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Traditional Squares

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428 records
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Sharon Murphy Abney (picture)  Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. 
Sid Acker (picture)  Arlington, Texas, USA. 
Steven and Vanessa Ackerman  WEB SITE   Del City, Oklahoma, USA. 
Brenda Ackerson (picture)   Retired    Batesville, Arkansas, USA. 
Keith Ackerson (picture)   Retired    Batesville, Arkansas, USA. 
Butch Adams (picture)   Deceased    Alexandria, Virginia, USA. 
Albert E. Aff (picture)  WEB SITE   Hüffelsheim, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. 
Johnny Ahysen   Retired    Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. 
Mike Amell (picture)  WEB SITE   Concord, California, USA. 
Ron Anderson  Wheeling, West Virginia, USA. 
Steve Anderson (picture)  Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA. 
Mike Argue (picture)   Deceased    Merrillville, Indiana, USA. 
Chuck "Charlie" Assell (picture)  WEB SITE   Elburn, Illinois, USA. 
Ernie Auringer  Mankato, Minnesota, USA. 
Ray Ayers  Parker Ford, Pennsylvania, USA. 

Don Bachelder (picture)  WEB SITE   Bernardston, Massachusetts, USA. 
Gene Baker  Matthews, North Carolina, USA. 
Sherwin Baker  Nicholasville, Kentucky, USA. 
Randy Baldridge (picture)  Hazelwood, Missouri, USA. 
Carl "CBDanceman" Ballou (picture)  WEB SITE   Rogers, Arkansas, USA. 
Bill Baritompa (picture)   Retired    RD 1 Lyttelton, New Zealand. 
Darwin Barker (picture)  WEB SITE   Omaha, Nebraska, USA. 
Doug Barnett (picture)   Retired    Monterey, Tennessee, USA. 
Red Bates (picture)  Rangeley, Maine, USA. 
Dan Bebernes  Fairmont, Minnesota, USA. 
Fred Beem (picture)  Deming, New Mexico, USA. 
Lissa Bengtson  San Antonio, Texas, USA. 
Beth Berman  Dayton, Ohio, USA. 
Roy Bernier  WEB SITE   Fort Walton Beach, Florida, USA. 
George Betts  Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
Ron and Jan Betzelberger (picture)  Lincoln, Illinois, USA. 
Bo Bierley (picture)  WEB SITE   Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA. 
Jerry Biggerstaff (picture)  WEB SITE   Marion, North Carolina, USA. 
Charlie Bitter  Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA. 
Jacob Bloom (picture)  WEB SITE   Arlington, Massachusetts, USA. 
Mickey Blunk  Huntington Beach, California, USA. 
Carl Bodsford  Elon College, North Carolina, USA. 
Ben Bogia  Lexington, Kentucky, USA. 
Paul Booze  Troutville, Virginia, USA. 
Fred Bouvier   Deceased    Metairie, Louisiana, USA. 
Adam Boyce (picture)  WEB SITE   Reading, Vermont, USA. 
Bill Boyd (picture)  WEB SITE   Apopka, Florida, USA. 
Curt Braffet (picture)  Carlock, Illinois, USA. 
Michael Braithwaite (picture)  WEB SITE   Augsburg, Bayern, Germany. 
Jim Brandenburg  Newport News, Virginia, USA. 
Mel Branham (picture)  Anaheim, California, USA. 
Andrea Braun (picture)  Mount Gambier, South Australia, Australia. 
L W Moe Brewer   Retired    Decatur, Indiana, USA. 
Ken Brittin (picture)  Montgomery, Alabama, USA. 
Walter Brough (picture)  Hoover, Alabama, USA. 
Allan Brozek (picture)  Oxford, Connecticut, USA. 
Roger Buettner  Appleton, Wisconsin, USA. 
Christine "Chris" Burdick  Glendale Heights, Illinois, USA. 
Herbert Burton (picture)  Garden City, Kansas, USA. 

