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Reverse Order Concept [C3B]
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Reverse Order Concept -- [C3B]
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Break up the call into its component parts, and do the parts in reverse order.

See also Calls With Parts.

Reverse Order Recoil:

Reverse Order Recoil
Step & Fold
Box Recycle

Reverse Order Travel Thru:

Reverse Order Travel Thru
As Couples 1/4 Right
Pass Thru

Reverse Order Diamond Chain Thru:

Reverse Order Diamond Chain Thru
Centers Cast Off 3/4
Very Centers Trade
Diamond Circulate

Note: Some callers simply say Reverse when they mean Reverse Order. This can often be ambiguous. Consider Reverse Recoil: does the caller want a Reverse (Mirror) Recycle then Step & Fold, or does the caller want a Step & Fold then Split Recycle?

CONTRAST THE FOLLOWING (Starting from Parallel Waves):

  • Reverse Order Split Turn The Key:
    Hinge; Split Counter Rotate 1/4; Trade. Ends in Columns.
  • Split Reverse Order Turn The Key:
    Hinge; Lockit; Trade. Ends in a Tidal Wave.

    In the latter case, you hear the word Split first, and hence you must divide the starting formation into two 2 x 2s. Each 2 x 2 then does the call.

See also Reverse The Top [C3B] which is a Reverse Order Spin The Top.

Choreography for Reverse Order Concept

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