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Hinge The Lock, Lock The Hinge [C3A]
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Hinge The Lock, Lock The Hinge -- [C3A]
   (Lee Kopman 1974)

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Hinge The Lock:
From an applicable non T-Bone 2 x 2. Hinge; Lockit. Ends in a Wave. EN: 10
T-Bone でない適切な 2 x 2 から.Hinge, Lockit をします.Wave で終わります. JP: 10

Lock The Hinge:
From a Wave or a Two-Faced Line. Lockit; Hinge. Ends in a Mini-Wave Box. EN: 20
Wave または Two-Faced Line から.Lockit, Hinge をします.Mini-Wave の Box で終わります. JP: 20

Both calls are 2-part calls. EN: 30
両方とも 2 パートのコールです. JP: 30

Hinge The Lock:

Hinge The Lock

Lock The Hinge:

Lock The Hinge

anything The Lock [C3A]:
Do the anything call; Lockit. EN: 306
anything call をして, Lockit をします. JP: 306

Lock The anything [C3A]:
Lockit; do the anything call. EN: 307
適切な formation から. Lockit, anything call をします. JP: 307

anything The Top [C4]:
Do the anything call; Fan The Top. EN: 308
anything call をし, Fan The Top をします. JP: 308

Hinge The Cross Lock [C3B]:
Hinge; Cross Lockit. EN: 309
Hinge, Cross Lockit です. JP: 309

Cross Lock The Hinge [C3B]:
Cross Lockit; Hinge. EN: 310
Cross Lockit, Hinge です. JP: 310

Note: Snap The Lock [C3A] is a separate call and is not related to anything The LockEN: 40
注釈: Snap The Lock [C3A] は別のコールで anything The Lock とは関係がありません. JP: 40

次も見てください Cross Lockit [C3B].

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