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USA - Midwest
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USA - Midwest

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344 records
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Illinois  Indiana  Iowa  Kansas  Michigan  Minnesota  Missouri  Nebraska  North Dakota  Ohio  South Dakota  Wisconsin 

Guy Adams (picture)   Retired    Rockford, Illinois, USA. 
Ron and June Ashenden  Joliet, Illinois, USA. 
Bob Asp (picture)  WEB SITE   Rockton, Illinois, USA. 
Chuck "Charlie" Assell (picture)  WEB SITE   Elburn, Illinois, USA. 
Lynette Bellini (picture)   WEB SITE   Westmont, Illinois, USA. 
Jack D. Ermilio Berg (picture)   Retired    Galena, Illinois, USA. 
Ron and Jan Betzelberger (picture)  Lincoln, Illinois, USA. 
Curt Braffet (picture)  Carlock, Illinois, USA. 
Sandie Bryant (picture)  Chicago, Illinois, USA. 
Christine "Chris" Burdick  Glendale Heights, Illinois, USA. 
Dick Crouse (picture)  WEB SITE   Palatine, Illinois, USA. 
Gail Dietz (picture)   Deceased    Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA. 
Herb Edwards  Chillicothe, Illinois, USA. 
Charley Engelhardt  Steeleville, Illinois, USA. 
Kate Garrison  Mascoutah, Illinois, USA. 
Tony Gaskill  Steger, Illinois, USA. 
Flora Haynes  Park Forest, Illinois, USA. 
Loren & Audrey "Hoss" Hildebrand  Leaf River, Illinois, USA. 
Howard and Anna Hoffman  Schaumburg, Illinois, USA. 
Bruce Holmes (picture)  WEB SITE   Evanston, Illinois, USA. 
Angie and Bob Huckeby  Lake in the Hills, Illinois, USA. 
Chuck Jaworski   Deceased    Chicago, Illinois, USA. 
Barry Johnson (picture)  Lake in the Hills, Illinois, USA. 
Arlene Kaspik  Carpentersville, Illinois, USA. 
Al and Jane Krol (picture)  WEB SITE   Winthrop Harbor, Illinois, USA. 
Michael Maltenfort (picture)  Chicago, Illinois, USA. 
Dale McRoberts  Lincoln, Illinois, USA. 
John Oldfield (picture)  WEB SITE   Chicago, Illinois, USA. 
Jim Poorman (picture)  WEB SITE   New Lenox, Illinois, USA. 
Bobby Poyner (picture)  WEB SITE   Joliet, Illinois, USA. 
Jimmy D. Rader Sr.  Pekin, Illinois, USA. 
Therron Ricks (picture)  Chicago, Illinois, USA. 
Phil and Jane Robertson  Carterville, Illinois, USA. 
Tim "TJ" Schares  Morrison, Illinois, USA. 
Neal Schlein  Eugene, Illinois, USA. 
Greg "The Calling Cop" Scott (picture)  Quincy, Illinois, USA. 
Dave Sutton   Deceased    Mokena, Illinois, USA. 
Herschel R. Tolson  Chicago, Illinois, USA. 
Patricia Wahle (picture)  Chicago, Illinois, USA. 
Fred Walker (picture)  WEB SITE   Salem, Illinois, USA. 
Gene "Teddy Bear" Warrington Illinois, USA. 
Bob Wilcox (picture)  WEB SITE   Vienna, Illinois, USA. 

