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Triple Diamond Concept [C3A]
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Triple Diamond Concept -- [C3A]
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Triple Diamonds は 3 つの並んだ Diamond formation からなり, いくつかの場所は phantom で占められています.

2 つのもっとも一般的な Triple Diamonds を以下に示します.

Triple Diamonds:

Regular Triple Diamonds...  と Point-to-Point Triple Diamonds

Triple DiamondsTriple Boxes [C1] と Triple Columns | Lines | Waves [C1] と同じような使われ方です. Triple Boxes [C1] と Triple Columns | Lines | Waves [C1].

Triple Diamond Flip The Diamond

Triple Diamond calls are (4 or less)-dancer calls, requiring you to work only with the dancers in your Diamond. For historical reasons, some callers use 8-dancer calls such as Diamond Chain Thru. In this case, each dancer must select one of the other Diamonds to work with. This is accomplished by selecting the Diamond nearest you or, if you are equidistant from both Diamonds, select the Diamond you are facing. In today's nomenclature, the use of 8-dancer calls from Triple Diamonds should be given as 'Triple Diamonds Working Together...'

Triple "Z" CONCEPT [C4]: 3 つの並んだ "Z" formations です.

Triple "Z"s

次も見てください Triple formations Working direction CONCEPT [C3B].

CALLERLAB definition for Triple Diamond Concept

Choreography for Triple Diamond Concept

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