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Criss Cross The Shadow [C2]
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Criss Cross The Shadow -- [C2]
   (Ross Howell 1974)

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From Parallel Lines with the Ends in Tandem or from Promenade (in which case, the designated dancers act as Leaders in Parallel Two-Faced Lines). EN: 10

As one movement, 1/2 Zoom & Slide, then Cast Off 3/4 and Spread; EN: 20

Out-Facing Centers:
Cloverleaf and SlitherEN: 30

In-Facing Centers:
(Concentric) Cross Extend, Hinge, and Extend. EN: 40

Adjust as necessary to end in Parallel Lines. EN: 50


  • The Ends and the In-Facing Centers can think of Criss Cross The Shadow as a Cast A Shadow But Use The Wrong HandEN: 60
  • If you are an In-Facing Center, only use one hand for the Cross Extend & Hinge. Frequently, overly-excited dancers step forward, join both hands, whoop and kick, and then forget which way to turn and consequently have no idea where they belong. EN: 70
  • If you are an Out-Facing Center, do the Crossing action at the end of the call (i.e., do a Cloverleaf and Slither, not a Cross Cloverleaf). EN: 80
  • From Parallel Waves, dancers frequently try to do a Criss Cross Your Neighbor [C2] instead of a Criss Cross The Shadow! Wait until you hear the full name of the call before you start moving. EN: 90
  • If all 4 Centers are facing in they do a Pass Out. EN: 100

Criss Cross The Shadow
part-way EN: 110

Hint: When Criss Cross The Shadow is called from Promenade, the designated Couple (Leaders) should keep Promenading until they are squared off to a wall and then Step Ahead as the others bend in behind them to form Parallel Two-Faced Lines, then everyone Criss Cross The Shadow. Executing the call in this manner guarantees that the ending formation (Parallel Waves) is squared off to the walls. EN: 120

Relay The Shadow anyone Criss Cross [C2V]:
From Facing Lines or a Tidal Wave. Do a Relay The Shadow, but those doing the Center's part of Cast A Shadow (the anyone dancers) do the Center's part of Criss Cross The Shadow [C2] instead. Ends in Parallel Two-Faced Lines. EN: 530

Criss Cross Shadow The Column [C4]:
From Columns. #1 and #3 dancers act as Ends while #2 and #4 dancers act as Centers of Parallel Two-Faced Lines, and all Criss Cross The ShadowEN: 881

Cast A Shadow [A1] (Lee Kopman 1973):
From Parallel Lines with the Ends in Tandem or from Promenade (in which case, the designated dancers act as Leaders in Parallel Two-Faced Lines). Ends 1/2 Zoom, Cast Off 3/4 and Spread as Out-Facing Centers Cloverleaf as In-Facing Centers Extend, Hinge, & Extend. Adjust as necessary to end in Parallel Lines. EN: 143

Variation: EN: 200
Ends Criss Cross The Shadow But Don't Spread.

Choreography for Criss Cross The Shadow

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