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1st Dancing Lions Leipzig SDC e.V,  

2X4 Square Dance Club  

4 Plus Square Dance   4 Plus Square Dance Club   49er's  

6T6 Square Dance Club  

76'ers Square Dance Club  

8ers From Decatur  

A- Sharps [A1 & A2 Dance & Workshop]   A-Jacks   A.C.T.S. - American Contra and Traditional Square Dance   Aberdeen Kilt Kickers   ACES   Acey Deuceys   ACR-Club e.V.   Adders Plus Club   Adelaide Outlaws   Adelaide Outlaws   Advance To Go - NO LONGER DANCING   Advanced 60's   Advanced Workshop - [NO LONGER DANCING]   Advanced Workshop with Kris (AWK)   Advancers   Agape Squares   Alanya SQ   All Square At Zero   Allemanders   Alster Dancers   American Squares   Angier Twirlers   Ant Squares   Antigo Gateway Squares   Applejacks And Jills   Appleland Promenaders   Aqua Squares   Archway Happy Hoppers EV   Aristocrats Square Dance Club   Arkansas Travellers   Arlington Squares   Australiana Dancers (Wednesdays)   Australiana Dancers (Saturdays)   Australiana Dancers (Tuesdays)   Austyrias   Axe Vale Square Dance Club  

B n B's   B-N-R Squares   B-Sharp Plus Dancers   Bålsta Square Dancers   Bamberg Cornhuskers   Bandits Ladenburg e.V.   Barmstedter MTV von 1864   Barn Owls   Barnstompers   Barrie Squaretimers   Bartow Dixie Grands   Batavia Silver Stars   Beaux & Belles   Beaux and Belles   Beaux and Belles SDC e.V.   Bee Bops   Bee Sharps Square Dance Club   Beech Birds   Beechmont Squares   Belle Swingers   Belles 'N' Beaus   Belles & Beaus   Belles & Beaux   Belles & Beaux Square Dance Club   Belles and Beaus   Belles and Buoys Square Dance Club   Bells Brno SDC   Bembel Swingers Square Dance Club e.V.   Big Bird Squares (Otori Squares)   Big River Squaredance Club   Bis-Man Plus Dancers   Bishops Eight   Black Canyon Twirlers   Black Forest Ghosts   Black Sheep Square Dance Club   Bloomin' Squares   Blue Bluff Steppers   Blue Diamonds SDC   Blue Ridge Stars   Blue Wave Buer   Blueberry   Bluestem Swingers   Bluff Strutters   Bonn Square Dance Group   Bonney Lads N Lassies   Bootjack Stompers   Boots & Laces Square Dance Club   Boots & Slippers   Boots and Belles   Boots and Bows   Boots and Bows   Boots and Slippers   Boots In Squares   Boots n' Bows   Boots N' Calico   Border U-Turn Back   Bows & Beaus Singles and Couples Square Dance Club   Boys'N'Berries   Braids & Braves   Brecksville Squares   Bredballe Dancers   Breisgau Twirlers Freiburg   Bring 'M & Swing 'M   Brixham Square Riggers   Broken Wheels   Broseley Jitty Bugs SDC   Brotherhood of Square Dance   Brussels Dancing Hearts   Buccaneers   Buckeroo Square Dance Club   Buckeye Squares   Buckles & Bows   Buckles & Bows   Buckles and Bows Square Dance Club   Bucks and Does Singles   Bunny Circle   Buoys & Gulls   Busy Bs Square Dance Club   Butterfly Dancers   Buttons 'N' Bows   Buttons and Bows  

