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15 records
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Randy Baldridge (picture) Updated  Hazelwood, Missouri, USA. 
last modified: 16-May-2019 01:59:07   ID: 2656   edit   delete   view

Misha Case (picture) Updated  Riddle, Oregon, USA. 
last modified: 10-May-2019 15:09:20   ID: 2699   edit   delete   view

Troy Grooms (picture) New  Lavonia, Georgia, USA. 
last modified: 12-May-2019 15:42:52   ID: 2721   edit   delete   view

Bruce W. and Mary Anna Haislip Updated   Deceased    Wintersville, Ohio, USA. 
last modified: 12-May-2019 15:10:10   ID: 2137   edit   delete   view
Juergen L. "Hoss" Hemm (picture) Updated  WEB SITE   Pretzfeld, Bayern, Germany. 
last modified: 14-May-2019 16:42:17   ID: 1207   edit   delete   view
Darrin Henry Updated  Byrdstown, Tennessee, USA. 
last modified: 15-May-2019 05:06:05   ID: 1864   edit   delete   view
Sandra and Gunter Hirschler New  Marietta, Georgia, USA. 
last modified: 09-May-2019 18:59:50   ID: 2720   edit   delete   view

Janet Lewis (picture) Updated  Brownstown, Indiana, USA. 
last modified: 08-May-2019 19:44:55   ID: 2676   edit   delete   view
Stuart Lewis and Fay Samborsky (picture) Updated  Centerville, Ohio, USA. 
last modified: 12-May-2019 14:00:52   ID: 1559   edit   delete   view

Kent Nyman Updated  Providence, Utah, USA. 
last modified: 09-May-2019 17:13:49   ID: 2555   edit   delete   view

Estil and Betty Owens Updated   Retired    Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. 
last modified: 12-May-2019 15:10:46   ID: 2365   edit   delete   view

Jason Raleigh (picture) Updated  WEB SITE   Grove City, Ohio, USA. 
last modified: 19-May-2019 02:29:49   ID: 1162   edit   delete   view

Jim and Marianne Senecal Updated   Retired    Propsect, Ohio, USA. 
last modified: 12-May-2019 15:11:10   ID: 491   edit   delete   view

Phil Van Lokeren Updated   Deceased    Glendale, Ohio, USA. 
last modified: 12-May-2019 15:09:53   ID: 998   edit   delete   view

Carol Wilson (picture) Updated  WEB SITE   Reno/Sparks, Nevada, USA. 
last modified: 11-May-2019 16:02:28   ID: 2147   edit   delete   view
21-May-2019 07:05:50
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