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{anything} & Cross [A1]
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anything & Cross -- [A1]
   (Jerry Haag 1983)
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From applicable formations. EN: 10

  1. Do the anything call (which must end in an applicable 2 x 2); EN: 20
  2. Trailers diagonal Pull By using outside hands. EN: 30

Touch 1/4 & Cross
Touch 1/4
Trailers diagonal Left Pull By

Cast Off 3/4 & Cross
Cast Off 3/4
Trailers diagonal Right Pull By

Circulate & Cross
Trailers diagonal Left Pull By

From a T-Bone:

(used only at C1 and above) EN: 40

Scoot Back & Cross
Scoot Back
& Cross


  • The anything call must end in an applicable 2 x 2 (e.g., a Mini-Wave Box). Each Trailer must then be able to diagonally pull by with an opposite dancer within the 2 x 2. EN: 50
  • Although the anything call can involve more than 4 dancers, the & Cross part of the call is done within a box of 4. If the ending formation after the anything call is a 2 x 4, then each 2 x 2 does the & Cross (i.e., work Split). EN: 60
  • Use the outside hand (of the 2 x 2) for the Pull By. From a Right-Hand Box use the left hand, and vice-versa. EN: 70
  • From a Static Set, on a call such as Heads Touch 1/4 & Cross, only the Heads are active, and only the Head Boy 'Crosses'. The Sides do not move. EN: 80

anyone Cross [A1]: (added to A1 in 2008)

From Facing Couples, some callers give commands such as Boys Cross, Girls Cross, Beau Cross, or Belle CrossEN: 90

This terminology can be misleading since 'Cross' is often used as a concept in Challenge-level dancing. It is a term used to modify other calls - for example: Cross Run, Cross FoldEN: 100

So what does anyone Cross mean? We believe there are two interpretations: EN: 110
  1. Designated dancers do their part of an anything & Cross (i.e., Pull By with outside hands). EN: 120
  2. Designated dancers do their part of Crossover Circulate (i.e., from Facing Couples, this is a diagonal Pass Thru). EN: 130
Although both of the above interpretations give the same ending position, the traffic pattern is different. EN: 140


This is the starting formation
for each of the following:

Centers Touch 1/4 & Cross
(Centers do the Pull By)

Centers Start Touch 1/4 & Cross
(Each side does the Pull By)

Nicely [C4] (Betty Fricker 1975):
From a Wave or applicable Line of 4. Hinge & Cross. Ends in Back-to-Back Couples. EN: 117

Curli-Cross [C4] (Lee Kopman 1968):
From Facing Couples or a R-H Wave. Curlique (Touch; Boy does his part Right Arm Turn 1/4 as Girl Left-face 3/4 Turn to end in the Boy's original starting position); Trailers diagonal L-H (outside hand) pull by. Ends in Back-to-Back Couples. This is a 2-part call. Curli-Cross, which was once on the A1 list, was the inspiration for anything & CrossEN: 120

Triple Cross [A1] (Lee Kopman and Deuce Williams 1973):
From a 1/4 Box, Mini-Wave Columns, or other applicable formations. The six who can diagonal Pull By using outside hands. A 1/4 Box ends in Mini-Wave Columns; Mini-Wave Columns end in a 3/4 Box. EN: 54

Cross Back [C2]:
From a Mini-Wave Box or applicable T-Bone 2 x 2. Leaders U-Turn Back as Trailers Diagonal Pull By using outside hands. A Mini-Wave Box ends in an opposite-handed Mini-Wave Box. EN: 118

Split & Cross [C4]:
From an applicable 2 x 2. Box Circulate & Cross. Ends in a 2 x 2. EN: 119

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