C Sharps   C-Gulls   C-Lions Square Dance e.V.   Cactus Corners   Calico Squares   Call and Caper Club   Camden Hi-Steppers   Canoe Squares   Canyon County Stars   Canyon Lake Twirlers   Cape Cod Twirlers   Caper Cutters   Capital City Squares   Capital City Squares   Capital Cutups   Capital Squares   Capital Squares   Capital Twirlers   Cardinal Squares   Cardinal Squares   Cardinal Twirlers   Carolina Lakes Squares   Carolina Squares   Carolinians   Carousel Club #114   Carousels Club #36, Long Beach, CA   Carousels Club #36, Long Beach, CA   Carousels Club #36, Long Beach, CA   Carpenter & Co   Cary Cross Trailers Square and Round Dance Club   Cascade Crossfires   Castle Ghosts SDC   Castle Squares   Castle Twirlers Coburg   Castoffs   Cathedral Squares   Cayuga Cut-Ups   Celebrity Squares / Prestige 55   Centennial Squares   Central Texas Lone Stars   Central Valley Squares   Challengemate   Chaps & Petticoats   Charlie Brown Squares   Charlie's Rhythm Ramblers   Chase County Stompers   Chase West   Chatfield Country Kickers   Checkerboard Squares   Checkmates   Checkmates A2 club   Cherokee Promenaders   Cherokee Squares   Chi-Town Squares   Chiltern American Square Dance Club   China Beijing Great Wall square dance club   Chiyoda Square Dance Club   Church Mice Square Dance Club   Cincy A-2   Cincy Challenge   Circle 8 Plus   Circle 8 Square and Round Dance Club   Circle 8's   Circle Eight Square & Round Dance Club   Circle Eights   Circle n Square   Circle N' Squares   Circle Squares   Circles and Squares Dance Club   Circulators Sq Dance Club of Ravenna   Circulators Square Dance Club   Classic City Squares   Clawsonaires   Claxton Country Squares   Clickety Cloggers   Cloverleafs   Cloverwest   Club AJ - Officially closed March 9, 2013 after 24 years   Club Sashay   Clutch Busters   Cody's Kut N Capers Square Dance Club   Coffey Grinders   Colorado Ranchers e. V.   Columbia River Squares   Community Dancers Brno   Consititution Squares   Continentals   Contround Eights Square Dance Club   Copy Cats Square Dance Club   Corell County Squares   Corvallis Square Dancers   Cotton Pickin' Squares   Cottonwood Roadrunners Square and Round Dance Club   Cougar Squares   Country Cousins   Country Cut Ups   Country Cuzzins   Country Dream   Country Farrow   Country Twirlers   County Country Cloggers   County Line Square Dance Club   Coverack Waves   Cow Counties Hoedown Association   Cowtown Singles   CPSD (The Committee To Promote Square Dancing)   Crazy 8's   CrAzY 8s   Crazy A's   Crazy Birds   Crazy Dancers   Crazy Eights Berlin   Crazy Flutters Square Dance Club   Crazy Pink Cadillacs   Cripple Creek Cloggers   Cross Country Hoppers   Cross Trails Squares   Crossfire Squares   Crossfire Squares   Crossroad Cowboys e.V   Crossroad Squares   Crystal Lake Squares   CS (Club Spezial) Aalen   Curli Q Square and Round Dance Club  

Dakota Squares   Dan'se P.A.C. (Multiple Nights - Wednesdays & Thursdays)   Danc'n Singles   Dancers Choice Square Dance Club   Dancing Dolphins   Dancing Rounds   Dancing Shadows Round Dance Club   Dancing Shadows Round Dance Club   Dancing Strawberries   Dancing Trouts SDC Forchheim e.V.   Dancing Wolves Mühlhofen e.V.   Dandy Dancers Square Dance Club   Dannstadter Hurricanes SDC e.V.   Darmstompers SDC e.V.   Day Dreamers   Daytime Squares and Rounds   Daytimers   Daytimers   Dayton Silver Squares   DC Lambda Squares   De Teddy Beertjes   Decatur 8ers Square Dance Club   Delme Square Dancer e.V. Delmenhorst   Delta Squares   Denali Dancers Square and Round Dance Club   Depot Dancers   Desert Mainstreamers   Desert Valley Squares   Devil Cloggers Darmstadt   Diablo Dancers   Diamond Squares   Diamond Squares   Diamond Yellow Rockers   Dice Hill Squares   Die Allgeier   Die Hards Schweinfurt   Diggers Delights   Ding Ding Advanced   Disaster-Dancer Ruesselsheim   Dixie Derbys' Square Dance Club, Inc.   Dixie Plus Dancers   Dixie Squares   Dixie Squares   Do Pas O   Do Si Do's   Do-Sa-Do's Of Dothan   Do-Si-Do   Docey Dandies   Doe Si Doe Mainstream Square Dance Club dance   Dogwood Squares   Dosi Squares   Dots & Dashers   Double Diamonds   Double DJ Twirlers   Double H   Double H Squares   Double R Squares   Down Under Squares   Downers Grove Square Thrus   Dragon Rounds Darmstadt   Dreaming Pivots Round Dance Club Berlin   Duck 'n' Dive   Dudes 'n' Dolls   Dudes & Dames Square and Round Dance Club   Dudes & Dolls   DUF Square Dancers   Duke City Singles   Dutch Square Dance Association- NVSD   Dynamite Squares  