Carol and David Anderson (picture)  Veedersburg, Indiana, USA. 
Mike Argue (picture)   Deceased    Merrillville, Indiana, USA. 
Andrew Berger (picture)  WEB SITE   Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. 
Teresa Berger (picture)  WEB SITE   South Bend, Indiana, USA. 
C.R. Boyd   Deceased    Brazil, Indiana, USA. 
L W Moe Brewer   Retired    Decatur, Indiana, USA. 
Tim Carman (picture)  Lanesville, Indiana, USA. 
Dennis Clark (picture)  WEB SITE   Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. 
Julie and Scott Clark  Jasper, Indiana, USA. 
Douglas Cline (picture)  Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. 
Larry Cole (picture)  Marion, Indiana, USA. 
Ed Czech (picture)  WEB SITE   Winamac, Indiana, USA. 
Keith Dishman (picture)  Muncie, Indiana, USA. 
LeRoy Fogwell  Berne, Indiana, USA. 
William "Bill" Garrison (picture)  Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. 
Donald and Shirley Heiny  Monticello, Indiana, USA. 
John Holman (picture)  Crawfordsville, Indiana, USA. 
Gary Hutton (picture)  Anderson, Indiana, USA. 
Janet Lewis (picture)  Brownstown, Indiana, USA. 
Bill Lowry  Middletown, Indiana, USA. 
Richard L. "Rich" and Carolyn McCoy (picture)  WEB SITE   Ossian, Indiana, USA. 
Dayrl Merrill (picture)  WEB SITE   Muncie, Indiana, USA. 
Judy and Dave Mouton (picture)  WEB SITE   Hartford City, Indiana, USA. 
Gene Reneau (picture)   Deceased    Greenwood, Indiana, USA. 
Jimmy Robison  Larwill, Indiana, USA. 
Don Royal (picture)  Muncie, Indiana, USA. 
Brian Shannon (picture)  Greenwood, Indiana, USA. 
Pat and Jerry Shutt   Deceased    Kokomo, Indiana, USA. 
David Talbott (picture)   Deceased    WEB SITE   Kewanna, Indiana, USA. 
Sheila Terhune (picture)  Mooresville, Indiana, USA. 
Butch Tracey and Mary Harlan (picture)  WEB SITE   Ossian, Indiana, USA. 
George and Roberta Wiseman (picture)   Deceased    Noblesville, Indiana, USA. 
Tanya Wiseman (picture)  Noblesville, Indiana, USA. 
Chuck Witt (picture)  WEB SITE   Crown Point, Indiana, USA. 

David Beck (picture)  Aplington, Iowa, USA. 
Amy Brandon (picture)  Woodbine, Iowa, USA. 
Bryan Bush  Cleghorn, Iowa, USA. 
Steve Egeland (picture)  Estherville, Iowa, USA. 
Mark Epperson  Panora, Iowa, USA. 
Mike Johnson  Muscatine, Iowa, USA. 
Dave Lightly (picture)   Deceased    Waukee, Iowa, USA. 
Tom Manning (picture)  WEB SITE   Burlington, Iowa, USA. 
Doug McCart (picture)  Corydon, Iowa, USA. 
Adrienne and Larry Nelson (picture)  Dysart, Iowa, USA. 
Jack O'Leary (picture)  WEB SITE   Nevada, Iowa, USA. 
Robin Ragen  Ottumwa, Iowa, USA. 
Tommy and Linda Russell (picture)  WEB SITE   Eldridge, Iowa, USA. 
Jo Saffell (picture)  WEB SITE   Urbandale, Iowa, USA. 
Don and Doug Sprosty (picture)  WEB SITE   Bettendorf, Iowa, USA. 
Natalie Sprosty  Bettendorf, Iowa, USA. 
Butch Stohr   Retired    Stout, Iowa, USA. 
Jerry Story (picture)  WEB SITE   Fairfield, Iowa, USA. 
Dave and Bev Sutter (picture)   Deceased    Dubuque, Iowa, USA. 
Chuck and Debbie Veldhuizen (picture)  WEB SITE   Sioux City, Iowa, USA. 
Wally and Ione Wade   Deceased    Osceola, Iowa, USA. 
Alice Wahle (picture)   Deceased    Carson, Iowa, USA. 

