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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
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Echo CONCEPT -- [C3B]
   (Geo Jedlicka)
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  1. Do {any CONCEPT} {anything}; then
  2. do {anything}.

Echo As Couples 1/2 Tag:

As Couples 1/2 Tag
1/2 Tag
Echo Tandem Hinge:

Tandem Hinge

6 By 2 Acey Deucey
Acey Deucey
Echo Tandem Twosome Cast Off 3/4:

Tandem Twosome Cast Off 3/4
Cast Off 3/4

  • Do the entire call without the word Echo; then do the call again without the word Echo and without the first CONCEPT.
    • For example, Echo Cross Concentric Spin The Top is a Cross Concentric Spin The Top followed by a Spin The Top (the concept Cross Concentric was removed, not the word Cross).
  • Be careful to remove only the first Concept. For example, take L-H Columns and do a Split Phantom Column Circulate Twice. From this formation, consider an Echo Split Phantom Waves Tandem Spin The Top. It would be a Split Phantom Waves Tandem Spin The Top, followed by a Tandem Spin The Top.
  • Used with parts-related Concepts, Echo can quickly get difficult.

    CONTRAST THE FOLLOWING (from R-H Columns):

    • Echo Tandem 1/4 Thru:
      1.  Tandem 1/4 Thru;
      2.  1/4 Thru.
    • Echo Initially Tandem 1/4 Thru:
      1.  Initially Tandem 1/4 Thru;
      2.  1/4 Thru.
      Yes, the above case could be ambiguous, and could be dependent upon the caller's delivery, you might be tempted to just remove Initially. Since Initially requires a following concept, we believe you should remove both Initially and the follow- ing concept. This is similar to the Echo Cross Concentric situation mentioned previously.
    • Initially Echo Tandem 1/4 Thru:
      1.  Echo Tandem Right Arm Turn 1/4 (Tandem Right Arm Turn 1/4 then Right Arm Turn 1/4)
      2.  (Centers) Left Arm Turn 1/2.

Suggestion for callers: Do not use Echo with parts-related concepts at C3B. Only use at C4, and then only sparingly.

The following extensions of Echo are used at C4:

  • Double Echo Concept1 Concept2 {anything} [C4]:

    • Do the following:
      1.  Concept1 Concept2 {anything};
      2.  Concept2 {anything};
      3.  {anything}.
    • For example, from R-H Columns after everyone does a Squeeze: Double Echo Split Phantom Columns Tandem Scoot Back: Split Phantom Columns Tandem Scoot Back; Tandem Scoot Back; Scoot Back.
  • Triple Echo Concept1 Concept2 Concept3 {anything} [C4]:

    • Do the following:
      1.  Concept1 Concept2 Concept3 {anything};
      2.  Concept2 Concept3 {anything};
      3.  Concept3 {anything};
      4.  {anything}.
  • Quadruple Echo Concept1 Concept2 Concept3 Concept4 {anything} [C4]:

    • Do the following:
      1.  Concept1 Concept2 Concept3 Concept4 {anything};
      2.  Concept2 Concept3 Concept4 {anything};
      3.  Concept3 Concept4 {anything};
      4.  Concept4 {anything};
      5.  {anything}.
  • Reverse Echo {any CONCEPT} {anything} [C4]:

    • Do the following:
      1.  {anything};
      2.  Concept {anything}.
    • For example, from a Tidal Wave, Reverse Echo Tandem Spin The Top: Spin The Top; Tandem Spin The Top.

Choreography for Echo CONCEPT

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