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Caller and Cuer Database
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Welcome to the Caller and Cuer Database

  • The Caller and Cuer Database currently references
    1996 square dance callers and round dance cuers from 24 countries.

  • To locate a caller or cuer, select a link above, or do a Query.
  • Callers and Cuers:  If you are not listed in the database, please add yourself via Add a Caller or Cuer.
  • The database information includes
    • how to contact the caller or cuer
    • what levels they call or cue
    • whether they travel, are full-time, or are recording artists
    • what associations they belong to
    • whether they teach clogging, contras, line dances, country western two-steps
    • a link to their home page
    • a picture of them
  • The Caller and Cuer Database is an interactive database.

    • Callers and Cuers can update their information online.
      The updated information is immediately available to the public.
    • Search queries can locate specific kinds of callers or cuers.
  • We are continually striving to improve the Caller and Cuer Database.
    Comments and suggestions are always appreciated. Send us feedback.
  • The goals of the Caller and Cuer Database are to:
    • include as many callers and cuers as possible
    • include all pertinent data relating to the caller or cuer
    • be the premier way of using the Internet to locate a caller or cuer
    • allow search queries to find specific kinds of callers and cuers
  • Use at your own risk. Some data in the Caller and Cuer Database may be incorrect due to factors beyond our control such as 1) the data was entered incorrectly by the individual, or 2) an individual's E-mail address or web page URL changed but the individual neglected to update their entry in the Caller and Cuer Database.
  • The database administrator will attempt to ensure that
    • Web site links are valid and appropriate
    • Pictures are properly displayed
    • No offensive or profane language is used
    • Data appears consistent across the dataset
  • Since the world wide web is constantly changing, some links will occasionally go 'dead'.
  • Once or twice a year, the database administrator will send a message to each E-mail address to verify that the address is still valid, and request that the caller or cuer update their information if necessary.
  • Should you encounter any dead links or incorrect information, please contact the caller or cuer in question, or, Contact Debbie
Security Issues
  • All information, with the exception of the Personal Identification Number (PIN), is accessible by anyone viewing the database. Hence, some individuals may have opted not to supply some information.
  • E-mail addresses within the database are safe from web robots that automatically harvest E-mail addresses for spamming purposes.
Shameless Promotion

Please help us promote the Caller and Cuer Database

  • Tell your friends about the Caller and Cuer Database.
  • If you have web site, please add a link such as:

    <A HREF=""
    TARGET="_top">Caller and Cuer Database</A>


    <A HREF=""
    TARGET="_top">Square Dance Resource Net</A>
  • If you know a caller or cuer who is not listed in the database, please ask them to add themselves at their earliest convenience.
  • The Caller and Cuer Database project started in October 1999.
  • The project is implemented with a MySQL database using the PHP scripting language.
  • Author: Vic Ceder
25-August-2019 19:08:19
Copyright © 2019 Vic Ceder.  All Rights Reserved.