Gary Boley   Deceased    Overland Park, Kansas, USA. 
Herbert Burton (picture)  Garden City, Kansas, USA. 
Larry Crady  WEB SITE   Topeka, Kansas, USA. 
Steve Hackman (picture)  Kansas City, Kansas, USA. 
Sam Hunsaker (picture)  Lawrence, Kansas, USA. 
Joyce Juhler (picture)  Riley, Kansas, USA. 
Jerry Kasper   Deceased    Wichita, Kansas, USA. 
Peter C. Koscenski (picture)  WEB SITE   Wichita, Kansas, USA. 
Rod Krehbiel  Hutchinson/Pretty Prairie, Kansas, USA. 
Sheldon L. Lawrence (picture)  Wichita, Kansas, USA. 
Frank Morrell (picture)  Wichita, Kansas, USA. 
Wade "CallerWade" Morrow (picture)  WEB SITE   Lawrence, Kansas, USA. 
David R. "Doc" and Marcie Myers (picture)  WEB SITE   Wichita, Kansas, USA. 
Lynn Nelson (picture)  WEB SITE   Kansas City, Kansas, USA. 
Vernon and Toni Nelson (picture)  Topeka, Kansas, USA. 
Kevin Oneslager  Lawrence, Kansas, USA. 
Chuck Owings (picture)  Olathe, Kansas, USA. 
Vic Perry  Lawrence, Kansas, USA. 
Mike Salerno  Topeka, Kansas, USA. 
Dana Schirmer (picture)  WEB SITE   Berryton, Kansas, USA. 
Alan Schultz   Deceased    Berryton, Kansas, USA. 
Dale Stead  Emporia, Kansas, USA. 
Mike Turner  Wichita, Kansas, USA. 
Richard Verge (picture)   Deceased    WEB SITE   Independence, Kansas, USA. 
Diana R. Wagner (picture)  Topeka, Kansas, USA. 
Kerry Wallace (picture)   Deceased    Emporia, Kansas, USA. 
Jim Wright (picture)   Retired    WEB SITE   Leawood, Kansas, USA. 
Virginia Yerta   Deceased    Berryton, Kansas, USA. 
Pam and Tom Young (picture)  Topeka, Kansas, USA. 

Robert "Bob" Barnes (picture)   Deceased   Michigan, USA. 
Raylean Brush  Flat Rock, Michigan, USA. 
Linda and Lloyd Catey   Deceased    Grand Ledge, Michigan, USA. 
Bill Chase  Lansing, Michigan, USA. 
Ken and Mary Coe  Carson City, Michigan, USA. 
Debbi Cokewell (picture)  WEB SITE   Gaylord, Michigan, USA. 
Jerry Cokewell (picture)  WEB SITE   Gaylord, Michigan, USA. 
John Cook  Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. 
Ken Crowley   Deceased    Lincoln Park, Michigan, USA. 
Clyde Cullings (picture)  WEB SITE   Frankenmuth, Michigan, USA. 
Max Cumberworth  Ithaca, Michigan, USA. 
Jim and Beth Davis (picture)  WEB SITE   Saginaw, Michigan, USA. 
Mark S. Doyle  Holt, Michigan, USA. 
Dick Duckham (picture)   Deceased    Marshall, Michigan, USA. 
Karen Dunnam (picture)   WEB SITE   Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. 
George Edwards  Hale, Michigan, USA. 
Jerry Fell   Deceased    Portland, Michigan, USA. 
George Ferguson  Westland, Michigan, USA. 
Ed Fraidenburg (picture)   Retired    Midland, Michigan, USA. 
John Hughes (picture)   WEB SITE   Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA. 
Fenton L. "Bud" and Michelle Kelley  Muskegon, Michigan, USA. 
Carol and Tom Kelly (picture)  Ludington, Michigan, USA. 
Roger and Rosemary Latchaw (picture)  Charlotte, Michigan, USA. 
Dave Magee (picture)  Coldwater, Michigan, USA. 
Jim McKinney (picture)  WEB SITE   New Boston, Michigan, USA. 
Glen Morningstar Jr. (picture)  WEB SITE   Highland, Michigan, USA. 
Paul Ott  Grand Blanc, Michigan, USA. 
Larry Merritt Oversmith Jr. (picture)  Jackson, Michigan, USA. 
Wayne Pelmear  WEB SITE   Lake Isabella, Michigan, USA. 
Bill Peterson (picture)   Deceased    Walled Lake, Michigan, USA. 
Marvin Reuter  Jackson, Michigan, USA. 
Dick and Pam Rhodabeck  Holt, Michigan, USA. 
Jim Robar   Deceased    St. Louis, Michigan, USA. 
Lorna Robar   Retired    St. Louis, Michigan, USA. 
"Lucky" and Connie Shotwell   Retired   Michigan, USA. 
Jerry Sleeman (picture)  Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA. 
Dave Smith (picture)  WEB SITE   South Lyon, Michigan, USA. 
Jim Tait (picture)  Dearborn Heights, Michigan, USA. 
Jim & Toni Unger  Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. 
Dave Walker  Fenton, Michigan, USA. 
Ray and Ilidia Wiles (picture)  WEB SITE   Carleton, Michigan, USA. 
Walt Zatorski (picture)  WEB SITE  Michigan, USA. 