Early Birds Square Dance Club   East Ridge Grand Squares   Eastern Wrangler Square Dance Club   Eastman Square and Round Dance Club   Eastside Plus   Easy Rider Dancer Mertendorf   Ehime Sunrise Square Dance Club   El Camino Reelers   El Camino Reelers - Tuesday night A2 & C1 dancing   Elbe Beach Hoppers   Electric Squares   Emder SDC (F.I.B. e.V)   Emerald Squares   Energy Squares   Enovators   Essendon Square Dance Club   Estill Springers   European Callers and Teachers Association e.V. (ECTA)   Extend SDC Ostrava   Eye Catchers SDC  

Fair Squares of Fairfield, PA   Fair-Bow-So-Do's   Fairbee Square Dance Club   Fairs 'n Squares   Family Frolic   Family Squares   Fargo Moorhead Square Dancers Association (FMSDA)   Farmers & Charmers   Farmers and Farmerettes   Fern Bluff Squares   Finest City Squares   Fjord Frolickers Square Dance Club   Flat Creek Roses   Flatheaders   Flintstones SDC, The   Flower City Promenaders   Flushing Roadrunners   Flutterwheels   Flutterwheels   Flying Toasters RDC   Foggy City Dancers   Folk, Square and Round Dancing in North Carolina   Footloose Square Dance Club   Fort Logan Pioneers Square Dance Club   Fort Worth Squares   Forum Squaredancers   Four Corners Dancers   Four States Squares   Fox Valley Mixers   Fox Valley Squares   Fredensborg Square Dance Club   Frederick County Promenaders Square Dance Club   Friday Night Live   Friendly Kyoto SDC   Friendly Squares   Friendly Squares Dance Club   Friendly Ties   Friendship Squares   Friendship Squares Wuerzburg   Frontier Squares   Frontier Squares   Frontier Twirlers   Frontier Wheelers Geneva   Fun Loving Happy Hoppers   Fun N' Frolics   FUNDANCERS' Square and Line Dance Club   Funny Dolphin Twirlers SDC Duisburg   Funny Fish French Riviera   Funny Squares, Stevns   Funsters Square Dance Club   Funtimers   Fyn Square Dance Club  

Gad-Abouts   Gadsden Twirlers   Galaxy Rounds - Cancelled until further notice   Galaxy Rounds - Cancelled until further notice   Gambol Rabbits   Gambol Rabbits   Gateswingers of Yakima   Gateway Gliders Square Dance Club   Geese-Town-Dancers-Algermissen e.V.   Gem State Squares   Geneseo Maple Leaf Squares   Ghost Dancers   Gilroy Gliders   Glendale B&Bs   Glendale Bachelors and Bachelorettes   Glenview Squares   Gold Dust Dancers   Goldancers   Golden Promenaders   Golden Squares   Golden State Squares   Good Times   Good Times   Good Times Squares   Gosford Round Dance Club   Gospel Plus Square Dance Club   Gothenburg Square Dancers   Granada Squares   Grand Spinners   Grand Squares   Grand Squares   Grand Union BDC   Grande Paraders of Lansing   Grannys' Square Dancers   Grants Pass Squares (GPS)   Grapestompers   Great Plain Squares   Greater Cincinnati Callers & Teachers Association   Greater Cincinnati Dance Federation   Greeley Merry Mixers Square Dance Club   Green Bay Square Dance Club   Grenville Gremlins   Grin 'n Square It   Grin and Square Its   Gunnison Gorge Dancers   Guys 'N Dolls   Guys & Gals  

