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Erik Hoffman
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Erik Hoffman
 Oakland, California, USA
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Erik Hoffman


Calling Beginners thru Beginners

  • Caller Seminars
  • One Night Stands
  • Clogging
  • Mixers
  • Traditional Squares
  • Handicapable Groups
  • Youth Groups

I am a "traditional" dance caller. I lead and call contras and squares in what's dubbed the "traditional" style. I am not a member in of Callerlab, and I don't participate in the class orientation of the Modern Western Square Dance organizations. I call in the "all are welcome" style of including a walkthrough of each dance prior to calling it to music. Also, I only work with live music. If the budget is small, I provide the music for my calling by playing fiddle. Though I follow that age old tradition of fiddling and calling, I do use a PA... I started calling in 1984, became a regular caller in San Luis Obispo, CA in 1986. I love calling dances for experienced contra dancers as well as callers for large groups of non-dancers at weddings, parties, and any kind of get-together.

Erik at Home
Address Erik Hoffman
258 Wayne Ave.
Oakland, California
Phone (home) 510-444-4397   
Phone (mobile) 510-410-0456   

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