Tim W. Aho  Cloquet, Minnesota, USA. 
Ernie Auringer  Mankato, Minnesota, USA. 
Dan Bebernes  Fairmont, Minnesota, USA. 
Alan Blackburn  Pequot Lakes, Minnesota, USA. 
Lottie Buckbee (picture)  Holland, Minnesota, USA. 
Victor L. "Vic" Diller New  Apple Valley, Minnesota, USA. 
Dee Dee Dougherty (picture)  WEB SITE   Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. 
Mike Driscoll (picture)   WEB SITE   Burnsville, Minnesota, USA. 
Milt Floyd (picture)   Deceased     WEB SITE   Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. 
Brian Freed (picture)  WEB SITE   Bloomington, Minnesota, USA. 
Monte and Patty Guenzler  Rochester, Minnesota, USA. 
Myron Hollatz (picture)  Morris, Minnesota, USA. 
Wayne Kubicek (picture)  Owatonna, Minnesota, USA. 
David Murray  Farmington, Minnesota, USA. 
Royce Nelson (picture)  WEB SITE   Bagley, Minnesota, USA. 
Patrick O'Loughlin  Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. 
Michael Peters (picture)   WEB SITE   Rockville, Minnesota, USA. 
Steve and Jean Philson (picture)  Columbia Heights, Minnesota, USA. 
Dick Rueter (picture)  WEB SITE   Farmington, Minnesota, USA. 
Dan Sahlstrom (picture)   WEB SITE   Andover, Minnesota, USA. 
Sheryl and Roger Trebelhorn (picture) Minnesota, USA. 
Al Vesper (picture)  Rochester, Minnesota, USA. 
Lynn Webster  Prior Lake, Minnesota, USA. 

Carolyn and Tony Ahart (picture)  Springfield, Missouri, USA. 
Randy Baldridge (picture)  Hazelwood, Missouri, USA. 
Kevin Bersing (picture)  WEB SITE   Arnold, Missouri, USA. 
Mary "Mary" Castleberry (picture)  Joplin, Missouri, USA. 
Jim "Who" Cholmondeley   Deceased    Chesterfield, Missouri, USA. 
Robert "Bob" Clarkson  Gladstone, Missouri, USA. 
Bill "Cherokee" Cochran (picture)  Mountain View, Missouri, USA. 
James "Jammer" Cochran  Mountain View, Missouri, USA. 
Don Cook  Springfield, Missouri, USA. 
Mike Corns (picture)   Deceased    St. Peters, Missouri, USA. 
Pat Coster (picture)  Richmond, Missouri, USA. 
Bud Cutter  WEB SITE   Fenton, Missouri, USA. 
Jim Dodd  Huntsville, Missouri, USA. 
George Dunbar  St. Peters, Missouri, USA. 
John Eubanks (picture)  Joplin, Missouri, USA. 
Sal Fanara (picture)  Lee's Summit, Missouri, USA. 
Larry Fitzpatrick  Saint Joseph, Missouri, USA. 
Dan Halliburton  Naylor, Missouri, USA. 
Pat and Joe Hilton (picture)  Ballwin, Missouri, USA. 
Bob and Lois Huff (picture)  WEB SITE   Holts Summit, Missouri, USA. 
Bill Kanai (picture)  Lake Lotawana, Missouri, USA. 
Mike Kelly (picture)   Deceased    Richmond, Missouri, USA. 
Gary Mahnken (picture)  WEB SITE   Corder, Missouri, USA. 
Gene and Del McGinty  St. Louis, Missouri, USA. 
David "Davey Mac" McKinnon  Springfield, Missouri, USA. 
Dennis Mineau (picture)  Saint Charles, Missouri, USA. 
Wayne Primeau  St. Charles, Missouri, USA. 
Edward Raney  Rolla, Missouri, USA. 
Bill Reynolds (picture)  Grain Valley, Missouri, USA. 
Mike Richard New  Foristell, Missouri, USA. 
Jerry Routh (picture)  Wheatland, Missouri, USA. 
Hank and Judy Scherrer (picture)  WEB SITE   Herculaneum, Missouri, USA. 
Bill Sherrill   Deceased    Theodosia, Missouri, USA. 
John Stuart  Festus, Missouri, USA. 
Kenton Sullivan  Golden City, Missouri, USA. 
Al Warren   Deceased    Harrisonville, Missouri, USA. 
Aaron Wells (picture)  WEB SITE   Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. 
Chris Wildhagen (picture)  St. Joseph, Missouri, USA. 
Gene Wilson  Camdenton, Missouri, USA. 
Dennis and Judi Winze  Joplin, Missouri, USA. 
Jay Wright (picture)  Joplin, Missouri, USA. 

