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19 records
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Andrew Berger (picture) Updated  WEB SITE   Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. 
last modified: 14-September-2018 01:29:11   ID: 2331   edit   delete   view
Teresa Berger (picture) Updated  WEB SITE   South Bend, Indiana, USA. 
last modified: 14-September-2018 01:26:14   ID: 2332   edit   delete   view

Abe Feldman New *** not validated ***  Washington, District of Columbia, USA. 
last modified: 17-September-2018 04:47:52   ID: 2698   edit   delete   view  validate (admin)
Jaden Frigo (picture) Updated  Somerville, Victoria, Australia. 
last modified: 13-September-2018 02:18:11   ID: 2261   edit   delete   view

William "Bill" Garrison (picture) Updated  Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. 
last modified: 07-September-2018 15:59:10   ID: 2684   edit   delete   view

George Hermann Updated  Gresham, Oregon, USA. 
last modified: 12-September-2018 22:06:47   ID: 1129   edit   delete   view
Roy P. "Ramblin" Hestand New *** not validated ***  Mountain Home, Ark, Arkansas, USA. 
last modified: 15-September-2018 04:56:00   ID: 2695   edit   delete   view  validate (admin)
Calvin Hollis (picture) Updated  Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. 
last modified: 07-September-2018 15:56:15   ID: 2686   edit   delete   view
Cathy and Bob Houston New  Coos Bay, Oregon, USA. 
last modified: 11-September-2018 18:53:37   ID: 2693   edit   delete   view

Glenn Krakower (picture) Updated  Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, USA. 
last modified: 06-September-2018 16:56:18   ID: 26   edit   delete   view

Peter Laubach (picture) Updated  WEB SITE   Waabs, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. 
last modified: 12-September-2018 14:28:23   ID: 1065   edit   delete   view

Thelma McCue New *** not validated ***  AdelaideAustralia, South Australia, Australia. 
last modified: 14-September-2018 05:34:18   ID: 2694   edit   delete   view  validate (admin)

Mary Nelson New  Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada. 
last modified: 08-September-2018 17:08:33   ID: 2691   edit   delete   view
Marvin "Marty" Northrup Updated *** not validated ***  WEB SITE   Clover, South Carolina, USA. 
last modified: 16-September-2018 23:21:04   ID: 350   edit   delete   view  validate (admin)

Christian Reiff (picture) New  WEB SITE   Kirchheim unter Teck, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
last modified: 10-September-2018 09:33:20   ID: 2692   edit   delete   view
Gene Reneau (picture) Updated   Deceased    Greenwood, Indiana, USA. 
last modified: 07-September-2018 15:52:19   ID: 1726   edit   delete   view

Gero Teufert (picture) Updated  WEB SITE   Idstein, Hessen, Germany. 
last modified: 07-September-2018 15:47:11   ID: 403   edit   delete   view

Jonathon B. "Jonboy" Weiner (picture) Updated *** not validated ***  Bronx, New York, USA. 
last modified: 16-September-2018 11:30:57   ID: 2622   edit   delete   view  validate (admin)
Gudrun Welle New *** not validated ***  Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany. 
last modified: 15-September-2018 13:03:50   ID: 2696   edit   delete   view  validate (admin)
19-September-2018 03:21:19
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