
anything Reaction  C3A
anything The Axle  C1
anything The "K"  C2
anything The Wave  C4
anything The Windmill  C1
anything To A Wave  C1
n By 1 Diamond Concept  C4
n By m Transfer | Checkmate (The Column)  C2
n Step(s) At A Time  C3B
Acey Deucey  PLUS
Add A Concept  C4
Ah So  C1
All 4 Couples Concept  A2
All 8 Concept  A2
All 8 Recycle  C1
All Eight Spin The Top  PLUS
Allemande Left  BASIC
Alter & Circulate  C2
Alter The Wave  C1
An Anchor  C4
direction Anchor fraction  C4
Any Hand Concept  A1
As Couples CONCEPT  A1
Bail Out  C4
Beau | Belle  A1
Bias Circulate  C3A
Big Block CONCEPT  C3A
Bingo  C3B
Block Formation  C1
Boomerang  C3B
Bounce anyone  C2
Box Recycle  C1
Brace Thru  A1
Branch Off  NOL
Breaker anything  C3A
Busy anything  C3B
Butterfly Formation  C1
By Golly  C4
Cast A Shadow  A1
fraction Cast & Relay  C3B
Cast Back, Cross Cast Back  C1
Catch anything {n}  C3A
Catch n  C2
Central Concept  C3A
Chain Reaction  A1
Chain Reaction [by definition, C1]  C1
Chain The Square  C2
Change Lanes  C3B
Change The Centers | Wave  C3B
Change Your Image  C3B
Chase Right | Left  PLUS
Chase The (fraction) Tag  C3B
Chase Your Neighbor  C1
Checker Board | Box anything  C3A
Checkmate The Column  A2
Checkover  C1
Checkpoint anything By anything  C2
Chisel Thru  C2
Chuck-A-Luck, Cross Chuck-A-Luck  C3B
Circle Left | Right  BASIC
Circle (fraction) To A Two-Faced Line  C4
Circle (fraction) To A Wave  C2
Circle By fraction By fraction | anything  C1
Clover | Cross Clover And anything  A1
Concentric Concept  C1
Connect The Diamond  C4
Coordinate  PLUS
Counter  C2
Counter Rotate fraction  C1
Couples Hinge  MS
Couple Up  C3A
Courtesy Turn  BASIC
Cover Up  C4
Crazy Concept  C2
Create A Column  C4
Criss Cross The Deucey  C3B
Criss Cross The Shadow  C2
Criss Cross Your Neighbor  C2
Cross & Turn, Reverse Cross & Turn  C1
Cross & Wheel FAMILY  C2
Cross Back  C2
Cross By  C1
Cross Chain & Roll  C1
Cross Chain Reaction  C3A
Cross Chain Thru  C1
Cross Concentric Concept  C2
Cross Counter  C3A
Cross Cycle  C3B
Cross Extend  C1
Cross Fire  PLUS
Cross Flip The Line (fraction)  C3B
Cross Horseshoe Turn  C4
Cross Invert The Column (fraction)  C2
Cross Lockit  C3B
Crossover Circulate  A1
Cross Ramble  C2
Cross Roll To A Wave | Line  C1
Cross The "K"  C2
Cross Trail Thru  A1
Cross Walk & Dodge  C4
Cross Your Neighbor  C1
Curli-Wheel  C4
Curlique  C4
Cut The Diamond  PLUS
Cut | Flip The Galaxy  C1
Cut | Flip The Hourglass  A2
Cycle & Wheel  A1
Delight | Dilemma  C3A
Detour  C2
Diagonal Box Concept  C3B
Diagonal Column | Line | Wave Concept  C4
Diamond anything Concept  C4
Diamond Chain Thru  A2
Diamond Formation | Circulate  PLUS
Disband  C3B
Disconnected (formation) Concept  C2
Divide The Ocean | Sea direction | anything  C3B
Dixie Diamond  C1
