Los Olivos Honey Bees
Los Olivos Honey Bees


Our suggestions of equipment for the beginning beekeeper.

We recommend 10-Frame Langstroth  en.wikipedia.org equipment, which is the standard type of bee equipment.

See Easy Ordering for a suggested order for the beginner.

Per Hive - Required Equipment 

To start with, you'll need the following, per hive:In the second year, you'll also need the following, per hive:

Additional Equipment, to tend your bees 

To take care of your bees, you'll need:

Optional Equipment 

As with most hobbies, there's plenty of other equipment that'd be nice to have. We've only listed a few items here, as most items are outside the scope of this web page, which is intended to be an equipment guide for beginning beekeepers.

Easy Ordering 

Here's a recommended order:

via Mann Lake  www.mannlakeltd.com

For each hive, order:
  • HK-150 - 10-Frame Painted Growing Apiary Kit (about $284)
  • HD-709 - Adjustable Hive Stand (about $59)
To tend your bees, order:
  • CV-410 - Economy Hooded Jacket Large (about $65) see catalog for your size, or another brand of jacket
  • CL-167 - Economy Vented Leather Gloves Large (about $20) see catalog for your size, or another style of gloves
  • HD-556 - Smoker - With Guard - Wood Bellow (about $40)
  • HD-584 - Hive Tool (about $5) get two
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