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Caller and Cuer Database
USA - West
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USA - West

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735 records
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Arizona  Arkansas  California  Colorado  Hawaii  Idaho  Montana  Nevada  New Mexico  Oklahoma  Oregon  Texas  Utah  Washington  Wyoming 

Lester and Barbara Auria  Lake Havasu City, Arizona, USA. 
Ronnie and Bonnie Bond (picture)  Tucson & ShowLow, Arizona, USA. 
Colleen Brown (picture)  Yuma, Arizona, USA. 
Anne "Annie" Brownrigg and Carl Dammeir (picture)  WEB SITE www.brownrigg.homestead.com   Surprise, Arizona, USA. 
Charles Campbell  Sierra Vista, Arizona, USA. 
Bill and Lee Carter  Peoria, Arizona, USA. 
Jack and Darlene Chaffee  Mesa, Arizona, USA. 
Tom Crisp (picture)  WEB SITE crispycaller.com   Tucson, Arizona, USA. 
Dale Dockery (picture)   Deceased    WEB SITE www.daledockery.8m.net   Apache Junction, Arizona, USA. 
Randy Dougherty (picture)  Mesa, Arizona, USA. 
Carlos and Nancy Esqueda   Retired    WEB SITE www.dancingamigos.com   Mesa, Arizona, USA. 
Ray and Nancy Everett  Tucson, Arizona, USA. 
Dennis Farrar (picture)  WEB SITE www.HappyDancing.us   Sun City West, Arizona, USA. 
Marshall Flippo (picture)   Deceased    WEB SITE www.marshallflippo.com   Tucson, Arizona, USA. 
Anita Froehlich (picture)  WEB SITE www.happydancing.us   Tucson, Arizona, USA. 
Rick Gittelman (picture)  WEB SITE www.rickgittelman.com   Tucson, Arizona, USA. 
Bill Greenen  Mesa, Arizona, USA. 
Dick Grisham (picture)  Surprise, Arizona, USA. 
Wayne and Pat Guice  Mesa, Arizona, USA. 
Lee Hailey (picture)  Glendale, Arizona, USA. 
Don Haney (picture)  Tucson, Arizona, USA. 
Chuck Hansen   Deceased    Surprise, Arizona, USA. 
Steve and Lori Harris (picture)  WEB SITE www.SLHarris.net   Apache Junction, Arizona, USA. 
Bill Haynes (picture)  WEB SITE challengedancing.com   Gilbert, Arizona, USA. 
Peg Hesley  WEB SITE www.peghesley.com   Phoenix, Arizona, USA. 
Skip Hughes  Phoenix, Arizona, USA. 
George and Pamela Hurd (picture)   WEB SITE gphurd.com  Arizona, USA. 
Larry Kraber (picture)  Tucson, Arizona, USA. 
Seth Levine (picture)  WEB SITE www.sethl.com   Tempe, Arizona, USA. 
Barbara and Ernie Lopez  Prescott, Arizona, USA. 
Ron Markus (picture)  Tucson, Arizona, USA. 
John L. Marshall  Peoria, Arizona, USA. 
Chris Moller (picture)  Glendale, Arizona, USA. 
Nancy Mouser  Mesa, Arizona, USA. 
Kristine and Bruce Nelson (picture)  Yuma, Arizona, USA. 
Ron and Mary Noble (picture)  WEB SITE rmnoble.com   Yuma, Arizona, USA. 
Gordon "Gordy" Oseth (picture)  Lake Havasu City, Arizona, USA. 
Steve Porter   Retired    Yuma, Arizona, USA. 
Tom Roper (picture)  WEB SITE www.roper.wesquaredance.com   Mesa, Arizona, USA. 
Dwain and Judy Sechrist  Tucson, Arizona, USA. 
Michael Sikorsky (picture)  WEB SITE www.arizonacaller.com   Apache Junction, Arizona, USA. 
Robert "Bob" Simonds  Yuma, Arizona, USA. 
Dean Singleton (picture)  WEB SITE arrowheadrecording.com   Vail, Arizona, USA. 
John Sloper (picture)  WEB SITE www.johnsloper.com   Mesa, Arizona, USA. 
Garland Smith (picture)  WEB SITE www.garlandsmithcaller.com   Mesa, Arizona, USA. 
John Stanley  Tucson, Arizona, USA. 
Bob Stutevoss (picture)  Yuma, Arizona, USA. 
Paul Turner  Tucson, Arizona, USA. 
Lynn and Bob Van Atta (picture)  Green Valley, Arizona, USA. 
Dave Walker  Tucson, Arizona, USA. 
Chuck and Sandi Weiss (picture)  WEB SITE www.dancewithchuckandsandi.com   Mesa, Arizona, USA. 
Mike Wilder (picture)  WEB SITE www.mikewildercalling.com   Golden Valley, Arizona, USA. 
John Wilkes  Mohave Valley, Arizona, USA. 

Brenda Ackerson (picture)   Retired    Batesville, Arkansas, USA. 
Keith Ackerson (picture)   Retired    Batesville, Arkansas, USA. 
Carl "CBDanceman" Ballou (picture)  WEB SITE www.cbdanceman.com   Rogers, Arkansas, USA. 
Joe Borengasser (picture)   Deceased    Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. 
Joey Duhamel (picture)  Star City, Arkansas, USA. 
Roy P. "Ramblin" Hestand  Mountain Home, Ark, Arkansas, USA. 
Jerry and Juliann Hill   Retired    Lakeview, Arkansas, USA. 
Jay King  Van Buren, Arkansas, USA. 
Bob Loyd   Retired    Siloam Springs, Arkansas, USA. 
Bill Tiner (picture)   Deceased    Tumbling Shoals, Arkansas, USA. 
Dave Towry (picture)  Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, USA. 
Ray Wheelington (picture)   Deceased    Texarkana, Arkansas, USA. 
Gordon White  Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, USA. 