Dixie Grand  PLUS
Dixie Sashay  C1
Dixie Spin  C4
Dixie Tag  C4
Dodge anything  C2
Dosado  BASIC
Double Star Thru  A1
Drag Concept  C4
Drift Apart  C3A
Drop direction  C2
Ease Off  C3A
Eight By anything  C3A
Ends Bend  A1
Erase  C4
Exchange The Box  C3A
Exchange The Diamond  C2
Exchange The Triangle  C3A
Expand The Column  C3A
Explode And anything  PLUS,A1
Explode The Diamond  C3B
Explode The Line  A1
Explode The Top  C3A
Explode The Wave  PLUS
Extend  MS,PLUS
Face Your Partner (or Corner)  BASIC
Fan Concept  C3B
Fancy  C3A
Fan The Top  PLUS
Fascinate  C2
File To A Line  C2
Finally Concept  C3A
Finish (A) anything  C1V
Flare Out To A Line  C3A
Flip The Diamond  PLUS
Flip The Line  C1
Flip Your Lid  C3B
Follow Thru  C1
Follow To A Diamond  C3A
Follow Your Leader  C3A
Follow Your Neighbor  PLUS
Forward And Back  BASIC
Fractal CONCEPT  C4
Funny formation Circulate  C2
Funny Concept  C2
Funny Square Thru (n)  C2
Galaxy Formation | Circulate  C1
Gee Whiz  C3B
Generous / Stingy CONCEPT  C3B
Good Show  C3B
Grand 1/4 (or 3/4) Thru  A1
Grand Chain Eight  C2
Grand Follow Your Neighbor  A1
Grand Mix  C3A
Grand Spin The Top  C4
Grand Square  BASIC
Grand Swing Thru  PLUS
Grand Switch (The Line | Wave)  C4
Grand Working direction Concept  C4
Half Sashay  BASIC
Here Comes The Judge  C2
Hinge The Lock, Lock The Hinge  C3A
Hocus Pocus  C2
anyone Hop  C3A
Horseshoe Turn  A1
Hourglass Formation | Circulate  A2
Hubs | Rims Trade Back | anything  C2
In Style  C4
Initially Concept  C3A
Inlet  C2
In Roll Circulate  A2
Interlocked 3 By 1 Triangles Formation  C2
Interlocked Counter  C3B
Interlocked Diamond Formation  C1
Interlocked Little  C3A
Interlocked Parallelogram Formation  C4
Interlocked Phantom Columns | Lines | Waves Concept  C4
Interlocked Plenty  C3A
Interlocked Rally  C3B
Interlocked Ramble  C3B
Interlocked Scoot (Back)  C3A
Interlocked Triangle Formation  C2
Interrupt CONCEPT  C1V
Invert The Column (fraction)  C2
Jay Concept  C3A
Jaywalk  C1
Keep Busy  C3A
anyone Kick By {n}  C4
anyone Kick Off  C2
Ladies Center, Men Sashay  BASIC
Four Ladies Chain  BASIC
(Two) Ladies Chain  BASIC
Latch On (fraction)  C3A
Lateral Substitute  C2
Lickety Split  C3B
Lift Off  C3B
Linear Cycle  PLUS
anyone Like A Ripple Concept  C2
Line To Line  C4
Linear Action  C1
Lines anything Thru  C2
Link Up  C3A
Little  C1
Little More  C2
Load The Boat  PLUS
Lock 'Em Up  C3B
Locker's Choice  C3A
Lockit  A1
direction Loop n  C2
Loop & (fraction) Tag  C3B
Magic Column Concept  C1
Magic Diamond Concept  C4
Magic Line | Wave Concept  C4
Make Magic  C1
Mini-Busy  A2
Mini-Chase  C3A
Mirror Concept  C3B
Mix  A1
Mixed Up Square Thru (But anything | n)  C4
Motivate  A2
Nuclear Reaction  C3B
"O" Formation  C1
Oddly | Evenly Concept  C3B
Offset Column | Line | Wave Formation  C2
