🐝 Los Olivos Honey Bees
🐝 Los Olivos Honey Bees

Our Honey - Los Olivos Gold

Honey, from our hives in Los Olivos, Santa Ynez, Solvang, and Goleta.

16 oz (454 g) in glass jar:
$12 for one, or
$10 each for more than one.

To purchase, Contact Debbie
Daughter Caitlyn with our beeswax
Los Olivos Gold - Honey Label

We never use any chemical treatments on our bees.

Our honey is "Raw Honey" (i.e., unheated, unfiltered, and unprocessed). We extract honey from the comb via a centrifuge extractor, then allow it to drip through a set of sieves to remove wax particles. Raw honey eventually crystallizes, with no effect other than color and texture. If desired, honey can be de-crystallized by gentle heat. Honey should be stored at room temperature, preferably away from sunlight. There is no need to store honey in the refrigerator.

The following honey is currently available:
October 2020SolvangMediumManzanita Nursery
September 2020GoletaMediumfrom Caitlyn's hive
September 2020Los OlivosMedium 
August 2020Santa YnezMedium 
June 2020Los OlivosLight 
June 2020Los OlivosMedium 
June 2020Santa YnezMediumtastes like wildflower honey
June 2020GoletaMediumtastes a bit like butterscotch
June 2020Goleta
Caitlyn's Bees
Mediumtastes a bit like butterscotch
September 2019Santa Ynez (E)Medium 
August 2019Los OlivosMedium Darkherbal overtones - our strongest tasting and darkest honey
June 2019Santa Ynez (E)Mediumwe like this honey better than the light (milder) one shown below
June 2019Santa Ynez (E)Lightmild
May 2019Los OlivosExtra Light
$15 / jar

2020 - Several harvests from our 17 hives

2019 - Several harvests

2018 January - 37 pounds = 10 Frames (mostly deep)

2017 September - 38 pounds = 15 Frames

2017 August - 49 pounds = 15 Frames

2017 May - 74 pounds = 23 frames

Los Olivos Gold - 2016 Honey Harvests: May, July, and September
2016 Honey Harvest - May, July, and September
Different color, different taste

2016 September - 16.5 pounds = 6 frames

2016 July - 65 pounds = 21 frames

2016 May - 24 pounds = 7 frames

24 pounds

2015 October - First Harvest - 4 frames

First honey harvest
3 October 2015

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