N/A Aahz (picture)  WEB SITE caller.aahz.ws   Silicon Valley, California, USA. 
Jimmy Akin (picture)  San Diego, California, USA. 
Andy Allemao (picture)  Chula Vista, California, USA. 
Mike Amell (picture)  WEB SITE www.deltasquares.com   Concord, California, USA. 
Linda Ashby (picture)  Fountain Valley, California, USA. 
Regina Aubrey  Vista, California, USA. 
Robert Avery  San Jose, California, USA. 
Judy Ballard-Eades (picture)  WEB SITE www.wileades.com   Vista, California, USA. 
Darrell Beck  Tehachapi, California, USA. 
Desirey Benavides (picture)  Downey, California, USA. 
Don Benson  Aromas, California, USA. 
Sylvia Bjork  Antelope, California, USA. 
Dean Black (picture)   WEB SITE deanb1ofakindcaller.com   Yreka, California, USA. 
Mickey Blunk  Huntington Beach, California, USA. 
Neil and Patty Booth (picture)  Grand Terrace, California, USA. 
Rick Boswell (picture)   Deceased    Tehachapi, California, USA. 
Ken Bower (picture)  WEB SITE www.kenbower.net   Palm Desert, California, USA. 
John Bowman  Placerville, California, USA. 
Mel Branham (picture)  Anaheim, California, USA. 
Dave Brown  WEB SITE callerdave.com   Merced, California, USA. 
Jimmy Oldguy and Darla Brown (picture)  WEB SITE www.theoldguyentertainment.com   Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA. 
Erin and Scot Byars (picture)  Sacramento, California, USA. 
Scot Byars (picture)  Sacramento, California, USA. 
MaryAnn Callahan and Craig Cowan (picture)  WEB SITE mixed-up.com   West Sacramento, California, USA. 
Dennis Callin (picture)   Retired    Hemet, California, USA. 
Pat and Monica Carnathan (picture)  WEB SITE www.patcarnathan.com   Temecula, California, USA. 
Bill and Virginia Carpenter (picture) California, USA. 
Richard A. and Judy Cartwright  Chula Vista, California, USA. 
Leo and Rochelle Catt (picture)  Ramona, California, USA. 
John and Linda Caywood  San Jose, California, USA. 
Vic Ceder (picture)  WEB SITE www.ceder.net   Los Olivos, California, USA. 
Jim and Adele Chico (picture)  WEB SITE www.mixed-up.com   Morgan Hill, California, USA. 
Tork Clark (picture)  WEB SITE dorysvineyard.com   Gilroy, California, USA. 
Opal and Joe Cohen   Retired    Granada Hills, California, USA. 
Stan Cole (picture)   Deceased    Oakhurst, California, USA. 
Danny Corchero  Jackson, California, USA. 
Rob Cunningham (picture)   WEB SITE robcunninghamcaller.com   Bakersfield, California, USA. 
Gina Darcy (picture)  Rosamond, California, USA. 
Jean Darrah   Retired    Santa Rosa, California, USA. 
Bill and Beth Davenport (picture)  San Diego, California, USA. 
Dave Decot (picture)  Santa Clara, California, USA. 
Gus and Lynn DeFore (picture)  WEB SITE www.gusdefore.com   Camarillo, California, USA. 
Joe Dehn (picture)  WEB SITE www.dehnbase.org   Stanford, California, USA. 
Howard J. Delcambre  Menifee, California, USA. 
Jim Diffey (picture)   Deceased    Vacaville, California, USA. 
John and Fran Downing (picture)  Apple Valley, California, USA. 
Dan and Allison Drumheller (picture)  Fairfield, California, USA. 
Jerry and Shirley Dunn  Mariposa, California, USA. 
Ron Durkee   Retired    Burbank, California, USA. 
Wil Eades (picture)   Deceased    Vista, California, USA. 
Jim Elder (picture)  Calabasas, California, USA. 
Bob Elling (picture)  San Leandro, California, USA. 
Bob and Maureen Ensten (picture)  Windsor, California, USA. 
Charles and Joni Eskin (picture)  Roseville, California, USA. 
Su Eygabroad (picture)  Thermal, California, USA. 
Bill Eyler (picture)  WEB SITE www.billeyler.com   Cathedral City, California, USA. 
Charlie Fagan (picture)   WEB SITE www.charliefagan.org   Torrance, California, USA. 
Adam Fanello (picture)  WEB SITE barndanceparty.com   Silverado, California, USA. 
Phil Farmer (picture)  Los Angeles, California, USA. 
Keith Ferguson (picture)  Saratoga, California, USA. 
Joe and Lou Ferraro (picture)   Retired    WEB SITE webpages.charter.net   San Luis Obispo, California, USA. 
Ray A. Flick  Oxnard, California, USA. 
John Flora (picture)  Los Gatos, California, USA. 
Kathleen "Kathy" Ford  San Diego, California, USA. 
Rob French (picture)  WEB SITE www.rfrench.org   Sunnyvale, California, USA. 
Trio Friendly Fire (picture)  WEB SITE www.4dance.net   Sacramento, California, USA. 
Darren Gallina (picture)   WEB SITE www.darrengallina.com   Lompoc, California, USA. 
Kip Garvey (picture)  WEB SITE www.kipgarvey.com   Pioneer, California, USA. 
Rey and Sherry Garza (picture)  WEB SITE www.reygarza.com   Vista, California, USA. 
Diane Gaskill (picture)  San Jose, California, USA. 
Jeanne Gaskill (picture)  San Jose, California, USA. 
Rich Gierman (picture)  Spreckels, California, USA. 
Mary Gingell (picture)  Sunnyvale, California, USA. 
Bill "Tex" Gipson (picture)  WEB SITE www.billtexgipson.com   Anaheim, California, USA. 
Ben Goldberg (picture)   Deceased    Tracy, California, USA. 
Kurt Gollhardt (picture)  Union City, California, USA. 
Peter Gomez (picture)  WEB SITE www.hfrdc.org   Escondido, California, USA. 
Joe Gonzalez (picture)  Clovis, California, USA. 
Masha Goodman Crawford (picture)  WEB SITE www.OldSolesMusic.com   Northern Cal, SF, Sac, Foothil, California, USA. 
Anne and Ron Gracia (picture)  Hayward, California, USA. 
Rob Grigsby (picture)  Los Angeles, California, USA. 
Henry Grissett Jr. (picture)  Los Angeles, California, USA. 
Bill Hale (picture)  San Diego, California, USA. 
Chuck Hall (picture)   WEB SITE chuckhall1.netfirms.com   Apple Valley, California, USA. 
Rick Hampton (picture)  WEB SITE www.rickhampton.net   Visalia, California, USA. 
Ron Harris  La Habra, California, USA. 
Sue and Phil Harris (picture)  Aromas, California, USA. 
Michael and Heather Haworth (picture)  WEB SITE www.michaelhaworth.org   Lake Elsinore, California, USA. 
Jay Henderson (picture)  WEB SITE www.sqcallerjay.com   San Luis Obispo, California, USA. 
Eric Henerlau (picture)  WEB SITE www.erichenerlau.com   Corte Madera, California, USA. 
Dick Henschel (picture)   Deceased    Concord, California, USA. 
Nikki Hensley (picture)  Newark, California, USA. 
Diana and Albert Hilliard (picture)  San Jose, California, USA. 
Dick Hodnefield (picture)  Simi Valley, California, USA. 
Erik Hoffman (picture)  WEB SITE www.erikhoffman.com   Oakland, California, USA. 
Dale Hoppers (picture)  WEB SITE www.callerdale.com   Mission Hills, California, USA. 
'Wild' Bill and Jenney Horst (picture)   Deceased    Winnetka, California, USA. 
Donna Hott  San Marcos, California, USA. 
Jennifer Hughes   Deceased    Sacramento, California, USA. 
Allan Hurst (picture)   WEB SITE www.squareinfo.org   Sunnyvale, California, USA. 
Wendy-Jean Iannico (picture)  San Carlos, California, USA. 
Bruce Jackson  Orange, California, USA. 
Lizz Johnson   Deceased    Stockton, California, USA. 
Lawrence Johnstone (picture)   WEB SITE www.loj.name   Ukiah, California, USA. 
Shauna Kaaria (picture)  WEB SITE www.shaunakaaria.com   Redlands, California, USA. 
Vic Kaaria (picture)   Retired    Redlands, California, USA. 
Joel Kadish (picture)   Deceased    Fremont, California, USA. 
Tom Kaiser (picture)  Sacramento, California, USA. 
Judy Keller and Jim Smith (picture)  WEB SITE www.dancingwithjudyandjim.com   Buena Park, California, USA. 
Michael Kellogg (picture)  WEB SITE www.michaelkellogg.us   Northridge, California, USA. 
Gary Kendall (picture)  Fairfield, California, USA. 
Charley Kennedy  Forestville, California, USA. 
John Kenny (picture)  WEB SITE johnkenny.net   San Francisco, California, USA. 
Harlan Kerr (picture)  San Francisco, California, USA. 
Ernie Kinney (picture)   Deceased    Fresno, California, USA. 
Kevin and Vicki Klein (picture)  WEB SITE www.ncrdta.org   Davis, California, USA. 
Alfred Knoppe (picture)  Sunnyvale, California, USA. 
Bob Knowles (picture)  Tehachapi, California, USA. 
Bill Kramer (picture)   Deceased    Buellton, California, USA. 
Sandi "Sandra Dee" Kremer and Paul Albert  Millbrae, California, USA. 
Ed Kremers (picture)  Oakdale, California, USA. 
Fran and Jim Kropf  WEB SITE members.aol.com   San Diego, California, USA. 
Ed Kuidis (picture)  WEB SITE squaredcallered.com   Vacaville, California, USA. 
Joe Kula   Retired    Fair Oaks, California, USA. 
Richard Lamberty (picture)  WEB SITE www.rexl.org   Oakland, California, USA. 
Stephanie Langhoff (picture)   Retired    Alamo, California, USA. 
Frank and Debbi Lescrinier (picture)   WEB SITE Frank253.tripod.com   Fullerton, California, USA. 
Michael Levy (picture)  WEB SITE www.MichaelLevy.net   San Francisco, California, USA. 
Lloyd Glenn "Lloydtheboat" Lewis (picture)   Deceased    Los Angeles, California, USA. 
Mike Luna (picture)  WEB SITE www.squaredancelive.com   San Jose, California, USA. 
Karen MacDonald   Retired    Lompoc, California, USA. 
Bob Malthouse (picture)   Deceased    Bellflower, California, USA. 
Richard "Rick" Manning (picture)  Westminster, California, USA. 
John Marus (picture)  San Diego, California, USA. 
David Mee (picture)  WEB SITE DancewithMee.com   Anaheim, California, USA. 
Tim Merino (picture)  WEB SITE timmerino.com   Oroville, California, USA. 
Arlen Miller (picture)  Northridge, California, USA. 
Steve Minkin (picture)  WEB SITE www.steveminkin.com   Healdsburg, California, USA. 
Milo and Cinda Molitoris (picture)  WEB SITE www.mixed-up.com   Porter Ranch, California, USA. 
Monty Montgomery  Twentynine Palms, California, USA. 
Paul Moore (picture)  North San Juan, California, USA. 
David Moorhouse (picture)  Irvine, California, USA. 
Cindy Mower (picture)  Reseda, California, USA. 
Mike Neasham (picture)  Red Bluff, California, USA. 
Ron Nelson (picture)  Chula Vista, California, USA. 
Dick Neumann (picture)  WEB SITE dickneumann.googlepages.com   El Cajon, California, USA. 
Debra Newby (picture)  WEB SITE www.heritagedanceevents.com  California, USA. 
Bev Oren (picture)  Riverside, California, USA. 
Jim Osborne (picture)  WEB SITE www.3osb.com   San Mateo, California, USA. 
Sharon and Casey Parker (picture)  Manteca, California, USA. 
Terry Passarino  Ballico, California, USA. 
Ray L. "Patt" Patterson (picture)   WEB SITE www.sdcallerray.com   Turlock, California, USA. 
Sharon and Ray Patterson  WEB SITE sdcallerray.com   Turlock, California, USA. 
Bob Paull  Cathedral City, California, USA. 
Scott Pearce (picture)  Folsom, California, USA. 
Jim Penrod (picture)   Retired    Stockton, California, USA. 
Tim Pepper (picture)  Redlands, California, USA. 
Rachel and Roy Phillips  Groveland, California, USA. 
Mike Pogue  Sunnyvale, California, USA. 
Del Powell  Sacramento, California, USA. 
Johnny Preston (picture)   WEB SITE members.cox.net   Temecula, California, USA. 
Jim and Sharon Rammel (picture)  Arnold, California, USA. 
Rich Reel (picture)   WEB SITE www.all8.com   Hayward, California, USA. 
Kenn Reid (picture)   Deceased    Chico, California, USA. 
John Reitmajer (picture)   Deceased    Winneka, California, USA. 
Dave Rensberger  Pismo Beach, California, USA. 
Ruth Riegelhaupt-Herzig (picture)  WEB SITE www.gigsalad.com   Sunnyvale, California, USA. 
Pat Robbins (picture)  WEB SITE www.patrobbins.com   Adelanto, California, USA. 
John Ryan (picture)  Ventura, California, USA. 
Ken Sale  Castro Valley, California, USA. 
Douglas Dean Saunders Sr. (picture)  Santa Rosa, California, USA. 
Scotty Scott   Deceased    Sacramento, California, USA. 
Mike Seastrom (picture)  WEB SITE www.mikeseastrom.com   Tarzana, California, USA. 
Gary D. Shapiro  WEB SITE dance.garyes.com   Santa Barbara, California, USA. 
Terri Sherrer (picture)  Palm Springs, California, USA. 
Sam Shilmover (picture)  San Jose, California, USA. 
Andy Shore (picture)  WEB SITE site.andyshore.com   Aptos, California, USA. 
Craig Shucker (picture)  Garden Grove, California, USA. 
Peggy Shumway  Concord, California, USA. 
Rod Shuping (picture)   WEB SITE www.rodshuping.com   Lancaster, California, USA. 
Lee Siegel  WEB SITE www.enjoysound.com   Sacramento, California, USA. 
Eileen and Bob Silvia (picture)  WEB SITE www.cedarbrookdancecenter.com   Laguna Woods, California, USA. 
Cliff Simpson (picture)  Indio, California, USA. 
Barbara-Lynn Smith  Santa Clara, California, USA. 
CJ Smith (picture)  Sunnyvale, California, USA. 
Harvey Smith   Deceased    Modesto, California, USA. 
Jim L. "Jimmy" Smith and Judy Keller-Smith (picture)  WEB SITE www.dancingwithjudyandjim.com   Buena Park, California, USA. 
Roger H. Smith (picture)  WEB SITE www.rockinjokers.com   Sunnyvale, California, USA. 
Jim Spence (picture)  Canoga Park, California, USA. 
Skip Stanley (picture)  Garden Grove, California, USA. 
Robert G. "Bob" and Lisa Steele  Santa Clara, California, USA. 
Anndrea and Fred Stephan (picture)  Lancaster, California, USA. 
Roy Stevenson (picture)  Lakewood, California, USA. 
Bert Swerer (picture)   Deceased    San Pablo, California, USA. 
Jill Sybalsky (picture)   Deceased    WEB SITE Top2bottom.net   San Jose, California, USA. 
John Sybalsky (picture)   Deceased    WEB SITE www.sybalsky.com   San Jose, California, USA. 
Fen Tamanaha  San Francisco, California, USA. 
Romney Tannehill (picture)   WEB SITE www.romneytannehill.com   Aliso Viejo, California, USA. 
Donn Thomson (picture)  WEB SITE www.datcaller.com   Paradise, California, USA. 
Richard Tuck (picture)   Retired    San Francisco, California, USA. 
Jeanne Van Blarcom  Sebastopol, California, USA. 
Steve van Keuren  San Diego, California, USA. 
Bill van Melle (picture)  Los Altos, California, USA. 
Don Varner   Deceased    Santa Barbara, California, USA. 
Philip Vinokur  Riverside, California, USA. 
John Walter  Aliso Viejo, California, USA. 
Mirdza Ward (picture)  Fresno, California, USA. 
Paul Waters (picture)  Valley Village, California, USA. 
Buddy Weaver (picture)   WEB SITE www.buddyweaver.com   San Diego, California, USA. 
Vern Weese (picture)   Deceased    Sacramento, California, USA. 
Donald Wescoat (picture)   Deceased    Fullerton, California, USA. 
Steve Wey  Modesto, California, USA. 
Betty and Tom Wicksted (picture)  Rocklin, California, USA. 
Arlan Wight (picture)   Retired    Atwater, California, USA. 
Andy Wilson (picture)  WEB SITE www.AndyWilsonDanceCaller.com  California, USA. 
Steve Woodard (picture)  Lemon Grove, California, USA. 
Victoria "Vicki" Woods (picture)  San Mateo, California, USA. 
George Work (picture)   Deceased    Redding, California, USA. 
Mike Wright (picture)  Martinez, California, USA. 
Jim Wylie (picture)   Retired    Redwood City, California, USA. 
Jerry Yerby  Auburn, California, USA. 
Byron Yoshimura  Tracy, California, USA. 
Dennis Young (picture)  Riverside, California, USA. 

