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Galaxy Formation | Circulate [C1]
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Galaxy Formation | Circulate -- [C1]
   (Bobbie Keefe 1976)

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A Galaxy FORMATION consists of a Box inside of a Diamond. This is the opposite of an Hourglass FORMATION which consists of a Diamond inside of a Box. EN: 10

Galaxy Circulate [C1]:

From a Galaxy. The Circulate path of a Galaxy consists of 8 spots. Move up to the next position in the Galaxy (Box dancers move forward into the next outside Diamond position, as Diamond dancers move forward into the next Center position). Your new facing direction is determined by the dancer currently occupying the spot to which you will move. You must either face the same direction as that dancer (i.e., you are following his or her back), or 180° in the opposite direction (facing Galaxy Circulate). This means that sometimes your facing direction will change 90° and sometimes your facing direction will not change at all. From a normal R-H or L-H Galaxy, the traffic pattern of Galaxy Circulate results in all dancers moving in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction, respectively. If no dancers come to the same spot, then Galaxy Circulate ends in a Galaxy. EN: 20


A Galaxy looks like this. EN: 30


  • The Outside 4 dancers are often referred to as the 'Points' of the GalaxyEN: 40
  • Within the Outside Diamond, there are no Centers of the Diamond and no Points (hence it is illegal to call something like Outsides Concentric Flip The Diamond). EN: 50

From a Galaxy:

Galaxy Circulate

From a Facing Galaxy:

Galaxy Circulate

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