Habsburger Queen's Shufflers   Hachede Swingers Geesthacht   Haching Lion Twirlers   Hamilton Square Dancers Inc   Hannover Hearties   Happy Circle Squares   Happy Hearts Square and Round Dance Club   Happy Hoppers   Happy Hoppers SDC   Happy Rounders Round Dance Club   Happy Time Squares   Happy Time Squares   Happy Tracks Square Dance Club   Happy Twirlers   Harbor Squares Square Dance Club   Hardin County Fair Squares   Harmony Dancers Square Dance Club   Harmony Squares   Harold's Squares   Hawaii Federation of Square Dance Clubs   Hayloft Steppers SDC   Heartland Singles   Heather Twirlers   Hedens Squaredansere   Heel & Toe Square Dance Club   Heel and Toe SDC   Herald's Angels   Hex Squares (Hexagon)   Hi-Flyers   High Desert Dancers   High Desert Stars   High Mountain Squares   High Speed Traveller   Highland County Florida   Hilltop Squares   Hilltoppers   Hilton Head Ocean Waves   Hip 2 B Squares   Hoedowners   Hoedowners Pairs & Spares Square and Round Dance Club   Hogsmill Squares   Honey Bees Square Dance Club   Honeycake Squares Nuernberg   Hoosier Corners   Hot Foot Stompers Square Dance Club Inc   Hot Squares in the Olde Towne Tonight!   Hotlanta Squares   Hotlanta Squares   Hunterdon Flutterwheels   Huntsville Singles & Doubles Square Dance Club   Huss Plus  

Independence Squares   Indy B'n'B   Interlocked Squares   Irish Reelers   Ironia Reelers   Island 8's   Island Sun Cloggids   IWW - Independance Wagon Wheelers  

Jacks 'N' Queens   Jacks & Jenneys   Jacks & Jills   Jackson Claim Jumpers   Jackson County Hiltoppers   Jaybee Square Wheelers   Jeans and Queens   Jefferson County Squares   Jet Steppers   Join Hands   Join Promenáda   Jolly Joker Square Dance Club   Joyhunters SDC Saarbrücken   Jug Tavern Squares   Just4Fun  

Kaleidoscope Squares   Kaleidoscopers   Kanalhoppers Minden   Kanesville Rounds   Kannella Squares   Karolina SDC Bratislava   Katydids Plus Square Dance Club   Kay's Plus   Kaysville Komets   Keep Smiling Dancers   Kelly's Klassics   KenCentrics   Kennesaw Square Dealers   Kentucky Kuzzin's   Kettle Squares Dance Club   Kieler Wheeler   Kilowatt Eights   Kimball Promenaders   Kingman Kut-ups   Kingsdale Squares   Klamath Country Squares (K C's)   Knoxville Squares   Kootenai Kloggers   Krazy 8's Square Dance Club   Krazy 8's   Krazy Dazys   Krazy Squares   Kuntry Kickers SDC e.V.   Kurly Q's  

L & M Squares   La Grange Roadrunners Square Dance Club   Lace 'N Levis   Ladybird Twirlers Eickel e.V.   Lahn River Wheelers   Lake City Square Dancers   Lake Cumberland Squares   Lakeshore Squares   Lakeside Steppers   Last Chance Squares   Last Chance Squares   Lauderdale County Country Dancers   Laughing Squares   Laurelaires   LDC Karolína Brno   Leather & Lace   Lebanon Square Circlers   Legionnaires   Leipziger Quadratlatschen (Square Slippers)   Lerum Square Dancers   LeVi Rounders   Levi's & Lace Square Dance Club   Levis & Lace Square Dance Club   Levis & Lace Square Dance Club   Libby Spinning Squares   Liberty Squares   Lift Lock Squares   Limber Timbers Square Dance Club   Lion Town Squares Braunschweig e. V.   Little Dixie Squares   Little Indians SDC   Little T Squares   Live Wires   Livelong Pinetoppers   Lloydminster Chain & Circle   Load Boat Dreamers   Lockits Advanced Dance Club   Log Cabin Square & Round Dance   Logan Martin Swingers Square & Round Dance Club   London Bridge Squares   Lone Star Lambdas   Lone Star Solos   Lone Wranglers Square Dance Club   Long Key Squares   Lotawana Sailors   Lucky Castle Knights   Lucky Squares   Lucky Steppers   Lucky Steppers Square Dance Club   Lucky Steppers Sunnyvale   Lucky Thirteen SDC   Lufkin Pine Squares   Lufkin Pine Squares   Lukes and Lucys   Lune Valley Ocean Wavers SDC   Lune Valley Ocean Wavers SDC  

