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 Gene Aldridge (picture) Updated *** not validated ***  Smyrna, Tennessee, USA
Beginners thru A2
Recording artist, Callerlab member, One Night Stands, Line Dances, Youth Groups, BMI and ASCAP licensed;
615-278-4113 (home);
Member - Nashville Area Callers Association Club Caller for the Barnlofters in Hermitage, TN Recording Artist for Silver Eagle Records
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 Ted and Karen Clements (picture) *** not validated ***  WEB SITE   Vado, New Mexico, USA
Beginners thru Plus
Traveling, Recording artist, Callerlab member, One Night Stands, BMI and ASCAP licensed;
575-649-4810 (home);  505 228 1617 (Karen) (work);  575-649-4810 (mobile);
Alamo Squares Alamogordo, N.M.<BR> Circle Eights Las Cruces, N.M.<BR> Crossfires Las Cruces, N.M.<BR> See Saw Star Dusters El Paso, Texas<P> Calling since 1972 Member New Mexico Callers Assoc.<BR> Member Texas Callers Assoc. Was elected to New Mexico Hall Of Fame in 2006<BR> Like to do club dances, one night stands and Festivals<BR> Recorded on Double JJ label and Riverboat<P> Ted Clement began taking square dance lessons at his wife's suggestion. At the end of the lessons he told the caller that he would like to call too. He was told that the best way to learn to do that was to find 4 couples that wanted to learn to square dance and teach them. Doing that he would learn how to call along the way, that was in 1973. He has been calling and teaching square dancing ever since all over southern New Mexico.<P> Ted currently calls for 2 clubs in Las Cruces, 1 club in El Paso and 1 club in Alamogordo for a total of 7 dances a month. He also teaches lessons in all three cities beginning every fall. He has called at the National Square Dance Convention several times and for club across the US. Ted and his late wife, Lois, were elected to the NM Square Dance Hall of Fame in 2006.<P> When Ted isn't calling square dancing he works at a USDA Research Ranch, doing everything that ranchers do. He rode in the Lincoln County Pony Express Race many times and holds the record for the most wins and fastest time. Ted also is a team roper, both heads and heels, and still has horses and steers to work. So he truly is a cowboy who calls square dancing.<P> Now that he is semi-retired from the ranch he is available to call outside of the local area for one night stands and festivals.<P> Ted loves to teach square dancing and has lessons beginning every September in all 3 cities. All are invited to come and try Modern Square Dancing. The first 2 lessons are free. <P> Ted believes in calling to the level of the floor, "If they are standing there looking at you they are not having fun!" Fun is the name of the game. Find Ted on Facebook---Ted Clements, the Real Cowboy Caller
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 Les Hughes (picture) *** not validated ***  Bulverde, Texas, USA
Basic thru Plus
Recording artist, ACA member, BMI and ASCAP licensed;
830-438-7878 (home);
<P>Les Hughes, a native of the Alamo City and one of its finest callers, has been calling for over 38 years. Les is known for his enthusiasm, interesting choreography and pleasant singing voice. </P><P> Having received formal caller training early on, he considers himself a regional caller, and has been on staff at Fun Valley in Colorado and Fontana Village in North Carolina. He currently holds membership and is licensed through the American Callers Association (ACA). </P><P> To date, he has recorded selections on two well known record labels: </P><UL> <LI>Gentle On My Mind - Circle D Records</LI> <LI>Stop In The Road - Circle D Records</LI> <LI>Power In The Blood - Elite Records</LI> </UL><P> Traveling weekends and holidays for groups in his tri-state region, Les currently calls approximately 25 dances per year.</P>
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 Marvin "Marty" Northrup *** not validated ***  WEB SITE   Columbus, North Carolina, USA
Beginners thru A2
Full-time, Traveling, Recording artist, Callerlab member, One Night Stands, Community Dance Program (CDP), Youth Groups, BMI and ASCAP licensed;
8649093950 (work);  864-909-3950 (mobile);
Calling since 1976. Club Caller for: Circle 8's, Asheville, NC Smoky Mountain Squares, Asheville, NC, Cardinal Squares, Salisbury, NC <P> Member of:<BR> North Carolina Folk Round & Square Dance Federation<BR> Western Carolina Federation of Round and Square Dancing<BR> Metrolina Callers and Cuers Association <P> Will travel anytime and anywhere. Recent recordings on Square Tunes and Grenn.
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 Charlie Trapp (picture) *** not validated ***  WEB SITE   Halifax, Massachusetts, USA
Beginners thru C1
Full-time, Traveling, Callerlab member, Caller Seminars, One Night Stands, BMI and ASCAP licensed;
781-294-8344 (home);  781-336-7353 (mobile);
Experience: Current President Old Colony Callers Association<BR> 14 time Past President of Old Colony Callers Association<BR> Past President of Narragansett Callers Association (RI)<BR> Accredited member of Callerlab (The International Association of Square Dance Callers) (Member advanced selection committee since 1973)<BR> Member of The New England Council of Callers<BR> Former Trustee of The Square Dance Foundation of New England BMI/ASCAP Licensed Caller<BR> Called and set up sound at the National Square Dance Convention in Atlantic City, NJ<BR> Called at 48 New England Square Dance Conventions<BR> Attended 7 Accredited Callers Schools<BR> Successfully managed 29 Square Dance weekends at The Inn at East Hill Farm in Troy, NH<P> Teaching Experience: Currently teaching 2 Advanced level C1 class workshops, and Calling for One Advanced clubs and One Plus clubs.<BR> Taught 5 people how to call including, voice, timing, music, sound systems and choreography.currently teaching 2. <BR> Developed and presented seminars on Sound and extemporaneous Sight Calling, Choreography & Flow.<BR> Set up sound for the New England Square Dance Convention (20 Halls) for two years.<BR> Program callers and set up sound for our local dancer association (SEMCA) for 37 years<BR> Call and teach Class through C1 Program along with fun nights.<P> Married to Paula for 45 years with 1 son and a Grandson [7 years old] & Grand Daughter 4 years old<BR> Former owner of Computer Advantage a retail computer store in Carver, Mass. Inducted into the SDFNE HALL OF FAME AUG 1, 2015
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 Bronc Wise (picture) Updated *** not validated ***  WEB SITE   Mission, Texas, USA
Mainstream thru C3B
Full-time, Traveling, Recording artist, Callerlab member, Caller Seminars, BMI and ASCAP licensed;
505 573 5670 (home);  505 573 5670 (mobile);
Caller since 1975. Professional guitarist and recording engineer who has performed not only on stage, but for radio and tv spots. Calling winter program in Mission, Texas. Check Bronc's website for details.
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22-August-2017 05:24:47
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