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By Golly [C4]
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By Golly -- [C4]
   (Lee Kopman 1977)

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From Facing Couples. This call must be preceded by a call which can be followed by a Sweep 1/4.

Those closest to the flow direction Sweep 1/4 as the others Dodge and Any Shoulder Wheel Thru.

Ends in a Mini-Wave Box.

Recycle By Golly:

Recycle By Golly
Those closest to flow direction Sweep 1/4
as Others Dodge
Dodgers Any Shoulder
Wheel Thru

Cheat #1: Veer toward flow direction; Any Shoulder 1/2 Tag.

Cheat #2: Sweep 1/4; 'Trailers of the Sweep' Diagonal Pull By (outside hands).

The following is a partial list of calls which can precede By Golly at C3B:

Bend The Line ( from 2-Faced Line ) Ferris Wheel ( resulting Centers ) Sweep 1/4
Cross Cycle ( from 2-Faced Line ) Linear Cycle Turn & Deal ( from R-H 2-Faced Line )
Cycle & Wheel Recycle ( from a Wave ) Wheel & Deal ( from 2-Faced Line )
Fancy ( resulting Centers ) Shakedown  

Notes to callers:

  • When pushing checkers, By Golly is equivalent to Touch 1/4 or Left Touch 1/4.
  • Recycle By Golly is equivalent to Flip Back.
  • The Ceder Square Dance System (CSDS) uses the following alternate definition for By Golly: From Facing Couples where all dancers have the same Roll-direction (i.e., if the next call was a Roll, then all dancers would 1/4 Right or all dancers would 1/4 Left): If the Roll-direction is to the Right then Veer Left and 1/2 Tag; otherwise if the Roll-direction is to the Left then Veer Right and Left 1/2 Tag. This generalized definition allows By Golly to follow calls such as Couple Up, Right & Left Thru, etc.

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