Gregg Anderson (picture)  Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. 
Jim and Bonnie Bahr (picture)  Keenesburg, Colorado, USA. 
Billy Callaway (picture)  Greeley, Colorado, USA. 
Calvin Campbell (picture)  WEB SITE www.d4bp.com   Castle Rock, Colorado, USA. 
Chris and Terri Cantrell (picture)  WEB SITE www.ctkr.com   Broomfield (Denver area), Colorado, USA. 
Missy Causey (picture)   Deceased    Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. 
Ron Counts  Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. 
Jeff Cox and Sandy Sugerman (picture)  Denver, Colorado, USA. 
Don Furnish   Retired    Parker, Colorado, USA. 
Bob Gaunt (picture)  WEB SITE www.bobgaunt-squaredancecaller.com   Arvada, Colorado, USA. 
Fred Hartwell  littleton, Colorado, USA. 
John and Karen Herr (picture)  WEB SITE www.thedancingpenguins.com   Larkspur, Colorado, USA. 
Patrick and Eileen Krause (picture)  WEB SITE www.rounddancing.net   Centennial, Colorado, USA. 
Frank Lane (picture)   Deceased    Estes Park, Colorado, USA. 
Larry Marchese (picture)  Johnstown, Colorado, USA. 
Pat and Wanda McBride  Grand Junction, Colorado, USA. 
Bear Miller (picture)  WEB SITE www.bearmiller.com   Denver, Colorado, USA. 
Naaman Moorehouse (picture)  Grand Junction, Colorado, USA. 
Christina Moreland (picture)  WEB SITE www.callingchristina.com   Aurora, Colorado, USA. 
Mike Olivieri (picture)  WEB SITE mikeolivierisquaredancecaller.com   Northglenn, Colorado, USA. 
Jeff Palmer (picture)   WEB SITE jeffpalmersdc.com   Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. 
David and Joan Parker  Denver, Colorado, USA. 
LaMar Podbevsek  Clifton, Colorado, USA. 
Robert "Bob" and Allynn Riggs (picture)  WEB SITE www.SquareDanceEtc.com   Centennial, Colorado, USA. 
Sonny and Chickie Risley  Denver, Colorado, USA. 
Don and Margy Rouze (picture)   Deceased    Commerce City, Colorado, USA. 
Arlin Sample  Greeley, Colorado, USA. 
Roger Schappell (picture)  WEB SITE rogerschappell.com   Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. 
Maxine and Dale Springer (picture)  WEB SITE www.reocities.com   Grand Junction, Colorado, USA. 
Debbie Steinkirchner  Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. 
Chip Stewart (picture)  Longmont, Colorado, USA. 
Mitchell and Chelsea Thompson (picture)  Arvada, Colorado, USA. 
Charlie Tuffield (picture)   Deceased    Denver, Colorado, USA. 
Ervin H. "Eaglecaller" Wyatt (picture)  WEB SITE cosquaredancing.com   Montrose, Colorado, USA. 