M.A.G.I.C. (Minnesota Advanced Group Including Challenge)   Magic Squares of San Diego   Magic Valley Square Dance Club   Magnolia Swingers Square and Round Dance Club   Main River Dancers Lichtenfels   Mainly Contras   Major Keys   Mannheim Old West Squares   Maple Country Swingers   Marshall's Deputies   Martinez Swingers   Masters City Squares   Matamoras Squares - A-Level   Matamoras Squares - Mainstream   Matamoras Squares - Plus   Matrix Squares   Maui Mixers with High Hopes   Mavericks   Mavericks Square Dance Club   Mavericks Square Dance Club of Roseville   Mayberry Squares   McHenry Chapter of Bachelors 'n' Bachelorettes International   Meenzer Mascots SDC   Melody Mixers   Meri Squares Modern Square Dance Club   Merry Eights Square Dance Club   Merry Mixers   Merry Mixers   Mesa Checkmates Square Dance Club   Metrolina Dancers Association   Miami Valley Round Dance Club   Miami Valley Round Dance Club   Michigan Council of Square and Round Dance Clubs   Michigan Square Dance Leaders Association   Middletown Ramblers   Midnight Squares   Mineola Railers   Mining Twirlers Essen   Mississauga Swinging Squares   Mississippi Square and Round Dance Association   Mississippi Squares Dance Club   Mississippi Squares Dance Club   Missouri Promenaders   Mobile Singles   Mocha Crunch PLUS   Mocha Crunch Squares   Monarch Mavericks Square Dance Club   Montana Mavericks Square Dance Club   Montana Mavericks Square Dance Club   Moose Promenaders   Moose Squares Lodge #5   Morrison Grand Squares   Motiv8's   Motivaters Square Dance Club   Motivators   Motiveters Advanced Square Dancing   Mount Washington Valley Stompers Square Dance Club   Mountain Mixers   Mountain Mixers Square & Round Dance Club   Mountain Squares   Mountain Squares   Mountaineers Square Dance Club   Movin' On Up   Mt. Carmel Illinois Promenaders   Munich Dip-N-Divers   Munich Outlaws SDC   Munich Square Devils e.V.   Munich Swinging Bells   Mystic Squares  

Napanee Pioneers   National Carousel #158   National Carousels Club #162   Nau-sets Square Dance Club   Neckar Valley Dancers   NEMA - North East Michigan Association of Square and Round Dance Clubs   Neudörfler Square Dancers   New River Squares   Nordjysk Convention   Norman Silver Spur, Inc.   Norra Wadsbo Square Dansers   North Bay Gateway Gliders   North Country Squares Dance Club, Inc.   North Shore Squares   Northern California Round Dance Teachers Association   Northern California Square Dancers Association   Northern Lights   Northern Round Dance Teachers Association   Northern Squares   Northern Squares   Northwest Grand Squares   Nubble Lighthouse Keepers SDC  

Oak Hills Squares   Oaktown 8s   Oaky Doaks Square Dance Club   Oasis Squares   Ocean City Square Dancers   Ocean Wavers Square Dance Club   Ocean Waves Square Dance Club   Oceanwaves   Octoplus Squares   Offenburg SDC   Ogden Singles   Ohmoor Squeezers Hamburg e.V.   Olympia Do-Si-Do   On Top of the World Circle Squares   One-Way Promenaders   Or-Bets Round Dance Club   Orbiting Squares Western Square Dance Club   Oroville Promenaders   Oslo Square Dance Club   Otonabee Squares   Ottawa Date Squares   Ottawa Promenaders   Ouachita Diamonds Square Dance Club   Ouachita Squares   Ouest Paris Swingers   Outlaws   OVERalls   Oxford Swinging Stars   Ozark Whirlers Square and Round Dance Club   Ozone Squares   Ozone Squares Square Dance Club  

