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Change Lanes [C3B]
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Change Lanes -- [C3B]
   (Kip Garvey)
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起始队形为 Centers 成 Mini-Wave Box 的 Parallel Lines 或其他可适用的队形.

Centers 做 Any Hand Remake & Spread, 同时 Ends 做 Circulate & Crossover Circulate.

起始队形为 Parallel Lines 时结束队形为 Parallel Lines.

起始于 Parallel Two-Faced Lines:

Change Lanes

起始于 3/4 Box:

Change Lanes

Retain Your Lane [obsolete,C4] (John Marshall): Centers Any Hand Remake as Ends Circulate twice. Retain Your Lane is jokingly referred to as Change Lanes & Spread.

fraction Chain & Circulate In [C4]: 起始队形为可适用的队形. Centers 按给定的分数 做 Cast Off; Very Centers Trade; Centers Cast Off 3/4 & Spread 同时Ends Circulate and Crossover Circulate. Change Lanes 相当于 1/4 Chain & Circulate In.

Choreography for Change Lanes

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