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Unwrap The {formation} [C2]
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Unwrap The formation -- [C2]
   (Jim Rager 1976)

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From the given formation.

The two dancers who are closest to the Center of the set and who are facing in lead the Unwrap by walking straight ahead (moving slightly inward as necessary) to become #1 in a Column. Other dancers do formation Circulates until reaching the lead dancer's starting position & then walk straight ahead to follow the lead dancer.

Ends in Columns.


  • Those leading the Unwrap should raise a hand to identify themselves so that the other dancers in their formation can follow them.
  • Dancers leading the Unwrap walk forward without changing their facing direction.
  • The caller can designate someone other than the default dancer to lead the Unwrap. This designated dancer walks straight ahead as the others do formation Circulates until they reach a designated dancer's starting position, after which they walk straight ahead.
  • The formation can be
  • From some formations (such as Twin Diamonds or an Hourglass), dancers need to slide together to form compact Columns. For example, from Twin Diamonds, if the Trailing Point simply walks straight ahead and everyone else follows, the resulting Columns are not immediately adjacent (there is some space between the laterally adjacent dancers). Dancers must slide together (dodge inward) to form compact Columns.

Unwrap The Galaxy  ( and lead )

Unwrap The Galaxy

Unwrap The Butterfly  ( and lead )

Unwrap The Butterfly

Unwrap The Diamonds  ( and lead )

Unwrap The Diamonds

Very Centers lead Unwrap The Diamonds  ( and lead )

Very Centers lead
Unwrap The Diamonds

Unwrap The Diamonds (from Facing Diamonds)

Note: on this example, carefully do your part.
Dancers end on the same spot and therefore take Right-hands.

Unwrap The Diamonds

CONTRAST THE FOLLOWING (both start from Offset Diamonds):

  • Offset Unwrap The Diamonds: Ends in Offset Columns.
  • Unwrap The Offset Diamonds: Ends in normal Columns.

This is the starting formation
for each of the following:

Offset Unwrap The Diamonds

Unwrap The Offset Diamonds

Wrap To A formation [C3A] (Lee Kopman 1976): From Columns. #1 dancer 1/2 Split Circulate and Phantom formation Circulate 2 as the #2 dancer Circulate, 1/2 Split Circulate and Phantom formation Circulate as the #3 dancer Circulate 2 & 1/2 as the #4 dancer Circulate 3; all adjust as necessary to end in the given formation.

CALLERLAB definition for Unwrap The (Formation)

Choreography for Unwrap The formation

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