Østjysk Square Dance Club  

PA radise Dancers   PACE Northern California   PACE Southern California   Pacesetters Square Dance Club   Pairs 'N' Half Pairs   Pairs 'N' Half-A-Pair Square Dance Club   Palm Bay Promenaders   Panama Sunday Squares   Paradise Shufflers   Patches Squares   Paws & Taws   Paws & Taws Square Dance Club   Paws and Taws Square Dance Club   Pea Pickers and Single Peas   Peach Blossom Squares   Peachtree Squares   Peanut Squares   PEGAS, Country And Square Dance Club Banská Bystrica   Pegasus Squares   Pelham Promanaders   Pelican Promenaders   Penguins Denmark   Penguins Denmark   Peppy Promenaders   Percolators Germany e.V.   Petunia City Squares   Phantom 8's   Phantom Squares   Phoenix Squares   Phoenix Squares - Advanced   Pingvinerna   Pink Ribbon Square Dancers   Pioneer Promenaders   Pioneer Square Wheelers   Plains Promenaders   Pleasant Hill Promenaders   Pleasanton Singles and Pairs   Plus 4's   Plus Bunch   Plus Dusters   Plus R Us   Plus Spinners   Pope Promenaders   Port Macquarie Square Dance Club -- Riverside *'s   Potsdam Promenaders   Prairie Promenaders   Prairie Promenaders   Prairie Shufflers Square Dance Club   Prairie Squares   Prattville Promenaders   Pressey Promenaders   Prime 8's   Promenade Club   Promenade Squares   Promenaders   Prospector Squares   Puddletown Squares   Pumpernickel Promenaders e. V.   Purdue Krazy Eights   Puxico Country Squares  

Quabbin Valley Twirlers Square Dance Club   Quadra Dangle Square Dance Society  

R and D Squares   R Square D   R&D Squares   Rainbow Diamonds Côte d'Azur   Rainbow Rounds   Rainbow Squares   Rainbow Strollers S.D.C.   Ramblers Square Dance Club   Ramblin' Rogues   Ramblin' Rogues Summer Workshops   Ramblin' Rounds   Rambling Roses   Rancho Cucamonga B&B's   Razzle Dazzle   RDC Chickendales   Red Deer Square Dance Club   Red Hot Country Squares   Red Lantern Flames   Red Rock Hoppers   Red Sea Squares   Red's Rompers   Redstone Squares   Redwood Coasters   Redwood Rainbows   Reel Rebels   Reno Frogenaders   Rhine-Mosel-Squeezers   Rhythm Rebells e.V.   Rhythm Rounds   Ribbons & Souls   Richmond Reelers   Riley Wranglers Square Dance Club   Riptides Square & Round Dance Club   River City Dancers   River City Ramblers   River City Square's   River City Squares   River City Squares   River City Squares - New Dancers Club   River Reelers   River Squares   Riverside Single Swingers Square Dance Club   Riverside Squares   Roamin' Tacomans   Rocket Rounds   Rocket Rounds   Rocketeers Square Dance Club   Rockin' Family   Rockin' Jokers Square Dance Club   Rockin' W Rounders   Rocking Rooster Square Dance Club   Rockn' T Squares   Rocky Tops [FOLDED]   Rocky's Recreation Area   Rollaways Square Dance Club   Rolling-Points   Romeos & Calicos   Romney's Stars   Romney's Stars   Romney's Stars   Rosetown Ramblers   Roskilde Square & Line Dance Club   Round Robins Round Dance Club   Royal Rounds [NO LONGER DANCING]   Ruff And Ruffles   Ruffles 'n Beaus   Ruhrfire Squares e.V.   Running Turtles   Running Turtles   Russ's Ferris Wheelers   Rustlers Square Dance Club   Rutgers Promenaders  

