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The WorkShoppers (Vienna)
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The WorkShoppers
 Vienna, Austria  
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The WorkShoppers


Dance TypeMainstream thru C2 Workshop with Phase II thru Phase IV Rounds
Meeting Frequency and Day Alternate Weekends
Meeting TimeMostly in the evening; weekend during day as well
Dance LocationDifferent dance-locations. Most dances at WUK in 1090 Vienna, Währinger Straße 59
Location Map
SquaresGuest, Tapes, National callers 
Contact Information
Twitter: @TheWorkShoppers
Contact E-mail
More information
The WorkShoppers offer an additional, high-quality option for routined dancers with our workshops.
On the one hand, at each club-event a figure or a group of "related figures" is chosen, to exhaust
and consolidate it. Only one level is danced at a club-event, not two or more. At a club-event of
three hours, the first hour is for warming up. You have the chance to get used to the voice of the
caller, whom you maybe not have danced to yet. The second hour is the one of the workshop-topic.
And in the third hour, the elements worked out and learned in the second hour are stabilised.
The choice of the workshop-topic can be done by the caller, on the hand. He knows best, in which
he has his strong points. On the other hand, if the caller has two or three workshop-figures at
choice, the dancers should decide via voting at the club's website. Finally, the caller could
give the choice of the workshop-topic to the dancers at all.

Dancer's participation is important at The WorkShoppers. It is a club of the dancers respectively
for the dancers. And, we do Round Dance as well.

We dance mostly on weekends. But as well during the week. It depends on the guest-callers and
-cuers, who do the main-part of our events. Basically, all weekdays are possible for
WorkShoppers-Events. Please, always check our website.

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