Norman Hangman (picture)  Ewa Beach, Hawaii, USA. 
Candy Hughes  Pukalani, Hawaii, USA. 
Kieth "Shorty" Long  Ewa Beach, Hawaii, USA. 
Bill Yoeman  WEB SITE www.billyoeman.com   Mt. View, Hawaii, USA. 

Justine Brown  Athol, Idaho, USA. 
Trenna "TJ" and Bruce Chadd (picture)  Meridian, Idaho, USA. 
Gary Davis  Boise, Idaho, USA. 
Tim Eld  Nampa, Idaho, USA. 
Eddie Fields  Salmon, Idaho, USA. 
Darin Keith (picture)  WEB SITE darinkeith.weebly.com   Nampa, Idaho, USA. 
Lorrayne and Bill Kennedy (picture)  Weippe, Idaho, USA. 
Margean Passey Viken  Boise, Idaho, USA. 
Gary Potratz  Troy, Idaho, USA. 
Kathy and Ron Rathbun   Retired    Moscow, Idaho, USA. 
Steve Sullivan (picture)  Pocatello, Idaho, USA. 
Donald L. Swartz  Wilder, Idaho, USA. 
Rick and Kathy Utter (picture)  Moyie Springs, Idaho, USA. 
Ralph and Brenda Walquist (picture)  WEB SITE www.magicvalleysquaredance.com   Paul, Idaho, USA. 
Jonathan Wood  Meridian, Idaho, USA. 
Bob Young (picture)  WEB SITE www.rockinrs.com   Boise, Idaho, USA. 
Robin Young (picture)  WEB SITE www.rockinrs.com   Boise, Idaho, USA. 

Barry Bartlette (picture)  WEB SITE www.lolocampndance.com   Lolo, Montana, USA. 
Doug and Leslie Dodge (picture)  Bozeman, Montana, USA. 
David Hinds (picture)  WEB SITE www.MontanaSquareDancing.com   Great Falls, Montana, USA. 
Hunter Keller (picture)  WEB SITE www.hunterkeller.com   Billings, Montana, USA. 
Jayson Shobe  Lewistown, Montana, USA. 
Marvin Speck  Troy, Montana, USA. 
Larry and Susan Sperry (picture)  WEB SITE www.larrysperry.com   Billings, Montana, USA. 
Ian Steel   Retired    Helena, Montana, USA. 
Lynn Strobel (picture)  WEB SITE lynnstrobel.tripod.com   Miles City, Montana, USA. 
Mary Trankel and Don Gilder  WEB SITE www.trankel-gilder.com   Missoula, Montana, USA. 
Glen and Leola Tusler  Helena, Montana, USA. 