Saaletal - Dancers Bad Bocklet   Sacramento Single Squares   Sage Stompers   Sagebrush Shufflers   Sailfish Squares   Salem Swingin' Stars   Salmon Town Dancers   Samena Squares   San Antonio Contra Dancers   San Diego Round Dance Instructors   San Gabriel Valley B&B's   San Juan Squares   San Mateo Road Runners   San-Ta's Workshop   Sand Dollar Square Dance Club of Myrtle Beach   Sand Spurs   Sandhills Twirlers   Sandpipers   Santa Swingers Square Dancers   Sashay Pardners   Saturday Fun Night   Saturday Fun Nite   Saturday Squares   Scatter 8's   Schwaebisch Sweethearts SDC e.V.   Scootbacks Burgdorf e.V.   Scootbacks Square Dance Club   Scottish Twirlers   Scuffed Shoes Square Dance Club Inc.   SDC Chickendales   SDC Coconuts   SDC Hot Shoes, MTV Aurich   SDC Moonspinners   Seaside Squares   Seasons square dance club   Seattle Matrix   Seaway Swingers Square Dance Club   See Saw Swingers   Senior Swingers   Seven C's   Shadow Casters   Shadow Casters   Shadow Chasers   Shadowcasters   Shakin' Tailfeathers RDC   Sharpshooters   Shawnee Square 8's   Shelby Shufflers   Shillelaghs Erlangen SDC e.V.   Shirts 'N Skirts   Shirts 'N Skirts   Shirts & Skirts   Shirts & Skirts   Shirts-n-Skirts   Shirts'n'Skirts of Georgetown, Texas   Shooting Stars - Norfolk   Shooting Stars Fürth e.V.   Shoreline Squares   Shufflin' Squares   Sierra Hillbillies Square & Round Dance Club   Sierra Squares Advanced Club   Silhouettes   Silk City Plus   Sill-O-Ette Squares   Silver City Squares   Silver Dollars   Silver Stars   Silver State Square & Round Dance Association   Silver Steppers   Simi Valley Happy Squares   Simpsonville Pioneers   Singing River Squares   Singing River Swingers Square Dance Club   Single Circles   Single Skirts 'n' Flirts   Single Spinners   Single Squares   Single Squares   Single Wheelers   Singles & Pairs   Singles & Pairs   Singles and Doubles   Skirts & Shirts   Skirts And Flirts (NO LONGER DANCING)   Skokos Promenaders   Smiling Bavarians SDC   Snake River Advance   Solo Squares   Sonoran Promenaders   South Devon CSiders   South Fork Squares   South Windsor Square Dance Club   Southern Arizona Callers' & Cuers' Association (SACCA)   Southern Hills Promenaders   Southern Lights Round and Square Dance Club   Southern Swingers   Southside Round Dance Club   Southside Squares   Spares & Pairs Square Dance Club   Spares and Pairs   Sparkling City Singles and Pairs   Spartan Spinners   Spinnin' Wheels   Spinning Spuds   Spring City Squares   Squar-N-Aders   Square Bears of Southwest Connecticut   Square Breakers   Square Dance Club Emmendingen   Square Dusters   Square Eights   Square Heels   Square Sharks e.V. Landshut - Plus   Square Shooters of Jennings   Square Spares and Pairs   Square Steppers   Square Wheelers and Hayseeds   Squares Across The Border   St. Louis Challenge   St. Marys Tri-Squares   St. Peters Squares   Stanford Quads   Star Promenaders   Star Promenaders Makkleeberg   Star Righters   Star Shooters   Star Tracks Hamburg e.V.   Star Twirlers   Star Twirlers   Star Twirlers   Stardusters Square Dance Club   State Fair Promenaders   Staufen Knights e.V.   Stintfang Square Dancers Hamburg e.V.   Stone City Squares & Rounds   Strait Wheelers   Strawberry Squares   Stuart Bunch Inc   Stuttgart Strutters SDC   Stuttgarter Rebläuse Square Dance Club e.V.   Sugar Creek Squares   Summer Sounds Square Dance Club   Sun City Squares   Suncoast Squares   Sundancers   Sunday Smiling Squares Pskov   Sundown Dancers   Sunflower Squares   Sunflowers Iserlohn e.V.   SunKissed Squares   Sunnyside Solos Square Dance Club   Sunnyvale Squares   Sunrise Swingers Erding e.V.   Sunset Promenaders Square and Round Dance Club   Sunset Twirlers   Sunset Twirlers   Sunset Twirlers   Sunshine Dancers   Sunshine Squares [NO LONGER DANCING]   Surfside 8 square dance club   Sussex-Shoalhaven Squares   Swan Valley Squares   Sweet Devils e.V.   Swing Thru Square Dance Club   Swing Thru's   Swingin' Sugar Squares   Swingin' Seniors   Swingin' 8   Swingin' Beavers   Swingin' Single Squares   Swingin' Singles   Swingin' Singles   Swingin' Squares   Swinging 21ers   Swinging Mallards   Swinging Mountaineers   Swinging Pinguins Lübeck e.V.   Swinging Rebels Square Dance Club   Swinging Saguaros   Swinging Saints   Swinging Singles   Swinging Squares   Swinging Squares   Swinging Squares   Swinging Squares - Cheltenham   Swinging Stars   Swinging Stars (Las Vegas)   Swinging Stars Square Dance Club   SwingNuts Square Dance Club   Swiss Smiley Dancers   Sydjysk Square Dance Kolding   Sylvan Squares  