Billy Callaway (picture)  Greeley, Colorado, USA. 
Calvin Campbell (picture)  WEB SITE   Castle Rock, Colorado, USA. 
Patricia Campbell (picture)  WEB SITE   Newtown, Connecticut, USA. 
Pat Cannon (picture)  WEB SITE   Sloatsburg, New York, USA. 
Larry and Linda Cannoy (picture)  WEB SITE   Mt Airy, North Carolina, USA. 
Chuck Carles   Retired    Logan, Utah, USA. 
Tim Carman (picture)  Lanesville, Indiana, USA. 
Jerry Carmen (picture)  Spencerport, New York, USA. 
Dave Caswell  Greenacres, Washington, USA. 
Dennis Clark (picture)  WEB SITE   Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. 
Bernie Clarke  Kinson, England, United Kingdom. 
Nick Cline (picture)  Woodbridge, Virginia, USA. 
Stan Cole (picture)   Deceased    Oakhurst, California, USA. 
Dave Colestock (picture)  WEB SITE   New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA. 
John Colwell (picture)  Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. 
Don Cook  Springfield, Missouri, USA. 
Janet and Frank Cook  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 
Dave Cooper and Patty Reese  WEB SITE   Prineville, Oregon, USA. 
Sandy Corey (picture)  WEB SITE   Hopewell Jct., New York, USA. 
Clyde Couch (picture)  Cartersville, Georgia, USA. 
Ron Counts  Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. 
Jack Cowan (picture)  West Jordan, Utah, USA. 
Don Coy (picture)  WEB SITE   Brooklyn, New York, USA. 
Kevin Cozad (picture)  Centreville, Alabama, USA. 
Ross Crawshaw-Lopton (picture)  WEB SITE   North Salt Lake, Utah, USA. 
Tom Crisp (picture)  WEB SITE   Tucson, Arizona, USA. 
Charles and Tanya Crockett  Crowley, Texas, USA. 
Alan Crosman  Langhorne, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Dick Crouse (picture)  WEB SITE   Palatine, Illinois, USA. 
Marcy Cruce (picture)  Birmingham, Alabama, USA. 
Clyde Cullings (picture)  WEB SITE   Frankenmuth, Michigan, USA. 
Adam Cumming (picture)  WEB SITE   Salem, Oregon, USA. 
Rob Cunningham (picture)   WEB SITE   Bakersfield, California, USA. 

Tom Dakers (picture)  WEB SITE   Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 
Brian Dalton (picture)  Nelson, New Zealand. 
Colin Dandridge (picture)   WEB SITE   Croydon, Victoria, Australia. 
Gary Davis  Boise, Idaho, USA. 
Don Di Pirro (picture)   Deceased    Cody, Wyoming, USA. 
Kenneth Diesburg (picture)  Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA. 
Gail Dietz (picture)   Deceased    Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA. 
Jim Diffey (picture)   Deceased    Vacaville, California, USA. 
Victor L. "Vic" Diller New  Apple Valley, Minnesota, USA. 
Edward "Ed" Dolson (picture)  London, Ontario, Canada. 
Mike and Mary Doughty (picture)  WEB SITE   Jensen Beach, Florida, USA. 
Velma Doyle (picture)  Groveport, Ohio, USA. 
Karen Dunnam (picture)   WEB SITE   Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. 
Sunny Duprey (picture)  Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA. 
Tom Duryea (picture)  WEB SITE   Floresville, Texas, USA. 
David Dvorak (picture)  Praha (Prague), Czech Republic. 

Steve Edlund (picture)  Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. 
George Edwards  Hale, Michigan, USA. 
Herb Edwards  Chillicothe, Illinois, USA. 
Steve Egeland (picture)  Estherville, Iowa, USA. 
Steve Ekin (picture)  Vero Beach, Florida, USA. 
Bob Ellis   Deceased    Zephyrhills, Florida, USA. 
Dean Emery (picture)  WEB SITE   Mobile, Alabama, USA. 
John Eubanks (picture)  Joplin, Missouri, USA. 
Su Eygabroad (picture)  Palm Desert, California, USA. 