Charlie Brown (picture)  Minden, Nevada, USA. 
Thomas Cerrone (picture)  N Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. 
Andy Finch (picture)  WEB SITE www.andy-finch.com   North Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. 
Mike Giles (picture)  Spring Creek, Nevada, USA. 
John Hall  Gardnerville, Nevada, USA. 
Marlene and Leo Humphreys (picture)   Retired    Sparks, Nevada, USA. 
Francois J. Lamoureux  Henderson, Nevada, USA. 
Jim Marwin  Dayton, Nevada, USA. 
Ned Newberg (picture)  Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. 
Magda Sanchez  Reno, Nevada, USA. 
Ron Sowash   Deceased    Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. 
Joseph Valvo  Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. 
Vern Vernazzaro (picture)  Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. 
Debby and Tim Vogt (picture)  Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. 
Larry Ward (picture)   Deceased    Carson City, Nevada, USA. 
Carol Wilson (picture)  WEB SITE www.SquareDanceNevada.com   Reno/Sparks, Nevada, USA. 

 New Mexico 
Scott Amspoker (picture)  Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. 
Fred Beem (picture)  Deming, New Mexico, USA. 
Bob Brundage (picture)   Deceased    Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. 
Ted and Karen Clements (picture)  WEB SITE www.therealcowboycaller.com   Vado, New Mexico, USA. 
John Colwell (picture)  Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. 
Bill Elliott  Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA. 
Jerry Gilbreath (picture)  Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. 
Art Harvey (picture)  Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA. 
Kris Jensen (picture)  WEB SITE www.squarez.com   Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. 
Lisa Lincoln (picture)  WEB SITE lisalincoln.com   Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. 
Bob and Sally Nolen (picture)  WEB SITE www.dreamarounds.com   Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA. 
Joey Solis  Elephant Butte, New Mexico, USA. 
Rich Stewart (picture)  Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. 
Art Tangen (picture)  Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. 
Greg Tillery (picture)  WEB SITE littlebutloud.net   Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. 
Barbara Tucker  Kirtland, New Mexico, USA. 
Fred Weiner (picture)   WEB SITE hometown.aol.com   Mesquite, New Mexico, USA. 
Rusty Wright (picture)  Deming, New Mexico, USA. 

Steven and Vanessa Ackerman  WEB SITE www.sjasqdcaller.com   Del City, Oklahoma, USA. 
Scott Bennett (picture)   WEB SITE www.scottbennettcaller.com   Lawton, Oklahoma, USA. 
Cecil Burton (picture)  Ponca City, Oklahoma, USA. 
Jimmy and Georgianne Couey (picture)  WEB SITE www.coueycues.com   Midwest City, Oklahoma, USA. 
Ed Gloodt   Retired    Ardmore, Oklahoma, USA. 
Karen and Ed Gloodt (picture)  WEB SITE gloodts-letsdance.com   Ardmore, Oklahoma, USA. 
Mike Green (picture)   Deceased    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. 
Shane and Missy Greer  Wagoner, Oklahoma, USA. 
Jeff Holley (picture)  WEB SITE jeffholley.com   Crescent, Oklahoma, USA. 
Calvin Hollis (picture)  Drumright, Oklahoma, USA. 
Jim Howard (picture)  WEB SITE www.jandjmusicokc.com   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. 
Henry Israel (picture)   Retired    Yukon, Oklahoma, USA. 
George and Allie Keith  Lawton, Oklahoma, USA. 
Tommy L. Lee (picture)  Drumright, Oklahoma, USA. 
Jerry Linduff (picture)  WEB SITE www.squaredancing.com   Moore, Oklahoma, USA. 
Lee Main (picture)  Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA. 
Larry McClain  Perry, Oklahoma, USA. 
Jeff Nelon (picture)   Deceased    Bartlesville, Oklahoma, USA. 
Danny Payne (picture)  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. 
Richie Richardson  Salina, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, USA. 
Charlie Robertson (picture)  WEB SITE www.charlierobertson.com   Sulphur, Oklahoma, USA. 
Linda and Paul Robinson  Oologah, Oklahoma, USA. 
Bob Rollins (picture)  Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA. 
Sonya Savell-Jones and Terry Jones-Savell (picture)  WEB SITE www.RockinM.com   Newalla, Oklahoma, USA. 
Bill Silver (picture)  Calera, Oklahoma, USA. 
Elaine Silver  Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA. 
Judy Snow  Del City, Oklahoma, USA. 
Jerry Stover (picture)  Lawton, Oklahoma, USA. 
Bob Thomas (picture)  WEB SITE www.sdbob.com   Del City, Oklahoma, USA. 
Jim Woolsey (picture)  WEB SITE www.jimwoolsey.com   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. 