Darwin Barker (picture)  WEB SITE   Omaha, Nebraska, USA. 
Edward E. Claflin  Gothenburg, Nebraska, USA. 
Robert LeRoy "Bob" Furr (picture)  Omaha, Nebraska, USA. 
Stephen R. and Lisa Hackman  Gibbon, Nebraska, USA. 
Mike Hogan (picture)  La Vista, Nebraska, USA. 
Jerry Junck (picture)  WEB SITE   Wayne, Nebraska, USA. 
John Orlowski Jr. (picture)  WEB SITE   Madison, Nebraska, USA. 
Doug Phillips (picture)   WEB SITE   Bellevue, Nebraska, USA. 
Marshall Poole (picture)  WEB SITE   Axtell, Nebraska, USA. 
Jim and Carol Tucker (picture)  WEB SITE   Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. 

 North Dakota 
Fred "Doc" Brooks  Minot, North Dakota, USA. 
Jim and Rita Lizakowski (picture)  WEB SITE   Moorhead, North Dakota, USA. 
Roger and Bernadette McNeil (picture)  WEB SITE   Fargo, North Dakota, USA. 
Larry Pfennig (picture)  Bismarck, North Dakota, USA. 
Don Siebert   Retired    Minot, North Dakota, USA. 

Sharon Murphy Abney (picture)  Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. 
Dan Austen  Apple Creek, Ohio, USA. 
Beth Berman  Dayton, Ohio, USA. 
John Blaylock  West Chester, Ohio, USA. 
Charlie Brown and Linda Cooley (picture)  WEB SITE   Mantua, Ohio, USA. 
Phyllis and Doug Burdette (picture)  Howard, Ohio, USA. 
Kenny Campbell (picture)  Chardon, Ohio, USA. 
Mark Clausing (picture)  Fairfield, Ohio, USA. 
Pamela Courts (picture)  Batavia, Ohio, USA. 
Jim Cox  Forest Park, Ohio, USA. 
Tom Davis (picture)  Xenia, Ohio, USA. 
Velma Doyle (picture)  Groveport, Ohio, USA. 
Wesley Fenton  New Madison, Ohio, USA. 
Debbi Fish (picture)  Carlisle, Ohio, USA. 
Ken Fish (picture)  Carlisle, Ohio, USA. 
Karen and Doug Haiflich  Ravenna, Ohio, USA. 
Bruce W. and Mary Anna Haislip   Deceased    Wintersville, Ohio, USA. 
Gene Hammond (picture)  Hubbard, Ohio, USA. 
Neil and Rachel Harnar  Newton Falls, Ohio, USA. 
David Heffron (picture)   WEB SITE   Novelty, Ohio, USA. 
Tim Hellinger  Columbus, Ohio, USA. 
Galen Hibbard  Stryker, Ohio, USA. 
Dave Hodson   Retired    Centerville, Ohio, USA. 
Lou Hyll   Deceased    Dayton, Ohio, USA. 
Marianne C. Jackson (picture)  WEB SITE   Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. 
Richard E. "Rich" Johnson (picture)  Bucyrus, Ohio, USA. 
Barry Jolliff (picture)  WEB SITE   Wooster, Ohio, USA. 
Bob Jones (picture)  Troy, Ohio, USA. 
Don Kinnear (picture)   Retired    Kenton, Ohio, USA. 
Kristy Lake  Hanoverton, Ohio, USA. 
Ed Laudenschlager (picture)  Galloway, Ohio, USA. 
Stuart Lewis and Fay Samborsky (picture)  Centerville, Ohio, USA. 
Homer Magnet (picture)  WEB SITE   Minford, Ohio, USA. 
Ramon Marsch  Middlefield, Ohio, USA. 
Delda M. McHugh and Sue Williams   Retired    Delphos, Ohio, USA. 
William "Bill" Meese (picture)  Dennison, Ohio, USA. 
Sharon Murphy  Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. 
Estil and Betty Owens   Retired    Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. 
Edward Pabst (picture)  Marietta, Ohio, USA. 
Rex Parker  Wadsworth, Ohio, USA. 
Jack Pladdys (picture)  WEB SITE   Indian Springs, Ohio, USA. 
Sue Powell  Newark, Ohio, USA. 
Jason Raleigh (picture)  WEB SITE   Grove City, Ohio, USA. 
Janis Rauch  Mingo Jct, Ohio, USA. 
Amy Riehl  Salem, Ohio, USA. 
Ken Roberts (picture)  WEB SITE   Kettering, Ohio, USA. 
Reinhold Roedig  WEB SITE   Mentor, Ohio, USA. 
Tom Rudebock (picture)  WEB SITE   Leetonia, Ohio, USA. 
Loren F. "Skip" Rueschman (picture)  WEB SITE   Mogadore, Ohio, USA. 
Carl and Carol Schappacher (picture)  WEB SITE   Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. 
Jim and Marianne Senecal   Retired    Propsect, Ohio, USA. 
Christopher Snively  WEB SITE   Loudonville, Ohio, USA. 
Randy Stephenson  Walbridge, Ohio, USA. 
Larry Studebaker   Deceased    WEB SITE   Tipp City, Ohio, USA. 
Dave and Shirley Stuthard  Powell, Ohio, USA. 
Michael "Mike" Sumpter (picture)   WEB SITE   Norton, Ohio, USA. 
Phil Van Lokeren   Deceased    Glendale, Ohio, USA. 
John Wargowsky (picture)  WEB SITE   Marion, Ohio, USA. 
Cindy Whitaker (picture)  WEB SITE   Fairfield, Ohio, USA. 
Dick and Rose Winkler   Deceased    Huber Heights, Ohio, USA. 
Allemande Al Wolff   Deceased    Brunswick, Ohio, USA. 
Mack Yokum  Chardon, Ohio, USA. 

