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 Report a honey bee swarm in the Santa Ynez Valley 

Report a honey bee swarm in the Santa Ynez Valley, California.
  • Ballard - Buellton - Los Olivos - Santa Ynez - Solvang
  • We would be happy to collect any accessible swarms of honey bees within the
    Santa Ynez Valley and relocate them. If we can't collect the swarm outselves,
    we'll forward your request to another local beekeeper.
  • Please be sure they are honey bees, and not yellow jackets or wasps. Bee or Wasp?
  • Swarm capture is usually free. Removal of an established colony may involve a fee.
    • A swarm is a clump of bees, exposed to the elements, either hanging off a tree, bush, park bench, etc. or spread out on the ground. The bees have not built much, if any, honeycomb. Swarms are generally easy to capture. The earlier a swarm is reported, the better. Otherwise, the swarm may leave to inhabit somewhere where it's not wanted. In cold or wet weather, the swarm may perish or greatly diminish in numbers.
    • A cutout is the removal of an existing physical hive of bees, such as a colony inside an irrigation box, tree hollow, wine barrel, under some eaves, or inside a wall. Removal of such a colony is time-consuming. We will often refer you to someone else to do the cutout.
    • Swarms should be captured as soon as possible, whereas cutouts are rarely an urgent matter and their extraction can be arranged at any time.

  • Honey bees will be gently captured and relocated to a good home.
  • Submitting this form sends text messages and emails to both Vic and Debbie.
    We'll get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Be sure to read About Swarms and Why Save Bees?
  E-mail (optional)
Phone Number and/or other Contact Information
Address of Swarm - Is the swarm on your property?
Location of Swarm - on tree, building, fence. How high up?  Details please!
Size of Swarm - e.g., grapefruit, basket ball, beach ball
Comments - How long has the swarm been there? Any concerns?

22-August-2019 15:53:08
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