Craig Abercrombie (picture)  WEB SITE craigabercrombiewix.com   St Helens, Oregon, USA. 
Janienne Alexander (picture)  WEB SITE www.TualatinDance.com   Tualatin, Oregon, USA. 
Don Benson  Portland, Oregon, USA. 
Joyce Brown and Ron Wells Oregon, USA. 
John "The Frog" and Elsie Burke (picture)  Klamath Falls, Oregon, USA. 
Misha Case (picture)  Riddle, Oregon, USA. 
Daryl and Yvonne Clendenin (picture)  WEB SITE www.daryl.clendenin.net   Portland, Oregon, USA. 
Dick Click   Retired    Beaverton, Oregon, USA. 
Marian Cook  Granta Pass, Oregon, USA. 
Dave Cooper and Patty Reese  WEB SITE coopercuer.com   Prineville, Oregon, USA. 
Ian Craig  Aurora, Oregon, USA. 
Adam Cumming (picture)  WEB SITE www.squaredown.com   Salem, Oregon, USA. 
KC Curtis  Portland, Oregon, USA. 
Randy Dibble (picture)  Newberg, Oregon, USA. 
Larry Dupray (picture)   Deceased    WEB SITE www.unity9.com   Eugene, Oregon, USA. 
Bob Ewing (picture)   Retired    Springfield, Oregon, USA. 
Elaine Funk  Grants Pass, Oregon, USA. 
William R. "Sarge" Jr. and Cece Glidewell  Klamath Falls, Oregon, USA. 
Kirby Goode (picture)   Deceased    Eugene, Oregon, USA. 
Rich Goss (picture)  WEB SITE www.richgoss.com   Portland, Oregon, USA. 
Sharon Greenman (picture)   Deceased    Springfield, Oregon, USA. 
Girls Night Out Group  McMinnvile, Oregon, USA. 
Terry Halley  Gresham, Oregon, USA. 
Sandy Harris  WEB SITE www.luv2call.com   Albany, Oregon, USA. 
Don and Judy Hart (picture)  Canby, Oregon, USA. 
Steve Hays  Oregon City, Oregon, USA. 
Bill Helms (picture)   Deceased    Portland, Oregon, USA. 
Tami Helms (picture)  WEB SITE helmscuer.com   Portland, Oregon, USA. 
George Hermann  Gresham, Oregon, USA. 
Patty Hermann  Gresham, Oregon, USA. 
Cathy and Bob Houston  Coos Bay, Oregon, USA. 
Tim Kane  Molalla, Oregon, USA. 
Jay Klassen (picture)   Deceased    Brookings, Oregon, USA. 
Stephanie Kroft  Cornelius, Oregon, USA. 
Richard Lane (picture)  WEB SITE www.aboutrichardlane.com   Portland, Oregon, USA. 
Denny Lantz (picture)  Medford, Oregon, USA. 
Lloyd Larson (picture)  Salem, Oregon, USA. 
Randy Lewis and Debbie Olson (picture)  Beaverton, Oregon, USA. 
Richelle "Rikki" Lobato  Grants Pass, Oregon, USA. 
Dorothy Lowder and Hoyt Brezeale (picture)   Deceased    Portland, Oregon, USA. 
Bruce Lowther (picture)  WEB SITE home.comcast.net   Salem, Oregon, USA. 
Cheryl and Geof Manley (picture)  WEB SITE www.danceroundoutyourlife.com  Oregon, USA. 
Mike McDow  Tigard, Oregon, USA. 
Michael W. McMullen (picture)   Deceased    Beaverton, Oregon, USA. 
Ivan Midlam (picture)   Deceased    Eugene, Oregon, USA. 
Don Newburn (picture)  WEB SITE home.centurytel.net   Lebanon, Oregon, USA. 
Dan Nordbye (picture)  WEB SITE www.squaredancedannordbye.com   Canby, Oregon, USA. 
Douglas Pederson  Aumsville, Oregon, USA. 
Roger Putzler (picture)  WEB SITE www.ifyoudontask.com   Albany, Oregon, USA. 
Coleeta Quigley (picture)  Coquille, Oregon, USA. 
Andy Rawlinson (picture)   Deceased    Salem, Oregon, USA. 
Goldie Restorff (picture)  WEB SITE www.sites.onlinemac.com   Yamhill, Oregon, USA. 
Maxwell Rounds (picture)  WEB SITE www.roundsgraphics.com   Canby, Oregon, USA. 
Rene Ruud (picture)  WEB SITE www.reneesdcaller.com   Oregon City, Oregon, USA. 
Rob Scribner (picture)  WEB SITE www.robscribner.com   Terrebonne, Oregon, USA. 
Les Seeley (picture)  WEB SITE www.rivercitydancers.net   Portland, Oregon, USA. 
Paul Silveria (picture)  WEB SITE www.squaredancepaul.com   Portland, Oregon, USA. 
Chuck "Square Chuck" and Carla Simpkins (picture)  WEB SITE www.squarechuck.com   Grants Pass, Oregon, USA. 
Ann Skoe (sko-e) (picture)  Canby, Oregon, USA. 
Dennis Smith (picture)  WEB SITE classicrounddance.com   Hillsboro, Oregon, USA. 
Leonard Snodgrass Oregon, USA. 
Julie Stiers (picture)  Canby, Oregon, USA. 
Jay and Bonnie Stimler  Salem, Oregon, USA. 
David Trout  Portland, Oregon, USA. 
Jim and Joyce Voll (picture)  Albany, Oregon, USA. 
Mark Wheeler (picture)  WEB SITE just4funeastcounty.com   Portland, Oregon, USA. 
Norm Yoder (picture)  WEB SITE mysite.verizon.net   Hillsboro, Oregon, USA. 
Scott Zinser (picture)  WEB SITE members.dsl-only.net   Portland, Oregon, USA. 