Once Removed Concept  C2
Once Removed Diamond Concept  C2
Open Up The Column  C3A
Orbit Circulate  C4
Outback  NOL
Outlet  C2
Outpost  C4
Out Roll Circulate  A2
Own The anyone anything By anything  C3A
Pair Off  A1
Parallelogram Formation  C2
Partner Hinge  A1
Partner Tag  A1
Pass & Roll  A2
Pass & Roll Your Neighbor  A2
Pass In | Out  A1
Pass The Axle  C1
Pass The Ocean  MS
Pass The Sea  A1
Pass Thru  BASIC
Patch (The) anyone  C3A
Peel & Trail  A2
Peel Chain Thru  C3A
Peel Off  PLUS
Peel The Top  PLUS
Peel To A Diamond  C2
Percolate  C1
Perk Up  C2
Phantom Columns | Lines | Waves Concept  C3B
Phantom Concept  C1
Ping Pong Circulate  PLUS
Pitch direction | anything  C4
Plan Ahead  C3A
Plenty  C1
Polly Wally  C3A
Press direction  C1
Promenade  BASIC
Quadruple formation Concept  C3B
Quick Step | anything  C3A
Rally  C3A
Ramble  C1
Reach Out  C3A
Reactivate  C3B
Recoil  C3A
Recycle  MS
Recycle [from Facing Couples]  A2
Reflected Concept  C3B
Regroup  C1
Relay The Deucey  PLUS
Relay The Shadow  C1
Relay The Top  C1
Release anything  C3A
Relocate (The formation)  C2
Relocate The Diamond  C2
Remake  A2
Remake The Thar  A2
Replace CONCEPT  C1V
Reset  C3B
Reshape (The Triangle)  C2
Reverse Checkpoint anything By anything  C3B
Reverse Crazy CONCEPT  C2
Reverse Cut | Flip The Diamond  C2
Reverse Cut | Flip The Galaxy  C2
Reverse Explode [from a Wave]  C1
Reverse Order Concept  C3B
Reverse The Pass  C3B
Reverse The Top  C3B
Revert (The) any Tagging call  C4
Revolve To A Wave  C3B
Right | Left Roll The  C4
Right And Left Grand  BASIC
Right And Left Thru  BASIC
Right | Left Roll To A Wave  A1
Right | Left Wing Concept  C4
Rip Off  C3B
Ripple (The Line | Wave) | n  C2
Roll  PLUS
Rolling Ripple n By n (By n)  C4
Rotary Circulate  C4
Rotary Spin | anything  C1,C2
Rotate  C1,C2,C3B
Round Off  C4
Scatter Circulate  C3A
Scatter Scoot  C1
Scoot & Dodge  A1
Scoot & Weave  A2
Scoot Back  BASIC
Scoot Chain Thru  A2
Scoot The Diamond  C3A
Scramble  C3B
Secondly | Thirdly | Fourthly anyConcept anything  C3B
Select A(n) anything  NOL
Sets In Motion  C2
Shake & Rattle  C3B
Shakedown  C1
Shazam  C2
Shorter / Longer Concept  NOL
Short | Tall Six Formation  C4
anyone Shove Off  C4
Siamese CONCEPT  C1
Sidetrack  C3B
Single Checkmate  C3A
Single Concept  C3A,C3B,C4
Single Circle To A Wave  PLUS
Single File Promenade  BASIC
Single File Recycle | Recoil  C3A
Single Wheel  A2
Slant anything (By anything)  C3A
Slice Concept  NOL
Slide Thru  MS
Slip | Slide | Swing | Slither  A2
Snap The Lock  C3A
Something New  C3A
Spin Chain & Exchange The Gears  PLUS
Spin Chain The Line  C3A
Spin Chain The Gears  PLUS
Spin Chain Thru  MS
Spin The Pulley  C3A
Spin The Top  MS
Spin The Windmill direction  A2
Split | Box Counter Rotate fraction  A2