Joseph "Cornbread" Fabian Jr  WEB SITE   Frankfort, Maine, USA. 
Ann Fallon (picture)  Annapolis, Maryland, USA. 
Gordon Fenton   Deceased    Wenatchee, Washington, USA. 
George Ferguson  Westland, Michigan, USA. 
Heiner Fischle (picture)  WEB SITE   Hannover, Niedersachsen, Germany. 
Ken Fish (picture)  Carlisle, Ohio, USA. 
Mel and Carol Ford  Casper, Wyoming, USA. 
Mark Foster  Bristol, Tennessee, USA. 
Herb Franklin (picture)  WEB SITE   Ladson, South Carolina, USA. 
Mark Franks (picture)  Ocean View, New Jersey, USA. 
Al Frazier (picture)  Georgetown, Texas, USA. 
Brian Freed (picture)  WEB SITE   Bloomington, Minnesota, USA. 
Kenny Freeman (picture)  Puyallup, Washington, USA. 
Lurita Fugier (picture)  Hermosa, South Dakota, USA. 
Robert LeRoy "Bob" Furr (picture)  Omaha, Nebraska, USA. 
Jayden Fyrgios  Lexington, Kentucky, USA. 

Henry "Hank Hoedown" and Barbara Garfath (picture)  WEB SITE   Winchester, England, United Kingdom. 
Kip Garvey (picture)  WEB SITE   Pioneer, California, USA. 
Diane Gaskill (picture)  San Jose, California, USA. 
Tony Gaskill  Steger, Illinois, USA. 
Don Gauci (picture)   WEB SITE   Hocking, Western Australia, Australia. 
Richard W. Gee (picture)  Taylorsville, Utah, USA. 
Rich Gierman (picture)  Spreckels, California, USA. 
Jerry Gilbreath (picture)  Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. 
Bill "Tex" Gipson (picture)  WEB SITE   Anaheim, California, USA. 
Dieter Goergner (picture)   Deceased    WEB SITE   Braunschweig, Niedersachsen, Germany. 
Masha Goodman Crawford (picture)  WEB SITE   Northern Cal, SF, Sac, Foothil, California, USA. 
Judy Greenhill (picture)  WEB SITE   Guelph, Ontario, Canada. 
Shane and Missy Greer  Wagoner, Oklahoma, USA. 
Culver Griffin   Deceased    Roxbury, Connecticut, USA. 
Jerry Griffin  Saltillo, Mississippi, USA. 
Girls Night Out Group  McMinnvile, Oregon, USA. 
Dominic Gruetzmacher (picture)  Schofield, Wisconsin, USA. 
Warren Gruetzmacher   Retired    Merrill, Wisconsin, USA. 

