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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
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Mirror Concept [C3B]
   (Vic Ceder)

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The Mirror CONCEPT is accomplished by executing the definition of the given call and replacing: EN: 10
Mirror 概念 是按照定义完成口令但需要: CH: 10
  • Right with Left and vice-versa; and EN: 20
    以 Right 替换 Left, 以 Left 替换 Right; 并且 CH: 20
  • Beau with Belle and vice-versa. EN: 30
    以 Beau 替换 Belle, 以 Belle 替换 Beau. CH: 30

At any point where you would normally pass Right-shoulders, pass Left-shoulders and vice-versa. At any point where you would normally use the Right-hand, use the Left-hand and vice-versa. At any point where the Beaus do something, the Belles do it and vice-versa. EN: 40
在口令中的任何时候, 当原本需要过右肩时, 则过左肩, 反过来也一样.在口令中的任何时候, 当原本需要用右手时, 则用左手, 反过来也一样. 在口令中的任何时候, 当原本需要 Beaus 做一个动作时, 则 Belles 做此动作, 反过来也一样. CH: 40

Mirror Swing Thru: Left Swing Thru
Mirror Flutter Wheel: Reverse Flutter Wheel
Mirror Here Comes The Judge: Sock It To Me
Mirror Tag The Line:
Pass Left-shoulders instead of Right-shoulders EN: 50
以左肩通过取代右肩通过 CH: 50
Mirror Slide Thru:
Left Pass Thru; Boys 1/4 Left as Girls 1/4 Right EN: 60
Left Pass Thru; Boys 1/4 Left 同时 Girls 1/4 Right CH: 60
Mirror Wheel & Deal:
(from a One-Faced Line): The left-side Couple goes in front EN: 70
(起始队形为 One-Faced Line): 左边的 Couple 在前(“右包左”) CH: 70

Mirror Wheel & Deal
  半途时  之后

When doing the Mirror version of a call in which two dancers end on the same spot (such as an odd Tally-Ho) step to Left hands instead of Right hands! The Mirror CONCEPT is more binding than the Right-hand same-spot rule. EN: 80
当做一个口令的 Mirror 形式时, 若结束时两个舞者处在同一个点(抢位, 比如在一个不常见的 Tally-Ho 时), 两人要接左手, 而不是接右手! Mirror 概念 的约束力大于右手抢位规则. update CH: 80

Note: The words Left and Reverse have traditionally been used to indicate Mirror (e.g., Left Swing Thru, Reverse Flutter Wheel) but their usage is inconsistent. Dancers may not know what is intended when something like 'Left Circle By' is called. Should one Circle Left the first given fraction then Left Touch the next given fraction? Or, since you are normally moving to the Left on a Circle By, should one Circle Right the first fraction? Reverse can also mean 'In Reverse Order', 'Rewind', or have other meanings ('Reverse Stack The Line': original Trailers instead of Leaders go across to right hands!). If we only had the choice of using Left or Reverse, what would the Mirror version of Shake & Rattle be called? The Mirror version of Shakedown is called Left Shakedown and the Mirror version of Reverse Split Swap is called Split Swap! The Mirror CONCEPT resolves these ambiguities. EN: 90
注意: 传统上都是用 Left 或 Reverse 来表示 Mirror (例如, Left Swing Thru, Reverse Flutter Wheel), 但这些词的用法不够一致. 舞者可能会不知道像 'Left Circle By' 这样的喊法究竟是要让做什么动作. 是应该按照第一个分数做 Circle Left, 然后 Left Touch 旋转由第二个分数给定的角度? 或是,由于正常情况下的 Circle By 是要先做 Circle Left 的, 现在是 Mirror 形式应该做 Circle Right? Reverse 还可以代表'In Reverse Order', 'Rewind', 或其他的意思('Reverse Stack The Line': 要走到对面接右手的是原来的 Trailers ,而不是Leaders!). 如果只能选择使用 Left 或 Reverse, Mirror 形式的 Shake & Rattle 该怎样喊? 因为 Mirror 形式的 Shakedown 是Left Shakedown, 而 Mirror 形式的 Reverse Split Swap 是 Split Swap! 用 Mirror 概念 就解决了这些含义模糊的问题. update CH: 90

Hint: If you can imagine dancing in a mirrored room and executing a call normally, your reflection would be dancing the Mirror version of that call. EN: 100
提示: 想像在一个墙上装有镜子的房间里跳舞, 当正常做一个口令时,你在镜子里看到的就是这个口令的 Mirror 形式. CH: 100

Common misconceptions: A Mirror Pass The Ocean is not a Pass The Sea. A Mirror Pass The Ocean involves a Left-shoulder Pass Thru, whereas a Pass The Sea involves a Right-shoulder Pass Thru. EN: 110
易犯的错误: Mirror Pass The Ocean 不是P ass The Sea. Mirror Pass The Ocean 包含一个过左肩的 Pass Thru, 而 Pass The Sea 则包含一个过右肩的 Pass Thru. CH: 110

Note: For many calls, the Mirror version of the call is the same as the call itself. For example, a Mirror Scoot Back is a Scoot Back (since the definition of Scoot Back does not involve Beaus|Belles or Left|Right); Similarly, when starting from a Wave, a Mirror Spin The Top is the same as Spin The Top. EN: 120
注意: 对于许多口令, Mirror 形式的口令与其本身是一样的. 例如, Mirror Scoot Back 就是 Scoot Back (因为 Scoot Back 的定义并不包含 Beaus|Belles 或 Left|Right); 类似地, 当起始队形为 Wave 时, Mirror Spin The Top 和 Spin The Top 是一样的. CH: 120

Mirror Circle By fraction By fraction | anything [C3B]:
From Facing Couples. Circle Right the first given fraction and Step To A Left-Hand Wave; Arm Turn the second given fraction or do the anything call. This call has historically been known as Reverse Circle ByEN: 476
起始于 Facing Couples. 按照第一个分数 做 Circle Right, 然后接成左手 Wave; 按照第二个分数 做 Arm Turn 或做任何口令. 这个口令历史上叫做 Reverse Circle ByCH: 476

Mirror Circle By 1/4 By 1/4
 Circle Right 1/4 并做
Step To A L-H Wave
 Arm Turn 1/4

Mirror Recycle [C3B]:
From Facing Couples. Belles Extend and Left-Face U-Turn Back as Beaus Dodge into the Belle's original starting position and Veer Right. Ends in a L-H Wave. Historically known as Reverse RecycleEN: 782
起始队形为 Facing Couples. Belles 做 Extend 并向左做 U-Turn Back, 同时 Beaus 向右 Dodge 到 Belles 原来的位置并且 Veer Right. 结束队形为左手 Wave. 历史上这个口令叫做 Reverse RecycleCH: 782

Mirror Recycle

Mystic CONCEPT [C4]:
Center 4 work Mirror as the Outer 4 work normal, and all do the given call. If the call involves the Centers eventually working with the original Outsides, then the completion of the call procedes in a normal manner (i.e., the original Centers no longer work Mirror). In this case, it would be better if the caller said Initially MysticEN: 783

Choreography for Mirror Concept

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