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Couples Hinge [Mainstream]
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Couples Hinge -- [Mainstream]
   (Ron Schneider 1970)

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From a One-Faced Line or a Two-Faced Line. EN: 10

Do 1/2 of a Couples Trade. EN: 20

Ends in a Two-Faced Line. EN: 30


  • From a One-Faced Line, as one movement, each couple faces the other couple and veers to the left to form a R-H Two-Faced Line. EN: 40
  • From a Two-Faced Line, couples turn 1/4 (90 degrees) around the center point between the two couples. Ends in a Two-Faced Line at right-angles to the original line. EN: 50

From a R-H Two-Faced Line:

Couples Hinge

From a L-H Two-Faced Line:

Couples Hinge

From a One-Faced Line:

Couples Hinge

See also Partner Hinge, and others?

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