Stephen R. and Lisa Hackman  Gibbon, Nebraska, USA. 
Steve Hackman (picture)  Kansas City, Kansas, USA. 
Lee Hailey (picture)  Glendale, Arizona, USA. 
Alan and Marcy Hall  Ringgold, Georgia, USA. 
Dan Halliburton  Naylor, Missouri, USA. 
Jerry Handley (picture)  Berry, Alabama, USA. 
Don Haney (picture)  Tucson, Arizona, USA. 
Tommy Hankins  Bastrop, Louisiana, USA. 
Mike Hardin  Louisville, Kentucky, USA. 
Tom Harrison  Ovalo, Texas, USA. 
Art Harvey (picture)  Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA. 
Dave "Hash" Hass (picture)   Deceased    East Hampton, Connecticut, USA. 
Greg Hatmaker (picture)  Big Rock, Tennessee, USA. 
Cindy Hawley  East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, USA. 
Bill Haynes (picture)  WEB SITE   Gilbert, Arizona, USA. 
Steve Hays  Oregon City, Oregon, USA. 
Walt Helgesen (picture)  WEB SITE   Granbury, Texas, USA. 
Bill Henke (picture)  Summerset, South Dakota, USA. 
Nikki Hensley (picture)  Newark, California, USA. 
Amanda Herdt (picture)  Merrill, Wisconsin, USA. 
Randy Herpin (picture)  Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA. 
Peg Hesley  WEB SITE   Phoenix, Arizona, USA. 
Chuck and Chris Hicks  High Point, North Carolina, USA. 
Loren & Audrey "Hoss" Hildebrand  Leaf River, Illinois, USA. 
Cis Hinkle (picture)  WEB SITE   Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 
Al Hipkins (picture)  WEB SITE   Brunswick, Maine, USA. 
Erik Hoffman (picture)  WEB SITE   Oakland, California, USA. 
Howard and Anna Hoffman  Schaumburg, Illinois, USA. 
Calvin Hollis (picture)  Drumright, Oklahoma, USA. 
Lynn Holloway (picture)  Southampton, England, United Kingdom. 
Doug Holmes (picture)  WEB SITE   Queensville, Ontario, Canada. 
Kirsten Holst Denmark. 
Steve Holzhausen  Loganville, Georgia, USA. 
Ken Hooke  Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia. 
Dan Hopper  Gillette, Wyoming, USA. 
Dale Hoppers (picture)  WEB SITE   Mission Hills, California, USA. 
Jim Howard (picture)  WEB SITE   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. 
Angie and Bob Huckeby  Lake in the Hills, Illinois, USA. 
Bob and Lois Huff (picture)  WEB SITE   Holts Summit, Missouri, USA. 
Ted Hughes  St Petersburg, Florida, USA. 
Donna Hunt (picture)  WEB SITE   Philadelphia area, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Gary Hutton (picture)  Anderson, Indiana, USA. 
Lou Hyll   Deceased    Dayton, Ohio, USA. 

Henry Israel (picture)   Retired    Yukon, Oklahoma, USA. 

Marianne C. Jackson (picture)  WEB SITE   Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. 
Egbert Jacobs  Millbank, Ontario, Canada. 
Steve Jacques (picture)   Deceased    Catonsville, Maryland, USA. 
Graham Jameson (picture)  Narre Warren South, Victoria, Australia. 
Michal "Dingo" Jan (picture)  WEB SITE   Brno, Czech Republic. 
Kenny "Little Enis" Jarvis (picture)  WEB SITE   Louisville, Kentucky, USA. 
Chuck Jaworski   Deceased    Chicago, Illinois, USA. 
Dave Jenkins  Christchurch, New Zealand. 
Kris Jensen (picture)  WEB SITE   Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. 
Doug Jernigan (picture)  Trenton, South Carolina, USA. 
Sandi Jesperson (picture)  Vanderhoof, British Columbia, Canada. 
Jimmy Johnson (picture)  Austin, Texas, USA. 
Lance Johnson  Rhinelander, Wisconsin, USA. 
Barry Jolliff (picture)  WEB SITE   Wooster, Ohio, USA. 
Bob Jones (picture)  Troy, Ohio, USA. 
Greg Jones (picture)  WEB SITE   Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. 
Johnny Jones (picture)   Deceased    Alpharetta, Georgia, USA. 
Vernon Jones (picture)  WEB SITE   Springtown, Texas, USA. 
George Jordan (picture)  WEB SITE   Staunton, Virginia, USA. 