Sid Acker (picture)  Arlington, Texas, USA. 
Wayne Alexander  Grand Prairie, Texas, USA. 
Bob Baier (picture)  WEB SITE www.sqdrd.com   Stafford, Texas, USA. 
Wayne Baldwin (picture)  WEB SITE waynebaldwin.com   McKinney, Texas, USA. 
Pat Barbour (picture)  WEB SITE www.dosado.com   Sugar Land, Texas, USA. 
John and Norma Jean Becker  Universal City, Texas, USA. 
Lissa Bengtson  San Antonio, Texas, USA. 
Doug Bennett (picture)  WEB SITE www.globalmusicproductions.com   Garland, Texas, USA. 
Mike Bramlett (picture)  WEB SITE www.rebelrousersdallas.com   Garland, Texas, USA. 
Walter and Eula Brewer (picture)  Grand Prairie, Texas, USA. 
Don Brown (picture)   Deceased    WEB SITE texas-dancing.com   Temple, Texas, USA. 
Brad Caldwell (picture)  WEB SITE www.bradcaldwellcaller.com   Georgetown, Texas, USA. 
John Carlton (picture)  WEB SITE www.southern-knights.com   San Antonio, Texas, USA. 
Tommy Carpenter  Lamesa, Texas, USA. 
Deborah Carroll-Jones (picture)  Arlington, Texas, USA. 
Doc Casey (picture)  Austin, Texas, USA. 
Joe Castro (picture)  Austin, Texas, USA. 
Dan Clairmont (picture)  WEB SITE www.danclairmont.com   Georgetown, Texas, USA. 
Stephen Cole  Gainesville, Texas, USA. 
Paul Cote (picture)  WEB SITE www.paulcotecaller.com   Houston, Texas, USA. 
Charles and Tanya Crockett  Crowley, Texas, USA. 
Tracey Dowell  McCaulley, Texas, USA. 
Wade Driver (picture)  WEB SITE www.wadedriver.com   Spring, Texas, USA. 
Tom Duryea (picture)  WEB SITE duryea.us   Floresville, Texas, USA. 
Nelda M. Eaton (picture)  WEB SITE sites.google.com   New Boston, Texas, USA. 
Jimmy Ellis (picture)  Arlington, Texas, USA. 
Bob J. Farnell (picture)  San Antonio, Texas, USA. 
Karen and Dick Fisher (picture)   Retired    Livingston, Texas, USA. 
Jay and Jill Flowers (picture)  WEB SITE www.texaspoboys.com   League City, Texas, USA. 
Al Frazier (picture)  Georgetown, Texas, USA. 
John Geen (picture)  WEB SITE promenadesquares.com   San Angelo, Texas, USA. 
Arnold Gladson (picture)  WEB SITE www.glad2call.com   Cedar Park, Texas, USA. 
Marie Gladson (picture)  WEB SITE www.glad2call.com   Cedar Park, Texas, USA. 
Paul and Pat Goodson  Garland, Texas, USA. 
Jimmy Gouge  Amarillo, Texas, USA. 
Phil and Becky Guenthner  Harlingen, Texas, USA. 
Mike Hall (picture)  WEB SITE www.promenadehall.com   Pharr, Texas, USA. 
Tom Harrison  Ovalo, Texas, USA. 
Nick and Dee Hartley (picture)  Harlingen, Texas, USA. 
Jim Hayes (picture)  New Brausfels, Texas, USA. 
Walt Helgesen (picture)  WEB SITE www.walthelgesen.com   Granbury, Texas, USA. 
Barry Hendricks   Retired    Arlington, Texas, USA. 
Ronnie Himes  Gun Barrel City, Texas, USA. 
Bill Hinkley (picture)  Mesquite, Texas, USA. 
Christine and Theron Hixson (picture)  Garland, Texas, USA. 
Steve Hoffman  Mt. Pleasant, Texas, USA. 
Ross Howell (picture)  WEB SITE www.rosshowell.com   Mission, Texas, USA. 
Wayne Huggins (picture)  WEB SITE www.waynehuggins.com   Alvord, Texas, USA. 
Les Hughes (picture)  Bulverde, Texas, USA. 
Mikael Jacobson  San Antonio, Texas, USA. 
Tina Jarvis  Ozona, Texas, USA. 
KO Jeanes (picture)  WEB SITE www.kojeanes.com   Spring, Texas, USA. 
B.J. Johnson  Crosby, Texas, USA. 
Jimmy Johnson (picture)  Austin, Texas, USA. 
Jon Jones (picture)  Arlington, Texas, USA. 
Vernon Jones (picture)  WEB SITE www.vernonjones-sdc.com   Springtown, Texas, USA. 
John Kephart (picture)  WEB SITE www.southern-knights.com   San Antonio, Texas, USA. 
Sean Leahy   Deceased    Lampasas, Texas, USA. 
Jerry and Bea Leavelle  Lubbock, Texas, USA. 
Larry Letson (picture)   Retired    McAllen, Texas, USA. 
Jim Lindenfeld  Spring, Texas, USA. 
Darryl Lipscomb (picture)  WEB SITE www.darryllipscomb.com   Mission, Texas, USA. 
Melton Lee and Sue Luttrell (picture)  Aledo, Texas, USA. 
Jerry E. Lynn (picture)   Deceased    Fort Hood, Texas, USA. 
Mike MacKenna  Leander, Texas, USA. 
Don Marshall  Temple, Texas, USA. 
James Martin (picture)   Retired    Houston, Texas, USA. 
Doyce and Kay Massey  Ennis, Texas, USA. 
Mike Mayeux  Hemphill, Texas, USA. 
Lee McCormack (picture)  Rockport, Texas, USA. 
Dale McDonald  Plainview, Texas, USA. 
Joe McRorey  Lubbock, Texas, USA. 
Bob McVey  Blanco, Texas, USA. 
David and Teri Meyer (picture)  WEB SITE www.rounddancesa.com   San Antonio, Texas, USA. 
Chet W. Miles  Driftwood, Texas, USA. 
Ron Mineau (picture)  Tyler, Texas, USA. 
Jerry Mitchell (picture)  Waxahachie, Texas, USA. 
Pat Mitchell  Waxahachie, Texas, USA. 
Wayne Morvent (picture)   Retired    Silsbee, Texas, USA. 
Bob Newman  Harlingen, Texas, USA. 
Dick Northum  Van Alstyne, Texas, USA. 
Ron Oliphant  Temple, Texas, USA. 
Zack Owen   Retired    China Spring, Texas, USA. 
Bill Pace (picture)   Deceased    Hewitt, Texas, USA. 
Lucy and Jerry Pate  Round Rock, Texas, USA. 
J L and Linda Pelton (picture)  WEB SITE www.peltondances.com   Dallas, Texas, USA. 
Tim Ploch (picture)  Houston, Texas, USA. 
Ron and Pat Plouch (picture)  San Antonio, Texas, USA. 
Texas Po' Boys (picture)  WEB SITE www.texaspoboys.com   Houston, Texas, USA. 
David Preston  Lake Jackson, Texas, USA. 
Mark and Pam Prow (picture)  WEB SITE www.mpprow.com   Seabrook, Texas, USA. 
Dennis Pyron (picture)  Portland, Texas, USA. 
Dennis Pyron  Portland, Texas, USA. 
Jim Quine   Deceased    Gilmer, Texas, USA. 
Charles Quisenberry  Dallas, Texas, USA. 
Jerry Rash (picture)  WEB SITE jerryrashsquaredancecaller.com   Harlingen, Texas, USA. 
Richie Rich (picture)  Alvin, Texas, USA. 
Joe Saltel (picture)  WEB SITE www.joesaltel.com   Pharr, Texas, USA. 
Gary Sanders (picture)  WEB SITE www.cowboycaller.com   Houston, Texas, USA. 
Curtis Sarah  Amarillo, Texas, USA. 
Melanie and Allin Seely (picture)   Retired    Cumby, Texas, USA. 
Nasser Shukayr (picture) Texas, USA. 
Tony Sikes (picture)  Alvin, Texas, USA. 
Dale Smith (picture)  Waco, Texas, USA. 
Johnny Snow  Big Sandy, Texas, USA. 
Tony Speranzo  WEB SITE www.round-dancer.com   San Angelo, Texas, USA. 
Kathy and Jerry Stevens  Lawn (Abilene), Texas, USA. 
Tim and Lou Tanner  Wichita Falls, Texas, USA. 
Toby Thomason  Denton, Texas, USA. 
John E. Thompson (picture)  Bulverde, Texas, USA. 
Tim Tyl (picture)  WEB SITE www.timtyl.com   White Oak, Texas, USA. 
Dave Vieira (picture)  WEB SITE squaredance4u.com   Lavon, Texas, USA. 
Jack and Ann von der Heide (picture)  Arlington, Texas, USA. 
Marilyn and Jerral Waguespack (picture)  Freeport, Texas, USA. 
Traylor Walker (picture)  Bellville, Texas, USA. 
Otto Warteman (picture)  WEB SITE warteman.com   Trinity, Texas, USA. 
Nelson Watkins (picture)   Deceased    Rowlett, Texas, USA. 
Tom Welker  Sugar Land, Texas, USA. 
Ronald E. "Ron" Wesche Sr.  Lampasas, Texas, USA. 
Wayne and Luzia Weston (picture)  Canyon Lake, Texas, USA. 
Terry Wheeler (picture)  San Antonio, Texas, USA. 
Brian White (picture)  Houston, Texas, USA. 
Jim Williams  San Antonio, Texas, USA. 
Bobby Willis (picture)  Coppell, Texas, USA. 
Bronc Wise (picture)  WEB SITE broncwise.com   Mission, Texas, USA. 
Alan Woods  WEB SITE www.metrotumbleweeds.org   Fort Worth, Texas, USA. 
Jo Yakimowski  Harlingen, Texas, USA. 

Wendy Brooks  Roy, Utah, USA. 
Bob Calton (picture)  West Point, Utah, USA. 
Chuck Carles   Retired    Logan, Utah, USA. 
Leland Coates  Fairview, Utah, USA. 
Jack Cowan (picture)  West Jordan, Utah, USA. 
Wayne Crawford  WEB SITE www.geocities.com   Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. 
Ross Crawshaw-Lopton (picture)  WEB SITE www.rosslopton.com   North Salt Lake, Utah, USA. 
Donnalee and Tony England  Ogden, Utah, USA. 
Richard W. Gee (picture)  Taylorsville, Utah, USA. 
Thomas "Tom" and Jullie Jenks (picture)  Roy, Utah, USA. 
Mark Livingston (picture)  Ogden, Utah, USA. 
Jeanne and Allen Long (picture)  Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. 
Kent Nyman  WEB SITE www.ceder.net   Providence, Utah, USA. 
Ken "Lucky" and Judy Packer (picture)  Sandy, Utah, USA. 
Kathy Racine (picture)  WEB SITE www.littlesquarecaller.com   Provo, Utah, USA. 
Ray Rhea (picture)  WEB SITE www.rayrhea.com   Syracuse, Utah, USA. 
Craig Satterthwaite (picture)  Layton, Utah, USA. 
Steve and Judy Storm (picture)  West Valley City, Utah, USA. 
Mary and Bob Townsend-Manning (picture)  St. George, Utah, USA. 
Duane Woodmansee (picture)  St. George, Utah, USA. 

