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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
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Nuclear Reaction [C3B]
   (Lee Kopman 1988)

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From a Generalized 1/4 Tag in which the Very Centers are directly facing an outside dancer. EN: 10
起始队形为广义 1/4 Tag, 其中 Very Centers 直接面对一位 Outside 舞者. CH: 10

  1. Very Centers and directly-facing outside dancers Pass Thru; EN: 20
    Very Centers 和与其直接面对的 Outside 舞者做 Pass Thru; CH: 20
  2. Center 4 Cast Off 1/4 and Roll and Spread to become Ends of Lines as the Others Cross Concentric Vertical 1/2 Tag; EN: 30
    Center 4 做 Cast Off 1/4, Roll 并且 Spread, 成为新的 Lines 的 Ends, 同时其他人做 Cross Concentric Vertical 1/2 Tag; CH: 30
  3. all Counter Rotate 1/4. EN: 40
    所有人 Counter Rotate 1/4. CH: 40

Ends in Parallel Lines. EN: 50
结束队形为 Parallel Lines. CH: 50
This is a 3-part call. EN: 55
这是一个 3 部分口令. CH: 55

Nuclear Reaction
 Those Facing Pass Thru
 Centers Cast Off 1/4 & Roll & Spread
同时 Ends Cross Concentric Vertical 1/2 Tag
 Counter Rotate 1/4

  • The Cast Off 1/4 can be from either a Mini-Wave or a Couple. EN: 60
    Cast Off 1/4 可以起始于 Mini-Wave 或者 Couple. CH: 60
  • Be sure to pass Right-shoulders on the Vertical 1/2 Tag. EN: 70
    做 Vertical 1/2 Tag 时一定要过右肩. CH: 70

Cross Nuclear Reaction [C3B] (Lee Kopman 1988):
Same as Nuclear Reaction except that the Very Centers Diagonal Pass Thru with the diagonally-facing outside dancers. EN: 788
Nuclear Reaction 一样, 只是 Very Centers 与斜对面的 Outside 舞者做斜角的 Pass Thru. CH: 788

Cross Nuclear Reaction
Very Centers and diagonally-facing Outside dancers Jay Walk EN: 80
Very Centers 与斜对面的 Outside 舞者做 Jay Walk CH: 80

 Centers Cast Off 1/4 & Roll & Spread
同时 Ends Cross Concentric Vertical 1/2 Tag
 Counter Rotate 1/4

Those doing the Pass Thru (or Diagonal Pass Thru) should point at each other before moving as in Chain ReactionEN: 90
互相面对做 Pass Thru (或斜对角的 Pass Thru) 的舞者应在移动之前用手指一下对方, 像在 Chain Reaction 中那样. CH: 90

anything (Cross) Nuclear Reaction [C3B]:
Do the anything call leaving off the final Extend, then do a full (Cross) Nuclear Reaction. The anything call is usually a Scoot Back variation of a Tagging call. EN: 789
做任何口令 , 但留下最后的 Extend 不做, 然后做完整的 (Cross) Nuclear Reaction. 这个任何口令通常是一个 Scoot Back 形式的 Tagging 口令. CH: 789

参见 anything Reaction [C3A].

Choreography for Nuclear Reaction

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