Gerhard Kamm (picture)  Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
Carol and Tom Kelly (picture)  Ludington, Michigan, USA. 
Carol Kelly (picture)  Zephyrhills, Florida, USA. 
Pat and Bob Kelm (picture)  WEB SITE   Montello, Wisconsin, USA. 
Lee "The Singing Lumberjack" Kennedy  West Forks, Maine, USA. 
Jack Kirchgatter (picture)  WEB SITE   Wallertheim, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. 
Jens Klusmann (picture)  WEB SITE   Wilhelmshaven, Niedersachsen, Germany. 
Joe Koschig (picture)  WEB SITE   Monheim am Rhein, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
John Kozyra  Harrogate, England, United Kingdom. 
Hans Krackau (picture)  WEB SITE   Berlin, Berlin, Germany. 
Rob Krum (picture)  Spokane, Washington, USA. 
Joe Kula   Retired    Fair Oaks, California, USA. 
Joyce Kutz (picture)  Hamilton, Massachusetts, USA. 

Kristy Lake  Hanoverton, Ohio, USA. 
Joe Landi  Beesley's Point, New Jersey, USA. 
Denny Lantz (picture)  Medford, Oregon, USA. 
Barbara Lassiter  WEB SITE   Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, USA. 
Stephen Daye Lassiter (picture)  Cody, Wyoming, USA. 
Ed Laudenschlager (picture)  Galloway, Ohio, USA. 
Sheldon L. Lawrence (picture)  Wichita, Kansas, USA. 
Tommy L. Lee (picture)  Drumright, Oklahoma, USA. 
Seth Levine (picture)  WEB SITE   Tempe, Arizona, USA. 
Jack Lewis (picture)  Boynton Beach, Florida, USA. 
Terry Lewis  RR 1 Barton , Digby County, Nova Scotia, Canada. 
Lisa Lincoln (picture)  WEB SITE   Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. 
Jerry Linduff (picture)  WEB SITE   Moore, Oklahoma, USA. 
Bob Livingston  Middletown, Connecticut, USA. 
Grant Logan (picture)   Deceased    Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
Bill Lowry  Middletown, Indiana, USA. 
Melton Lee and Sue Luttrell (picture)  Aledo, Texas, USA. 
Otis Lutz (picture)  WEB SITE   Melbourne, Florida, USA. 
Jerry E. Lynn (picture)   Deceased    Fort Hood, Texas, USA. 

Andreas Macke  Berlin, Berlin, Germany. 
Mike MacKenna  Leander, Texas, USA. 
Gary Mahnken (picture)  WEB SITE   Corder, Missouri, USA. 
Ron Markus (picture)  Tucson, Arizona, USA. 
Don Marshall  Oakland, Oregon, USA. 
Tobias Martin  Markkleeberg, Sachsen, Germany. 
Vincent Masciarelli  WEB SITE   Glenside, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Pat and Wanda McBride  Grand Junction, Colorado, USA. 
Doug McCart (picture)  Corydon, Iowa, USA. 
Dale "Mac" McClary (picture)  WEB SITE   Melbourne, Florida, USA. 
Barrie McCombs (picture)  WEB SITE   Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 
Tom McConahay (picture)  Clayton, North Carolina, USA. 
Jackie and Susan McCorkle (picture)  Rocky Face, Georgia, USA. 
Dennis McCormack   Deceased    Boston, Massachusetts, USA. 
Richard L. "Rich" and Carolyn McCoy (picture)  WEB SITE   Ossian, Indiana, USA. 
Alistair McCulloch (picture)  WEB SITE  Scotland, United Kingdom. 
Dale McDonald  Plainview, Texas, USA. 
Terry and Beverly McGill (picture)  Lake City, Tennessee, USA. 
Jim McKinney (picture)  WEB SITE   New Boston, Michigan, USA. 
Nora McKinney (picture)  Spokane, Washington, USA. 
Patrick McKinney (picture)  Spokane, Washington, USA. 
Dale McRoberts  Lincoln, Illinois, USA. 
Tom Meehan (picture)  Woodstock, Georgia, USA. 
Miriam "MiMi" Merriwether  Fort Walton Beach, Florida, USA. 
Teddy Meyers (picture)  WEB SITE   Munich, Bayern, Germany. 
Bubba Mingus (picture)  WEB SITE   Slidell, Louisiana, USA. 
Steve Minkin (picture)  WEB SITE   Healdsburg, California, USA. 
Jerry Mitchell (picture)  Waxahachie, Texas, USA. 
Chris Moller (picture)  Glendale, Arizona, USA. 
Gunter Hans-Jurgen Monroe (picture)  WEB SITE   Steilacoom, Washington, USA. 
Monty Montgomery  Twentynine Palms, California, USA. 
Paul Moore (picture)  North San Juan, California, USA. 
Naaman Moorehouse (picture)  Grand Junction, Colorado, USA. 
Christina Moreland (picture)  WEB SITE   Aurora, Colorado, USA. 
Lori Morin (picture)   Deceased    Chepachet, Rhode Island, USA. 
Glen Morningstar Jr. (picture)  WEB SITE   Highland, Michigan, USA. 
Susan Morris (picture)  WEB SITE   Redmond, Washington, USA. 
Wade "CallerWade" Morrow (picture)  WEB SITE   Lawrence, Kansas, USA. 
Raymond Moskewich  Morgan, Vermont, USA. 
Charles Muecke  Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, USA. 
Brian Murdoch   Retired    North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 
Gary Murphy  Lake City, Florida, USA. 
Sharon Murphy  Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. 
Eva Murray (picture)  WEB SITE   Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA. 
Pete Murray  Olympia, Washington, USA. 