Tina Allaway  Kennewick, Washington, USA. 
Bob Amsbury  Spokane, Washington, USA. 
Claudia and Bob Amsbury  Spokane, Washington, USA. 
Gary Baker  Greenacres (Spokane Valley), Washington, USA. 
David Boggs (picture)  Desert Aire, Washington, USA. 
Vern Boggs (picture)  Spokane, Washington, USA. 
Dave Caswell  Greenacres, Washington, USA. 
Adam Christman (picture)  WEB SITE www.sdcaller101.com   Spokane, Washington, USA. 
Larry and Cynda Clark  Kennewick, Washington, USA. 
Tom Clymer  Wenatchee, Washington, USA. 
Stephen Cole (picture)  WEB SITE www.isquaredance.com   Redmond, Washington, USA. 
Scott Coon (picture)  Monroe, Washington, USA. 
Teri and Dale Dashiell  Darrington, Washington, USA. 
Doug Davis (picture)  WEB SITE www.callerdoug.com   Colbert, Washington, USA. 
Mike DeSisto (picture)  Enumclaw, Washington, USA. 
Gordon Fenton   Deceased    Wenatchee, Washington, USA. 
Kenny Freeman (picture)  Puyallup, Washington, USA. 
Andy and Tricia Garboden (picture)  WEB SITE squaredancecallerandy.com   Maple Valley, Washington, USA. 
Oren A. Jr. and Lew Gaskill (picture)  Bellingham, Washington, USA. 
Paul and Holly Gonseth  Selah, Washington, USA. 
Jack Hardin (picture)  Maple Valley, Washington, USA. 
Dave Harry (picture)  WEB SITE www.petticoatjct.com   Lynnwood, Washington, USA. 
Eddie Harry (picture)  Kent, Washington, USA. 
Jim Hattrick (picture) Washington, USA. 
Lorna Hayden  Richland, Washington, USA. 
Susan Healea  Longview, Washington, USA. 
Bill and Karen Holm (picture)  Pasco, Washington, USA. 
Doris Jenks   Deceased    Bremerton, Washington, USA. 
Susanne Jones (picture)  Seattle, Washington, USA. 
Brett Kappenman (picture)  WEB SITE where2dance.com   Renton, Washington, USA. 
Kappie and Aileen Kappenman (picture)  WEB SITE where2dance.com   Maple Valley (Seattle Suburb), Washington, USA. 
Janolyn Keller (picture)  WEB SITE www.janolyn.com   Quilcene, Washington, USA. 
David Knien (picture)  Lynnwood, Washington, USA. 
George Knox (picture)  Pasco, Washington, USA. 
Marge Kost  Kent, Washington, USA. 
Rob Krum (picture)  Spokane, Washington, USA. 
Ron Legters  Kenmore, Washington, USA. 
Nina and Bill Leisi (picture)  Cheney, Washington, USA. 
Orvin Logan  Selah, Washington, USA. 
Bill Lundin (picture)  Vancouver, Washington, USA. 
Carrie Masters  WEB SITE www.carriemasters.com   Olympia, Washington, USA. 
Nora McKinney (picture)  Spokane, Washington, USA. 
Patrick McKinney (picture)  Spokane, Washington, USA. 
Gary Monday (picture)  Seattle, Washington, USA. 
Gunter Hans-Jurgen Monroe (picture)  WEB SITE callergunter.biz   Steilacoom, Washington, USA. 
Susan Morris (picture)  WEB SITE callersusan.com   Redmond, Washington, USA. 
Pete Murray  Olympia, Washington, USA. 
John Neverdowski   Deceased    Monroe, Washington, USA. 
Karen Neverdowski (picture)  Monroe, Washington, USA. 
Cliff Nichols (picture)   WEB SITE www.cjnic.net   Bellevue, Washington, USA. 
Theresa Nichols  Spokane Valley, Washington, USA. 
Stephen Noseck (picture)  WEB SITE stephennoseck   Arlington, Washington, USA. 
Bill Odam (picture)  WEB SITE www.angelfire.com   Olympia, Washington, USA. 
Mike Olson (picture)  WEB SITE www.mikes-music.net   Renton, Washington, USA. 
Mary and Scott Parsons (picture)  Olympia, Washington, USA. 
Dan Preedy  Mead, Washington, USA. 
Randy and Marie Preskitt  Everett, Washington, USA. 
Glenn Raiha  Olympia, Washington, USA. 
James "Jim" Raupp (picture)  Toledo, Washington, USA. 
Spike Reid  Bremerton, Washington, USA. 
Rem and Diana Remington  Lynnwood, Washington, USA. 
Dennis Restorff  Everett, Washington, USA. 
Jeff Sand (picture)  Vancouver, Washington, USA. 
Robert Sax  Monroe, Washington, USA. 
Gavin Seim (picture)  WEB SITE www.thevcaller.com   Ephrata, Washington, USA. 
Janet Shannon and Jim Ruebsamen (picture)  Vancouver, Washington, USA. 
Cyndi Silicki  Yakima, Washington, USA. 
Jerry Silverstein  Vancouver, Washington, USA. 
Don Smith   Retired    Federal Way, Washington, USA. 
Stephanie Speelman  Seattle, Washington, USA. 
Butch Suttey (picture)  Clarkston, Washington, USA. 
Jim Swanson  Kennewick, Washington, USA. 
John and Wendy Syrstad (picture)  East Wenatchee, Washington, USA. 
Daron Tandberg (picture)  Yakima, Washington, USA. 
Debbie and Paul Taylor (picture)  WEB SITE www.rdcuers.com   Cle Elum, Washington, USA. 
Jess Thomas (picture)  WEB SITE www.anothercaller.com   Tacoma, Washington, USA. 
Anne Uebelacker (picture)  Auburn, Washington, USA. 
Jerry Walker  Endicott, Washington, USA. 
Greg and Sue Weber (picture)  Puyallup, Washington, USA. 
Diana Wedel  Auburn, Washington, USA. 
Jess and Dena White  Gig Harbor, Washington, USA. 
Donald L. Wiggins (picture)   Deceased    Puyallup, Washington, USA. 
Patricia "Pat" Wiggins  Puyallup, Washington, USA. 
Bill Wilson   Retired    Aberdeen, Washington, USA. 
Charlie Wofford  Lakewood, Washington, USA. 
Don and Marie Wood (picture)  WEB SITE www.lou-macrecords.com   Lacey, Washington, USA. 
Ron and Georgine Woolcock (picture)  Olympia, Washington, USA. 
Randy and Rose Wulf (picture)  WEB SITE randyrosedance.com   Olympia, Washington, USA. 

Rhiannon M. "Rhi" Allison  Sinclair, Wyoming, USA. 
Yancey Allison  Sinclair, Wyoming, USA. 
Don Di Pirro (picture)   Deceased    Cody, Wyoming, USA. 
Mel and Carol Ford  Casper, Wyoming, USA. 
Jeff Futter (picture)  WEB SITE www.squaredancewyoming.com   Rawlins, Wyoming, USA. 
Dave Guille  Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA. 
Jerry Haag (picture)   Retired    Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA. 
Dan Hopper  Gillette, Wyoming, USA. 
Stephen Daye Lassiter (picture)  Cody, Wyoming, USA. 
Kent Pieper  Rock Springs, Wyoming, USA. 
Mike Richards (picture)  Cody, Wyoming, USA. 
Karen Stuart   Retired    Newcastle, Wyoming, USA. 
Jarvis Windom (picture)  WEB SITE www.windom.org   Wheatland, Wyoming, USA. 

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