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Roger and Rosemary Latchaw
Roger and Rosemary Latchaw
 Charlotte, Michigan, USA
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Roger and Rosemary Latchaw

Cueing Easy thru Phase IV

Spouse's name: Rosemary. Started cueing in 1983. Belong to Roundalab, Michigan Round Dance Teachers Assoc, Lansing Area Square and Round Dance Leaders Assoc. Cue for different Clubs and at different Fesitivals and Weekend Dances. Round Dancing is all about moving to different kinds of music with different rhythms and enjoying the moment......Great Fun, Great Friends and Good Exercise. It's a good fit with any Square Dance Program.

Roger and Rosemary at Home
Address Roger and Rosemary Latchaw
629 S. Sheldon St
Charlotte, Michigan
Phone (home) 517-543-5704   
Phone (mobile) 517-974-3980 (voice mail)   

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