Lynn Nelson (picture)  WEB SITE   Kansas City, Kansas, USA. 
Ron Nelson (picture)  Chula Vista, California, USA. 
Royce Nelson (picture)  WEB SITE   Bagley, Minnesota, USA. 
Dick Neumann (picture)  WEB SITE   El Cajon, California, USA. 
Don Newburn (picture)  WEB SITE   Lebanon, Oregon, USA. 
Debra Newby (picture)  WEB SITE  California, USA. 
Cliff Nichols (picture)   WEB SITE   Bellevue, Washington, USA. 
Wayne and Ruby Nicholson  WEB SITE   Montgomery, Alabama, USA. 
John Norris  Rome, Georgia, USA. 

Bente "The ole Lady" Olsen (picture)  Halmstad, Sweden. 
Larry Merritt Oversmith Jr. (picture)  Jackson, Michigan, USA. 
Patrick O'Loughlin  Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. 

Robert Padgett  Orange Park, Florida, USA. 
Rex Parker  Wadsworth, Ohio, USA. 
Terry Passarino  Ballico, California, USA. 
Margean Passey Viken  Boise, Idaho, USA. 
Ray L. "Patt" Patterson (picture)   WEB SITE   Turlock, California, USA. 
Gardner Patton (picture)  WEB SITE   Bridgewater, New Jersey, USA. 
John Penn  WEB SITE   Frankfort, Kentucky, USA. 
Andy Petrere (picture)  Greenwell Springs, Louisiana, USA. 
Larry Pfennig (picture)  Bismarck, North Dakota, USA. 
Hans Pitters (picture)  Vejle Øst, Denmark. 
David Preston  Lake Jackson, Texas, USA. 
Walt Puckett  Fletcher, North Carolina, USA. 
Thomas Pustinger  Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA. 
Roger Putzler (picture)  WEB SITE   Albany, Oregon, USA. 

Coleeta Quigley (picture)  Coquille, Oregon, USA. 