 South Dakota 
Calvin "Cal" and Nyra Brown  Watertown, South Dakota, USA. 
Lurita Fugier (picture)  Hermosa, South Dakota, USA. 
Lelia Guilbert (picture)  WEB SITE   Mitchell, South Dakota, USA. 
Bill Henke (picture)  Summerset, South Dakota, USA. 
Connie Henke (picture)  Summerset, South Dakota, USA. 
Elaine Peacock (picture)  WEB SITE   Elk Point, South Dakota, USA. 
Don and Jean Schultz  Yankton, South Dakota, USA. 

Charlie Bitter  Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA. 
Jan and Charlie Bitter  Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA. 
Jerry Buckmaster and Zodie Reigel (picture)  Oak Creek, Wisconsin, USA. 
Roger Buettner  Appleton, Wisconsin, USA. 
Dominic Gruetzmacher (picture)  Schofield, Wisconsin, USA. 
Warren Gruetzmacher   Retired    Merrill, Wisconsin, USA. 
Dick and Gale Hartlerode   Retired    Woodruff, Wisconsin, USA. 
Amanda Herdt (picture)  Merrill, Wisconsin, USA. 
Todd Hitch  Whitewater, Wisconsin, USA. 
Ruth Howell and John Farquhar  Danbury, Wisconsin, USA. 
Wayne and Elaine Irwin  Dousman, Wisconsin, USA. 
Lance Johnson  Rhinelander, Wisconsin, USA. 
Pat and Bob Kelm (picture)  WEB SITE   Montello, Wisconsin, USA. 
Glenn Krakower (picture)  Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, USA. 
Charles Muecke  Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, USA. 
Tom and Kathy Nickel  Middleton, Wisconsin, USA. 
Mary Prisco  Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA. 
Jerry Ridley   Retired    Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. 
Mike and Michelle Seurer (picture)  WEB SITE   Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA. 
Noah Siegmann (picture)  WEB SITE   Iron Ridge, Wisconsin, USA. 
Ruth Siegmann  Rubican, Wisconsin, USA. 
John and Carolyn Stillson  Appleton, Wisconsin, USA. 
Michael and Kimberlee Streby  WEB SITE   Wausau, Wisconsin, USA. 
Vince Treague  Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA. 
Vernon Weisensel   Deceased   Wisconsin, USA. 
Bob and Jill Yoerin   Retired    Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. 
Gordy and Mary Ann Ziemann  Cedarburg, Wisconsin, USA.
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