T and J Rounds   T Squares   T-N-T Rounds   T.J.'s Plus Club   T.J.'s Square Dance Club   Tally Ho's   Tally Ho's (A-2)   Tam Twirlers   Tamara Twirlers Munich TTM   Tammany Twirlers' Square & Round Dance Club   Tandem Squares   Tanglefoot Squares   Tanglefoot Squares   Tanglefoot Squares   Tarantela Square Dance Club   Taws 'N' Paws   Teacup Chains   Tech Squares   Temple Squares   Temple Twirlers   Texas Armadillos (Defunct)   Texas Association Of Single Square Dancers - TASSD   Texas Bluebonnets   Texas Reelers Square Dance Club   Thames Valley Squares   The Bay Waves   The Black Squirrel Square Dance Club   The Bucket Round - Squaredance club   The Chain Gang   The Charlotte Promenaders Square Dance Club, Inc.   The Dancing Comets   The Diamond   The Diggers e.V. Pforzheim - Enzkreis   The Earlybirds   The Fun Bunch   The Geelong Club Dancers   The Good Time Squares   The Habersham Squares   The Hurly-Burly Magixs   The Leaping Frogs   The Lucky Boots   The Lumberjacks e.V   The Monadnock Squares   The Mot's   the quick kangaroos SDC Bad Fredeburg e.V.   The Rebels   The Rebels   The Seven Hills Promenaders   The Shoeleather Express   The Smiling Trailers SDC   The Spinners   The Thumpers   The Whalers   The Wilde Bunch   The WorkShoppers   The Wranglers   Three Amigos   Three Hills Wheat King Twisters   Three Rivers Ramblers   Thunder Mountain Twirlers   Thunderbirds   Thunderbirds   Thunderhill Dancers SDC e.V.   Tiffin T-Squares   Tilehurst Square Dance Club   Tilehurst Square Dance Club   Tilehurst Square Dance Club   Timber Twirlers   Timberline Toppers   Times Squares   Tips and Slips   TMF Squares   TNT's   TNT's   Toelzer Twirlers   Token Squares   Tokyo Challenge SDC   Tokyo Square Dance Club   Tom Katz Square Dance Club   Tom Thumb Square Dance Club   Tomahawk Twirlers   Top Cats   Tower Mice   Town Howlers   Town Twirlers   Trail Blazers   Trail Dusters   Trailblazers   Travelling Squares   Tri City Promenaders   Tri Squares Square Dance Club (Tigard)   Triangle Squares   Triangle Squares   Triangle Squares   Triangle Squares Dance Club   Trick Trackers   Tropical Twirlers   True Friends S.D.C Austria   Tsukuba New Wave Squares   TTT Squares   Tuckahoe Square Dance Club   Tucson Twirlers   Tudor Squares   Tulip Twirlers Square Dance Club   Tumbleweeds   Turtle Matsuyama Round Dance Club   Twain Harte Twirlers   Twin City Spinners   Twin City Squares   Twin City Twirlers   Twin City Twirlers Square And Round Dance Club   Twirl-A-Rounds   Twirlers   Twirling Funtimers   Twirling Lariats   Two State Steppers  

Ukiah Promenaders   Unicorners Singles Square Dance Club - all welcome   Uniting Squares   Unity Wagon Wheel Square Dance Club  

Vaca Valley Ramblers   Vagabonds - Camping Club   Valley River Dancers   Valley Singles Square & Round Dance Club   Valley Squares   Valley Trailers SDC   Valley Twirlers   Vanderhoof Drifting Squares   Venus & Mars Square Dance Club   Very Hot Square Dancers e.V.   Victorian Square Dancing Association INC   Vienna Swingers   Village A's   Village Squares   Village Squares   Village Squares   Village Swingers Flensburg e.V.   Vineyard Weasels SDC   Vinga Yellow Rockers SDC   Visalia Senior Squares (NO LONGER DANCING)   Voyager Square Dancers  

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