Kathy Racine (picture)  WEB SITE   Provo, Utah, USA. 
Jimmy D. Rader Sr.  Pekin, Illinois, USA. 
Jim and Sharon Rammel (picture)  Arnold, California, USA. 
Neal and Bev Redwanz (picture)  Decatur, Alabama, USA. 
Nelson L. Reeme  Vernon, British Columbia, Canada. 
Cyril John Rendell  Lymington, England, United Kingdom. 
Dick and Pam Rhodabeck  Holt, Michigan, USA. 
Chris Ricciotti (picture)  WEB SITE   Boston, Massachusetts, USA. 
Mike Richards (picture)  Cody, Wyoming, USA. 
Robert "Bob" and Allynn Riggs (picture)  WEB SITE   Centennial, Colorado, USA. 
Alex Ritchie  Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. 
Danny Robinson (picture)   Deceased    Winter Park, Florida, USA. 
Paul Rosenberg (picture)  WEB SITE   Albany, New York, USA. 
Ray and Misel Rosler  North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada. 
Paul Roy  Chicopee, Massachusetts, USA. 
Don Royal (picture)  Muncie, Indiana, USA. 
Tom Rudebock (picture)  WEB SITE   Leetonia, Ohio, USA. 
Dick Rueter (picture)  WEB SITE   Farmington, Minnesota, USA. 
Ron Rutz  Chapin, South Carolina, USA. 
John Ryan (picture)  Ventura, California, USA. 

Johnny Saettel  Elizabethtown, Kentucky, USA. 
Gary Sanders (picture)  WEB SITE   Houston, Texas, USA. 
Craig Satterthwaite (picture)  Layton, Utah, USA. 
Sonya Savell-Jones and Terry Jones-Savell (picture)  WEB SITE   Newalla, Oklahoma, USA. 
Rich & Lynn Sbardella (picture)  Stafford Springs, Connecticut, USA. 
Burton "Burt" and Mary Ann Schain  New City, New York, USA. 
Neal Schlein  Eugene, Illinois, USA. 
Bob Schlenker  Largo, Florida, USA. 
Greg "The Calling Cop" Scott (picture)  Quincy, Illinois, USA. 
Gavin Seim (picture)  WEB SITE   Ephrata, Washington, USA. 
Jim Shay  Sayre, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Terri Sherrer (picture)  Palm Springs, California, USA. 
Don Siebert   Retired    Minot, North Dakota, USA. 
Bill Silver (picture)  Calera, Oklahoma, USA. 
Elaine Silver  Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA. 
Paul Silveria (picture)  WEB SITE   Portland, Oregon, USA. 
Bob Simpson  Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. 
JP Slater (picture)   Deceased    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 
Harry Slocum (picture)  Buffalo, New York, USA. 
Dale Smith (picture)  Waco, Texas, USA. 
Dave Smith (picture)  WEB SITE   South Lyon, Michigan, USA. 
Garland Smith (picture)  WEB SITE   Rosenberg, Texas, USA. 
Jim L. "Jimmy" Smith and Judy Keller-Smith (picture)  WEB SITE   Buena Park, California, USA. 
Kendall and Kathy Smith  Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Canada. 
Roger H. Smith (picture)  WEB SITE   Los Altos, California, USA. 
Leonard Snodgrass Oregon, USA. 
Johnny Snow  Big Sandy, Texas, USA. 
Thomas Spaetling (picture)  Bamberg, Bayern, Germany. 
Speedy Spivacke (picture)   Deceased    Ocean Springs, Mississippi, USA. 
David Staples (picture)  WEB SITE   Durham, North Carolina, USA. 
John Steckman (picture)   Deceased    Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Ian Steel   Retired    Helena, Montana, USA. 
Keith Stevens (picture)  Lake Wales, Florida, USA. 
Roy Stevenson (picture)  Lakewood, California, USA. 
Chip Stewart (picture)  Longmont, Colorado, USA. 
Jamie and Debbie Stewart  Alabaster, Alabama, USA. 
Lenny Stratton  Shelburne, Massachusetts, USA. 
Karen Stuart   Retired    Newcastle, Wyoming, USA. 
Larry Studebaker   Deceased    WEB SITE   Tipp City, Ohio, USA. 
Roy Surratt  Salisbury, North Carolina, USA. 
Dave Sutton   Deceased    Mokena, Illinois, USA. 
Kazy Suzuki (picture)  WEB SITE   Tsukuba, Japan. 
John Swindle (picture)  WEB SITE   Rockledge, Florida, USA. 

