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Østjysk Square Dance Club (Logo)   WEB SITE   Aarhus, Gjern, Hinnerup & Randers, Denmark
Beginners thru C2 Class
Irregular Wednesdays; Most locations 18:30 to 22:00. Various week-days (check contact information); Squares: Carsten Nielsen, Bent Husted


Big River Squaredance Club (Logo)  WEB SITE   Holstebro, Denmark
Beginners thru A1 Dance
Every Thursday; 7 pm; Squares: Lars Foged

Bredballe Dancers (Logo)  WEB SITE   Vejle, Denmark
C1 thru C2 Dance
Every Thursday; 6:30 - 8.20 C1 and 8:30 - 9:30 C2; Squares: Hans Pitters


Fredensborg Square Dance Club  WEB SITE   Fredensborg, Denmark
A1 thru C1 Dance
Every Wednesday; 7:00pm-9:00; Squares: Bjørn Andersson, Søren Lindergaard, Leif Ekblad

Funny Squares, Stevns (Logo)  WEB SITE   Haarlev, Denmark
Beginners thru C1 Class
Every Thursday; Squares: Tommy P. Larsen

Fyn Square Dance Club  WEB SITE   Odense, Denmark
Beginners thru C1 Dance
Thursdays; 6:30 pm - 9:45 pm; Squares: National callers, Local callers


Grannys' Square Dancers (Logo)   WEB SITE   Sorø, Denmark
Beginners thru C3A Dance
Every Tuesday; 6.45-9.45pm see the "more information" field; Squares: Lone Blume


Hedens Squaredansere (Logo)  WEB SITE   Ikast, Denmark
Beginners thru C1 Class
Every Thursday; 6-9:50pm; Squares: Carsten Toldbod


Join Hands  WEB SITE   Horsens, Denmark
Singles Club, Youth Club
Beginners thru A2 Class
Every Tuesday; 6:30-9:45pm; Squares: Carsten Toldbod


Nordjysk Convention  Saeby, Denmark
Irregular Sundays


Ocean City Square Dancers (Logo)  WEB SITE   Solrod, Denmark
Basic thru A2 Dance
Every Tuesday; 18:45 - 21:45 (6:45pm - 9:45p.m.); Squares: Tommy P. Larsen, Lone Blume


Penguins Denmark (Logo)  WEB SITE   Hinnerup, Denmark
C3A Dance
Every Thursday; 19.00 to 22.00; Squares: Local callers

Penguins Denmark (Logo)  WEB SITE   Hinnerup, Denmark
C2 thru C3A Dance
Every Sunday; 16.00 to 20.00; Squares: Local callers


Roskilde Square & Line Dance Club  WEB SITE   Roskilde, Denmark
Beginners thru C2 Class
Every Monday; 7.15 pm- 21.30pm, different classes thru the week, beginners thru C2.


Sydjysk Square Dance Kolding (Logo)  WEB SITE   Kolding, Denmark
Mainstream thru A2 Tape Group
Every Tuesday; 6.30 p.m.-8.10 p.m. and 8.15 p.m.-9.55 p.m.


The Diamond (Logo)  WEB SITE   Aalborg, Denmark
C1 thru C3A Dance
Every Monday; 7:15pm-9:45; Squares: Tapes
22-August-2019 15:20:30
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