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Transaction [C4]
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Transaction -- [C4]
   (Beryl Main 1975)

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From Columns.

Transfer And Cast Off 3/4; Chain Reaction.

Ends in Parallel Waves.

Transfer And Nothing
Centers Cast Off 3/4
Chain Reaction

Note: Transaction is the same as Transfer The Column Reaction.

Magic Transaction: From Magic Columns. Magic Transfer And Cast Off 3/4; Chain Reaction. Ends in Parallel Waves.

Trans-anything [C4]: From Columns or other applicable formations. Transfer And Cast Off 3/4; all do the anything call. For example, from R-H Columns: Trans-Outlet.

Trans-Grand Chain Eight:

Trans-Grand Chain Eight
Transfer And Cast Off 3/4
Grand Chain Eight

Transfer And anything [A2] (Deuce Williams 1975): From Columns or other applicable formations. First two dancers in the Column (#1 and #2) move forward in Single File around the outside of the other Column until parallel with the Center Box and then individually Face In (to end as a Couple) as the Others step forward to form a compact formation ("normalize") and do the anything call.

Chain Reaction [A1] (Lee Kopman 1975): From an applicable Generalized 1/4 Tag. Very Centers and the directly facing Outside dancers Pass Thru as the End of the Center Line Counter Rotate 1/4 (on the Outside); Centers of each side Hinge; Center 4 Star 1/4 as Outsides Trade; Those who meet Cast Off 3/4 as Others move up (Phantom Hourglass Circulate). Ends in Parallel Lines | Waves.

See also anything Reaction [C3A].

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