Jim Tait (picture)  Dearborn Heights, Michigan, USA. 
Dan Tapper  WEB SITE   Morristown, New Jersey, USA. 
Paul Terrell (picture)  WEB SITE   Pineville, Louisiana, USA. 
Barbara Tucker  Kirtland, New Mexico, USA. 
Charlie Tuffield (picture)   Deceased    Denver, Colorado, USA. 
Mike Turner  Wichita, Kansas, USA. 
Paul Turner  Tucson, Arizona, USA. 
Tim Tyl (picture)  WEB SITE   White Oak, Texas, USA. 

Don Umbrecht  Wilmington, Delaware, USA. 

Sandie Vaccaro (picture)  Statham, Georgia, USA. 
Richard Verge (picture)   Deceased    WEB SITE   Independence, Kansas, USA. 
Philip Vinokur  Riverside, California, USA. 
Gloria Vivier  WEB SITE   Granby, Massachusetts, USA. 
Jim and Joyce Voll (picture)  Albany, Oregon, USA. 

Alice Wahle (picture)   Deceased    Carson, Iowa, USA. 
Doug Waldren  Lakeland, Florida, USA. 
Kay Walker (picture)  WEB SITE   Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 
Ralph and Brenda Walquist (picture)  WEB SITE   Paul, Idaho, USA. 
John Walter  Aliso Viejo, California, USA. 
Carl Wamsley (picture)   Deceased    Picayune, Mississippi, USA. 
Larry Ward (picture)   Deceased    Carson City, Nevada, USA. 
John Wargowsky (picture)  WEB SITE   Marion, Ohio, USA. 
Otto Warteman (picture)  WEB SITE   Trinity, Texas, USA. 
Bob Washington   Deceased    Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada. 
Jim Wass (picture)   WEB SITE   Riverdale, Maryland, USA. 
Glenn Watts (picture)  WEB SITE   Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 
Dan Weatherby  Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. 
Jerrie Lynn Weatherford  North Pole, Alaska, USA. 
Vernon Weisensel   Deceased   Wisconsin, USA. 
Dottie Welch (picture)  Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, Canada. 
Wayne Whatman  Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. 
Bill and Sheryll White  Hamilton, New Zealand. 
Brian White (picture)  Houston, Texas, USA. 
Marvin White (picture)   Deceased    Bossier, Louisiana, USA. 
Mike Wilder (picture)  WEB SITE   Golden Valley, Arizona, USA. 
John Wilkes  Mohave Valley, Arizona, USA. 
Bobby Willis (picture) Updated  Coppell, Texas, USA. 
Andy Wilson (picture)  WEB SITE  California, USA. 
Jarvis Windom (picture)  WEB SITE   Wheatland, Wyoming, USA. 
Dick and Rose Winkler   Deceased    Huber Heights, Ohio, USA. 
Don and Marie Wood (picture)  WEB SITE   Lacey, Washington, USA. 
Jonathan Wood  Meridian, Idaho, USA. 
Alan Woods  WEB SITE   Fort Worth, Texas, USA. 
Bob Worley (picture)  WEB SITE   Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. 
Bob and Veronica Wright   Deceased    Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. 
Jay Wright (picture)  Joplin, Missouri, USA. 
Paula Wright  Langwarrin, Victoria, Australia. 

Jerry Yerby  Auburn, California, USA. 
Bill Yoeman  WEB SITE   Mt. View, Hawaii, USA. 

Walt Zatorski (picture)  WEB SITE  Michigan, USA. 
Gordy and Mary Ann Ziemann  Cedarburg, Wisconsin, USA. 
Dominic Zwerenz (picture)  Pforzheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
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