Los Olivos Honey Bees
Los Olivos Honey Bees

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Vic!! You are “my hero” and thanks for all your exceptional efforts with our mission to “Save-the-Honeybees “. You also get my vote for the Outstanding Beekeeper of the Year (2019). Best regards and good luck with honey production in 2020!
Posted by Archie Mitchell on 23 April 2020     ID: 1276
One beekeeper/caller to another;Ever notice that Square
Dancers are like Honeybees looking for pollen and nectar,
their all over the place but end up at home when their done.
At least we hope.
Posted by Tim Hellinger on 1 March 2018     ID: 1067
Excellent site and especially the honeybee photography and information.
The Lompoc Valley Beekeepers Association could certainly use your
technical skills in developing a similar website!!
Posted by Archie-the-Beekeeper on 13 August 2016     ID: 908
What a great site! Good work! Love the honey pictures!
Posted by vic ceder on 16 March 2016     ID: 806
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