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Jaywalk [C1]
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Jaywalk -- [C1]
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From applicable 2-(or more) dancer formations.

All (or designated dancers) do a diagonal Pass Thru, to end in the other dancer's starting position and face opposite to the other dancer's original facing direction.


  • Jaywalk is a 2-dancer call.
  • A Jaywalk can be a Pass Thru, Diagonal Pass Thru, or you can turn up to 90° (as in a Facing Diamond Circulate).
  • Always pass Right shoulders. This is important since the caller could call 1/2 Jaywalk.
  • Take the original opposite facing direction of the dancer who was originally occupying your ending spot.
  • Before moving, point at the dancer with whom you are to Jaywalk. This ensures that the other dancer realizes that they are working with you.
  • If you are diagonally facing more than one dancer, Jaywalk with the closest dancer on your half of the formation.




Jay Concept [C3A]: From a general 1/4 Tag or other applicable formations. Work in a Distorted Box with the dancers with whom you would normally Jaywalk.

work with these dancers
in a Distorted Box

Jay Wheel Thru:

Jay Wheel Thru

See also Jay Concept [C3A].

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