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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
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Exchange The Triangle [C3A]
   (Dave Hodson 1979)
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From Twin Triangles. EN: 10
Twin Triangles (1 対の Triangle) から. JP: 10

Do a total of three Triangle Circulates except that when you become 1) the Apex dancer (for Apex-to-Apex Triangles), or 2) the In-Facing Base dancer (for Base-to-Base Triangles); do your next Circulate to the other Triangle. (From Apex-to-Apex Triangles, the Circulate is an Interlocked Triangle Circulate; from Base-to-Base Triangles, the Circulate is to the diagonal opposite position.) Exchange The Triangle can be fractionalized into thirds. EN: 20
次のときを除き, Triangle Circulate を合計 3 回行います. 1) Apex-to-Apex Triangles では Apex dancer となったとき, 2) Base-to-Base Triangles では中を向いた Base dancer となったとき, このときは他の Triangle へ Circulate します. (Apex-to-Apex Triangles からの Circulate は Interlocked Triangle Circulate となり, Base-to-Base Triangles からの Circulate は斜め前の opposite の位置へ行きます.) Exchange The Triangle は 3 つのパートに分けられます. JP: 20

From Apex-to-Apex Wave-Based Triangles (Very Centers lead) EN: 30
Apex-to-Apex Wave-Based Triangles から (Very Centers がリード)JP: 30

Exchange The Triangles
the left Triangle after 1/3... EN: 40
左の Triangle 1/3 の後... JP: 40
From Base-to-Base Tandem-Based Triangles (Trailing Centers lead) EN: 50
Base-to-Base Tandem-Based Triangles から (Trailing Centers がリード)JP: 50

Exchange The Triangles
the left Triangle after 1/3... EN: 60
左の Triangle 1/3 の後... JP: 60

Note: As with all Exchanges, do Circulates staying on the inside of your formation until the crossover point, and then do Circulates staying on the outside of the other formation (and adjust to end on footprints of the original formation). EN: 70
注釈: 全ての Exchange で, crossover point までは自分の formation の中で Circulate をし, 次は他の formation の外側を Circulate します.そしてオリジナルの formation の footprint (訳者注: 足跡, 位置) で終わるように adjust します. JP: 70

Exchange The 3 By 1 Triangle [NOL]
(Very Centers lead): EN: 80
(Very Centers がリード) JP: 80
(do a total of 4 Circulates). EN: 85
(Ciculate を合計 4 回行います). JP: 85

Exchange The 3 By 1 Triangles
the left Triangle after 1/4... EN: 90
左の Triangle 1/4 の後... JP: 90
Exchange The 3 By 1 Triangles [NOL]
(Very Centers lead): EN: 100
(Very Centers がリード) JP: 100
(do a total of 4 Circulates). EN: 105
(Ciculate を合計 4 回行います). JP: 105

Exchange The 3 By 1 Triangles
the left Triangle after 1/4... EN: 110
左の Triangle 1/4 の後... JP: 110

次も見てください Exchange The Box [C3A].

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