Split Phantom Boxes Concept  C3B
Split Phantom Columns | Lines | Waves Concept  C3A
Split Square Chain Thru  A2
Split Square Thru (n)  A1
Split [Square Thru] Concept  C1
Split Swap (Around)  C2
Split Trade Circulate  C2
Split | Box Transfer  A2
Spread  PLUS
Square Formation and Identification  BASIC
Square Chain The Top  C1
Square Chain Thru  A1
Square The Bases  C1
Square Thru (n)  BASIC
Squeeze  C1
Stable Concept  C3A
Stack The Line  C2
Stagger Concept  C2
Stampede  C3A
Stars  BASIC
Star Promenade  BASIC
Star Thru  BASIC
anyone Start (A) anything  C1V
Step And anything  C2
Step & Flip  C1
Step & Fold  C1
Step & Slide  A1
Stimulate (The Column)  C3B
Stretch Concept  C1
Stretched Box | Column | Line | Wave Concept  C2
Strip (The Diamond | Hourglass)  C3A
Strut Right | Left (And Right | Left)  C3B
Swap Around, Reverse Swap Around  A1
Swap The Top  C3A,C3B
Swap The Wave  C2
Swing  BASIC
Swing Along  C2
Swing & Circle (fraction)  C1
Swing Chain Thru  C3A
Swing The Fractions  C1
Swing-O-Late  C3B
Switch The Line  C1
Switch The Wave  A2
Switch To A(n) Diamond | Hourglass  A2
Switch To An Interlocked Diamond  C1
T-Bone Concept  C1
Tag The Line  MS
Take {n}  C3B
Tally-Ho  C1
Tandem CONCEPT  C1
Teacup Chain  PLUS
Team Up  C3A
The Gamut  C3A
Touch By fraction By fraction | anything  C3A
anyone Tow Truck  C4
anyone Tox  NOL
Track n  C3B
Track 2  PLUS
Trade  BASIC
Trade Circulate  A2
Trade The Deucey  C3A
Trade The Diamond  C3B
Trade The Wave  PLUS
Trail Off  A2
Transaction  C4
Transfer And anything  A2
Transfer The Column  A1
Trapezoid Formation  C3B
Travel direction  NOL
Travel Thru  C3A
Triangle Formation | Identification  C1
Triangle [Working As A Box] Concept  C2
Triangular Box Formation  C4
Trip The Set  C3A
Triple formations Working direction Concept  C3B
Triple Box Formation  C1
Triple Column | Line | Wave Formation  C1
Triple Cross  A1
Triple Diamond Concept  C3A
Triple Play  C3A
Triple Scoot  PLUS
Triple Star Thru  A1
Triple Trade  A1
Trixie (Spin)  C4
Truck  C2
Turn & Deal  A1
Turn The Key  C3B
Turn To A Line  C2
Turnstyle  C3B
Twist And anything  C1
Twist The Line  C1
Twisted Concept  C4
Two-Faced CONCEPT  C3B
Twosome Concept  C3A
U-Turn Back  BASIC
Unwrap The formation  C2
Vertical (fraction) Tag (The Line)  C1
Vertical anything  C2
Walk & Dodge  MS
Walk Out To A Wave  C2
Wave The anyone  C3B
Weave  C1
Weave The Ring  BASIC
Wheel And anything  C1
Wheel Fan & Cross Thru  C4
Wheel Fan Thru  C1
Wheel The Ocean | Sea  C2
Wheel Thru  A1
Wind The Bobbin  C3A
With Confidence  C3B
With The Flow  C1
Wrap To A formation  C3A
Yo-Yo Concept  C4
"Z" Concept  C3B
"Z" Axle  C3B
"Z"-Columns | Lines | Waves Concept  C4
Zig-Zag, Zag-Zig  A2
Zing  C1
Zip Code n  C2
Zippered Formation  C4
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